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British start-up Yhangry wants to democratize access to private chefs by offering homemade meals in one click.

Launched in May of this year by Siddhi Mittal and Heinin Zhang, who teamed up after five years in the finance business with Barclays and Goldman Sachs, Yhangry's idea was born out of the desire to reduce the dependency of individuals by the rise of startup companies such as Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

© Yhangry

© Yhangry

The web platform allows users to request meals together with the services of a chef two days in advance. Chefs are then sent home to prepare meals in person. Yhangry provides all the shopping via a third party provider.

The startup was originally created to provide weekly meal preparations, but as a result of customer feedback testers, a private chef was created.

"We've recently focused on social gatherings to reinvent home dinners and democratize private chefs, just as Uber is democratizing taxi services," said Heinin Zhang, co-founder of Yhangry. Techworld during the AllBright Pitch Day day in London last month.

"The problem is that private chefs have always existed, but the stigma that surrounds them is that they are very expensive, charging around £ 100 per person, which is a lot to spend. That's why we want to change that and give people the opportunity to live at home with meaningful relationships, without being interrupted in a public space. "

Yhangry bills between £ 8 and £ 30 per person with a minimum of £ 90 for its service, which means it's firmly aimed at diners. You can design your menu and the service meets all kinds of dietary needs, from vegan to keto.

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Unlike Uber Eats, Yhangry is at the other end of the spectrum, as it seeks to reduce takeaway orders from reputable restaurants.

"It's really an end-to-end service and we're completely automating it at the customer, where you just select the dishes, pay and you're done. In the future, we hope to offer an application that can include features such as separate billing, invite your friends and make it a transparent process, "she added.

Yhangry selects chefs from many online and physical sites, such as Gumtree, Facebook and cooking schools. "These people are part of a young startup, they represent our brand and they represent us. So we have to be very selective, "Zhang said.

After undergoing the required safety and security checks (DBS), Yhangry is able to test meals and test the chef's services before announcing them on the platform.

"I would not describe it as a chief agency because of the way we work. We take care of the grocery store, so it's a 360-degree service, because the chiefs agencies provide the chefs but not the grocery store, "she explained.

"Another analogy is that we bring the restaurant experience to the home from the beginning. With the selection of dishes, we will incorporate something into the platform using AI to modernize your preferences, but we are at the beginning of development. this algorithm. "

Yhangry UK Startup Offering Private Chef Service | Startups | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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