World Dairy Innovation Awards finalists announced | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

All finalists for the 2018 World Dairy Innovation Awards have been announced.

The World Dairy Innovation Awards, which are in their 12th year of existence, are designed to celebrate excellence and innovation in all categories of the global dairy industry. Those selected for this year's program represent a true sample of innovation, including companies around the world. You can see the complete list of finalists below.

The big winners in each category will be unveiled at a gala dinner hosted at the World Congress of the Dairy Industry, to be held this year in Warsaw, Poland, on June 20th.

Best brand extension

Organic Dairy – Kefir Quark Original
Yili from Inner Mongolia – Yogurt with granular aromas of superior ambrosial quality
Ísey Skyr – Ísey Skyr Bar
Norseland Ltd. Ilchester – Advent Calendar of Cheese

Better marketing or activation campaign

CP-Meiji – Barista Camp
General Mills and O-I – Yes by Yoplait
Yili, Inner Mongolia – "PRO-KIDO's research on China's fantastic baby"
Latte Tigullio, glass O-I and VD – limited edition of Latte Tigullio

Best dairy ingredient

DSM – DelvoADD Aged Cheddar Additives
DSM – Maxilact Smart
Kancor Ingredients – C-Capture Ocher and Sunlight Series

Better butter or spread

Faircoop – Fairebel butter
Inner Mongolia Yili – Butter
Meiji Co. – Table of Contents
Moose Maple UK – Momentum Maple Butter

Best cheese

Dairy Farmers of America – Borden Cheese in Thick Slices
Muratbey Gida San. Tic. A.S – Muratbey Helix Cheese
PENNSYLVANIA. Bowen Farmstead – Prince George's Blue Cheese

Best dairy product for kids

Happy Family Organics – Whole Milk Yogurt with Milk and Happy Baby
Inner Mongolia Yili – QQstar
Junlebao Dairy Group – Xiaoxiao Luban Children's Growth Formula
National Dairy Development Council (NDDB) India – Dahi Spreading / Soaking

Best dairy dessert

Meiji Co. – Essel Sweets Ice Cream Dessert
Pots & Co – Chocolate Fudge Pudding
Yasso – Yasso Pints ​​of Yogurt Greek Jellies

Best dairy drink

Amul – Irish Alcohol Free Cocktail
CP-Meiji – Beginning of Meiji
Nanyang Polytechnic – Fleuryo drink with high calcium yoghurt
Shatto Milk Company – Black Milk ECLIPSE
WNS Group – WDOM Lactose Free Dark Chocolate Milk

Best dairy snack

Organic Dairy Products – Kefir-Quark, Cranberries and Chia
Goodness! – Goodness! oatmeal smoothie
Gujarat Milk Marketing Cooperative Federation – Amul Camel Milk Chocolate
Yili Inner Mongolia – Yogurt-flavored milk pie
RifRaf – RifRaf Ricotta Cups
Nanyang Polytechnic School – Aloha Bliss Frozen Yogurt

Best dairy product without milk

Moose Maple – Moose Maple Butter
WNS Group – WDOM Lactose-Free Milk and Real Lactose-Free Dark Chocolate Milk
Multiple whey packaging – salted caramel ice cream

Best functional dairy

Bio-tiful Lairy – Original Kefir-Quark
Feihe International – Qingcheng milk powder
Fizzique – Sparkling Protein Water Fizzique
Know Brainer – 16 oz Collagen Multi-Service Creamer
Meiji – Meibalance Nutrition Ice Cream
Powerful Foods – Powerful Smoothie
Optimistic Protein – Super Smoothie

Best ice cream / frozen yogurt

Amul – EPIC Ice Cream
Incom Leone + Leone AL! VE – Ice cream sticks
Melt Ice Cream – Ice Cream Melt

Best Manufacturing / Transformation Innovation

Feihe International – Precise dosing system
Open Air Dairy – Mobile milking parlor
Sealed Air Food Care – Cryovac Darfresh On Board
Sidel – Sidel Combi Predis aseptic

Best new brand or company

Fizzique – Sparkling Protein Water Fizzique
Ísey Skyr – Ísey Skyr
Valio – Thongs without meat MiFU

Best packaging design

1HQ – Valio Butter
Amul – Chocolate of unique origin
Bright Dairy – Greek Yogurt
Yili – Ecolean Air 200ml
Elopak – Naturally Pure-Pak cardboard
Nanyang Polytechnic School – Aloha Bliss
O-I – The Farmer
O-I and VD glass – Latte Tigullio

Best dairy product of Asia

Amul – EPIC Ice Cream
CP-Meiji – Beginning of Meiji
Inner Mongolia Yili – Butter
Kancor Ingredients – C-Capture Ocher and Sunlight Series
Nanyang Polytechnic – Fleuryo drink with high calcium yoghurt

Best Sustainability Initiative / CSR

Dairy Farmers of America – New Headquarters
Little Baby's Ice Cream – Ply Putty Boxes
Symbiona – AnoxyMem AnMBR for dairy sludge
Yili Group – Spring Package of Wetlands SATIN

Best yoghurt

Bright Dairy – Rose Mosilian and Elderflower Flavor
Bright Dairy – Greek Yogurt
General Mills and O-I – Yes by Yoplait
Junlebao – Purjoy Refreshing Matcha Yogurt

World Dairy Innovation Awards finalists announced | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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