What is the difference between the "low carb diet" and the keto diet? Which one to choose ? | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

When you want to diet or rebalance food, it can sometimes be difficult to choose. Maxisicences helps you to take stock.

What is the keto diet?

Keto diet, ketogenic diet, diet keto … This diet sold as slimming has several names. His basic idea? More fat and less sugar. The rules are simple: 50 g of carbohydrates a day, a lot of protein, plants and of "good fat". We avoid especially sugar. Before embarking on this type of diet, consulting your doctor is always a good idea to check that no contraindications prevent you from switching to keto.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the keto diet?

Keto diet is good for your health, limit sugars "who are a risk factor for diabetes and cardiovascular disease"says nutrition doctor Alexandra Dalu can only be beneficial for health, but be careful not to overuse fat and end up in a diet calorie.

Side benefit, there are therapeutic effects that could help reduce the effects of epilepsy. Keto can also help moderate appetite and lowering cholesterol. But it can also be a source of constipation because we consume less fiber. People starting this diet can also be affected by "the keto flu": a feeling tired, a headache and a lack of motivation can happen when you start this type of diet. In addition, this diet is restrictive and can be difficult to maintain in the long term.

The low carb diet, what is it?

The low carb diet is a feeding mode where we reduce considerably his contribution to carbohydrates. In general this coincides with a increase in the number of proteins in the diet and good fat as well as vegetables. Foods rich in carbohydrates are generally quite caloric, this allows to reduce his contribution.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the low carb diet?

It allows a weightloss fast and eliminate some of the industrial food is processed that contains a lot of carbohydrates. It is an easy diet to take in the long run and it is less "extreme" than keto. Side disadvantagesit can be easier constipated and feel weaker. The flat side options may be limited and this may impact our consumption in vitamins and minerals. He has the failure to bring down our fruit consumption.

What is the difference and which one to choose?

You will understand: the main difference of these two regimes lies in the consumption (or not) carbohydrates. In a low-carb scheme, it is considered that the carbohydrate consumption must be around 50 to 150 grams per day whereas for the ketoit must not exceed 50 grams a day.

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The second difference is in the protein consumption, which in a keto diet is estimated at about 20% of caloric intake. The keto diet can be considered as more restrictive and more difficult to hold and can cause more effects negative side. For the majority of people, the low carb diet will be so a better option on the long term.

What is the difference between the "low carb diet" and the keto diet? Which one to choose ? | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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