What is Savannah Guthrie's Today Show about the Keto diet? | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

Savannah Guthrie of Today's show is always open about her quest for health and well-being, including diet and exercise. The presenter of the morning news program tries to maintain a healthy balance, which can sometimes be a challenge due to her demanding career and busy family life as a mother of two young children.

Like many other stars and one of her Today & # 39; hui co-hosts Al Roker, she tried the popular keto diet. Guthrie felt both advantages and disadvantages with the meal plan, with a disadvantage that really frustrated her.

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Frozen needle on the scale

The keto diet, which consists of a high intake of fats and carbohydrates, has become one of the favorites of superstars like Halle Berry and LeBron James. Guthrie decided to test the meal plan, but soon became frustrated with the lack of results.

"He's not even doing anything," Guthrie said last September. Watch what's going on live with Andy Cohen, according to Health Magazine, saying she had not lost weight after seven weeks of dieting. "I have not lost anything! I did not lose anything. But you know, I ate a lot of bacon and I liked it. "

Even though Guthrie was not crazy about excessive carbohydrate reduction, she liked to indulge in high-fat foods that she usually avoids. "You can have more fat, which is pretty fun," she told Dr. Oz last November, according to People. "So, in some ways, you have to starve yourself – no carbs, which is very restrictive – but it opens up things I would never let myself eat, like cheese and bacon."

Validation of an expert

Hoda Kotb, co-host of Guthrie, and Joy Bauer, health and nutrition expert, participated in the series with her and validated Guthrie's discouragement. "As Savannah knows, I dream that she picks up the phone to call me to say," I'm done! " Help me make the transition, "said Bauer. "The keto diet is very, very difficult, but it's a good start. I would say maybe (do it for) a week, for example one to two weeks. "

Bauer pointed out some of the disadvantages of the diet, including the lack of nutritious foods. "It's very very fat, very fat, and it's ridiculously low in protein and carbohydrates," she said. "So it's very difficult to stay, and it saddens me to think that a diet would omit so many fruits and vegetables."

Cleaner mind, slower body

the Today & # 39; hui Ancr̩ found that the mental benefits of the keto diet were a significant advantage, as it provided him with greater clarity and better memory. "Hoda says she thinks it makes my mind clearer," said Guthrie about the scheme. "I remembered things Рshe's like," How do you know that? ", I would say," Oh, it was on page 252 of this book. "It's like," Where does it come from, this keto diet is crazy! "I have the impression that it made me a bit more sharp. "

Even though Guthrie appreciated the aspects of the meal plan that refreshed the mind, it had an opposite effect on her physically. "I feel less energy in the sense that I do not want to work anymore," she told Dr. Oz. "I think I need those carbs to feel like I want to go running, do aerobics or do whatever I can to do it."

Now, the journalist seems to have reached a nutritional balance, where she can still enjoy her favorite foods. "Basically, I avoid carbohydrates and I try to eat a lot of greens. I am really good during the week and then at weekends, I enjoy. I have the impression that you have to let yourself have fun. And for me, food is fun, "she told Health magazine in April. "And I love pizzas on Friday nights. But during the week, I can stay in the right way. "

Guthrie seems satisfied with her new plan, not finding perfection but rather a healthy and achievable dietary structure. "I really should weigh a lot less than me, so I have to do something wrong. What could it be? "Probably everything I do all weekend. The pizza. And I'm eating a dessert. And I drink. Again, these are all great tips for Un-Health magazine. "

What is Savannah Guthrie's Today Show about the Keto diet? | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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