victim as his fans of a huge (and dangerous) scam! | DISCOUNT CODE !

In recent months, many people see their image used for advertisements promoting so-called "slimming" pills. This was the case of Laurence Boccolini but also Faustine Bollaert. The latter did not hesitate to push a joke on social networks. "They use the name of people known to attract you to their page: impossible to attack them legally because they are at the end of the world.May report their account can be … In any case do not let you have"said Christophe Beaugrand's sidekick last December.

"Huge shot of face against these totally false advertisements that are multiplying on the networks For all those who interrogate me in private therefore: NO: I do not support or do not promote any method or miracle diet (…) In addition, I was pregnant in the picture on the left and very proud of my curves, as I have always been, my anger does not prevent me from kissing you ", indicated on September 9th, the host of It starts today sure France 2.

But another personality, too, was a victim of this type of trickery. This is Jenifer!

"Take once in the morning on an empty stomach and you will see the result!"said the Keto brand on a Facebook publication, on which we can see the actress and singer in a sexy dress. The post was spotted by a sworn fan of The Voice Kids on TF1, who quickly alerted other users.
"This advertisement has been circulating on facebook for a few days, and of course it's MENSONGÈRE! Jenifer has in no way agreed to use his image to promote this kind of product. Pay attention to yourself"could you read on the page in question. The 36-year-old singer, who recently showed her new haircut to her community, relied on her message this Monday, October 7th.

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victim as his fans of a huge (and dangerous) scam! | DISCOUNT CODE !
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