TOP 6 of the best slimming diets to lose fast | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

To achieve weight loss, adopt a slimming diet seems to be the ideal solution. But today, there are a multitude of diets (yoghurt, banana, 1,200 calories …), difficult to navigate and choose the best. To help you choose the right diet for your needs, here is one of the top 6 most effective diets for losing weight quickly and sustainably. So what is the effective diet to be continued ? Here is our selection!

Effective diet: our top 6

# 1 The ketogenic diet: the diet that puts on fat

presentation of the cetogene diet

The ketogenic diet (or Keto) is a framed program that focuses on lipid consumption. During this diet, good fats are therefore honored, unlike carbohydrates that must be avoided. With such a slimming program, the feeling of satiety will be favored, which will prevent you from overeating and giving in to a snack during the day. By correctly following the Keto diet, you will lose weight and thanks to the reduction of insulin, your body can more easily burn fat; another ideal action to lose weight.

For the ketogenic diet to be effective, it is necessary to to consume the right foods (red meat, dairy products, oils, nuts …) and ban foods rich in carbohydrates.

If this diet tempts you, know that it can cause some Side effects like fatigue, water retention or deficiencies. Your body also needs to get used to your new diet program and this can be time consuming. So be patient!

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The advantages and disadvantages of this slimming program

  • Important feeling of satiety.
  • Effective for losing weight.
  • Stabilization of the blood sugar level.
  • Avoid snacking during the day.
  • Importance of consuming good fats.
  • Side effects to consider.
  • Diet that can cause cardiovascular problems in the long run.
  • Not suitable for sportsmen.
  • Frustrating diet.

# 2 800 calorie diet: effective but difficult to follow

800 calories diet

Here is the third effective regime of our top 6: 800 calories (also known as fat-burning diet). This is a very low calorie diet effective, But difficult to follow in the long run, and for good reason ! With this diet, you can only swallow 800 calories a day. Therefore if you decide to opt for such a diet, it is important to follow up to avoid any risk of dietary deficiencies or any significant problem.

With the 800 calories diet, so you have to eat healthy, balanced and avoid all nibbling in the day. Permitted foods are very numerous : fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, eggs, plain yoghurt and low fat white cheese.

If you want to start this 800 calorie diet, the determination is the master word!

Strengths and weaknesses of this diet

Strong points
  • Very fast weight loss.
  • Balanced and healthy diet.
  • Proportions and calories controlled.
Weak points
  • Regular follow-up required.
  • Possible yo-yo effects at the end of the diet.
  • Difficult diet to follow.
  • Fatigue possible.

# 3 Natman Diet: A fast diet with incredible results

Natman diet

Also known as the Air Hostess Plan, the Natman diet is fast and promises spectacular results: the loss of 4 kilos in just 4 days! This duration must be respected to avoid any food deficiencies.

This low calorie diet consists in eating three times a day high protein meals for 4 days only. During this diet, fatty foods, carbohydrates, fats and dairy products are prohibited. Only meat, fish, vegetables and fruits are allowed. It is also important to drink regularly (1.5 liters of water per day on average). Nibbling and salt are banned from your diet.

With this Natman diet, you can eat at will authorized foods. At the end of the four days, you will enter a stabilization phase For 7 days. During this one you will be able to start incorporating carbohydrates, lipids and dairy in your food, but in small proportions not to take again your lost kilos.

The advantages and disadvantages of this diet

  • Fast and efficient diet.
  • Ability to restart this diet once a month.
  • Diet to follow on a few days only.
  • Ideal diet for people who love fruits and vegetables.
The inconvenients
  • Fatigue and possible weaknesses.
  • Diet that can lead to deficiencies if it is continued beyond 4 days.

# 4 Thonon diet: a low calorie and high protein diet

Thonon diet

Here is another effective and fast diet of our top 6: the Thonon diet. It was set up by a doctor from Thonon-les-Bains University Hospital who wanted to see one of his patients lose weight. This diet is both a low calorie and high protein diet. According to estimates, thanks to it, up to 10 kilos can be lost between 3 and 4 weeks.

The purpose of this scheme is very simple: limit your daily contributions and your salt consumption and increase your consumption of protein products. Like all slimming diets, snacking is prohibited between meals as alcohol consumption. On the other hand, it is important to drink 1.5 liters of water a day for eliminate all the bad toxins contained in the body.

The Thonon regime is divided into two phases. The first lasts 14 days and during this one your diet should be composed ofprotein foods. You can eat at will and lipids and carbohydrates will be banned. Thanks to this absorption of proteins, the fat can be eliminated, but your muscle mass preserved.

The second phase is that of stabilization. His goal is simple: to help you do not take back your lost pounds. Its duration varies from one person to another. In general, this is one week per kilogram lost during the first phase.

Strengths and weaknesses of this diet

Strong points
  • Fast weight loss.
  • Not likely to suffer yo-yo effects.
  • Dishes at will.
Weak points
  • Risk of fatigue.
  • May become boring (because of the lack of diversity of meals).

# 5 The diet Okinawa influenced by the Japanese way of life

Okinawa diet

Here is an effective diet that draws its influences from the Asian continent: the diet Okinawaconsidered a low calorie and semi-vegetarian diet. With this diet, it is the fish that is honored, but not only. Spices, seaweed, vegetables, fruits, herbs, soy, pulses and cereals are also on the program. The consumption of sugar, salt and products of animal origin are to be avoided just like alcohol. For drinks, besides water, tea and herbal teas are preferred.

The Okinawa diet consists of limit your calorie intake without having to count his calories. This diet is based on a varied diet, low in calories and rich in good nutrients : omega-3 fatty acids, mineral salts and antioxidants. Another principle of this diet: do not eat until completely satisfied.

Otherwise, you must consume 7 fruits and vegetables a day and 7 whole grains and / or pulses per day. You have to eat fish 3 times a week and cook all your vegetables with steam.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a scheme?

  • Consumption of natural products.
  • Quantities controlled.
  • Varied and balanced diet.
  • No effect yo-yo, because you adopt a healthy lifestyle.
The weak spots
  • Meat lovers will not be happy with this diet.
  • Food to adopt over time for conclusive results.

# 6 Weight Watchers!

Effective diet: Weight Watchers

You have already heard about it, that's for sure! Weight Watchers is now one of the leading diets! In addition to being famous, it is also very effective. This low calorie diet has a specific goal: to help you eat healthy and banish all your bad habits. With this effective regime, the goal is not to deprive you, but to rebalance your diet in order to lose weight.

But how does the Weight Watchers diet work? The latter is actually based on a point system. Each food consumed represents a number of points. Depending on what you eat, the goal is not to exceed your quota of points given at the beginning of your program. With Weight Watchers, you eat what you want, but so reasonable. Throughout your plan, you will also be able to participate in meetings during which a counselor will intervene to advise you. You will also meet other followers of this diet.

With Weight Watchers, you will learn how to eat better. As a result, at the end of your plan, you will be able to maintain your ideal weight and do not take back your lost pounds. Of course, it is advisable to practice sports in parallel with your diet for better results.

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To learn more about this diet, feel free to read our Full review on Weight Watchers.

The advantages and disadvantages of this scheme

  • Fast weight loss.
  • Varied and balanced diet.
  • No deprivation.
  • Possible weight loss in the long run.
  • Nice meetings.
  • Adapting to the group spirit is necessary.
  • Rigor and determination are paramount.

What are the differences between effective and ultra fast?

effective or ultra fast regime

The effective diet is a diet easy to follow during which we do not feel hungry. An effective diet is also a diet where one does not feel frustrated and where deprivation is not at the rendezvous. He is also a simple diet and that he is possible to follow in the long run. Another principle of this scheme is that it helps each person to lose fat and not water like draconian diets, for example. Finally, an effective regime allows lose weight fast, But without any yo-yo effect at the end.

The fast ultras regimes or light diets, promise in turn dramatic weight loss in a few days only. Their principle is to rely on a very low calorie diet (fruits, vegetables, meat and lean fish) and ban certain categories of food like dairy products, carbohydrates and lipids. Unlike an effective diet, a high-speed diet can not be followed in the long term, for one very specific reason: to avoid possible nutritional deficiencies, a food imbalance or any other health problem. An ultra fast diet also requires a regular follow-up by a doctor. With a fast diet, lost pounds can be resumed if you do not follow a so-called stabilization phase teaching you how to properly reincorporate food families.

And here. You now know our top 6 on the best diets. All you have to do is choose and follow your diet to the letter. But before you start, do not forget to seek the advice of your doctor, this is more careful.

TOP 6 of the best slimming diets to lose fast | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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