Thunder Hill plans to open gluten-free specialty bakery in Saint John | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

GRAND BAY-WESTFIELD – Thunder Hill Bakery is a small, large-scale bakery operated from Jenn Guimond's home on a small side road at Woodman's Point, a community near Grand Bay-Westfield.

Recently, it has been gain traction as the only specialty bakery in the region for people on a restrictive diet. Now, he intends to develop in downtown Saint John with a new bakery and coffee shop.

"We cover 246 different (dietetic) restrictions" says Guimond, the baker who started the business as a "laboratory situation where I could test different recipes. "

Guimond's address to people with varied dietary needs, including gluten-free, vegan or the very popular keto dietlow in carbohydrates and fat.

She started the business discreetly out of her home, but The news spread and his niche trade became a success. Guimond she herself suffers from celiac disease leaving her with a very restrictive diet.

"I started the keto diet for health reasons and it was even more restrictive," she says. "I have a very strong sweet tooth, so I started playing with recipes and finding a way to make pastry attractive for people with restrictive diets." Then a friend told another friend and here I am, I'm building a bakery. "

Although Thunder Hill Bakery focuses primarily on specialty confections, Guimond's vision chic neighborhoods The coffee is more ambitious. The coffee will be from local roasters and theyou are applyGluten Free Food Program (GFFP) to be a certified gluten-free environment, mthinking that there will be no crosscontamination.

"They are recognized by the Canadian Celiac Association and will help reassure the minds of our clients," said Guimond.

With the coffee, Guimond wants to propose to people like her to eat at the restaurant or to look for products in a carefree environment.

"I can not really eat at a lot of restaurants in Saint John," says Guimond. "I want to be able to offer takeaway meals and buy pizza kits, cake mixes and bring them home. IIt's a way to help all those who eat shitty gluten-free products to eat better and eat healthier, because we do a lot of sugar-free cooking."

Guimond wants to serve good food, but she also wants to create a community around coffee and fill he with music.

"During the day I want troubadours, people who tell stories, but play the guitar at the same time … but at night it would be a different story. we"re involved in the local music festival scene. I would probably bring groups to help promote the festivals or events that were taking place at that time. "

Guimond also said that she "was keen to promote the punk and metal scene" among the youngest, so expect diversity at the Thunder Hill Café.

This is not the first coffee that Guimond played in the running. From 19941995 she was one of the four co-owners of a place called Madhatter on the water street.

There is still a lot to be done. She has not yet chosen a place but Guimond expects the café to be open by next June, with many employees already hired.

"I've hired people who want to be connected to their community and want to help us not only provide a safe menu for those with dietary restrictions, but also a safe space for those just looking for a good cup of coffee." said.

Guimond wants create an all-inclusive environment and places for groups after school hours, open to people of all ages.

"If you're a customer, you come in, hang around, have coffee in front of you, fresh beans," she says.

Jenn Guimond. Owner of Thunder Hill. Image: Chris Guimond.

Although Guimond's discovery of her celiac disease was behind the start of Thunder Hill's bakery, it's not the only disease that has played a major role in her life. In addition to managing his celiac disease, Guimond also has ADHD., PTSD, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

"I got used to talking about my mental illness a few years ago when I realized that my friends were also suffering alone," she says. "Once I learned to kiss and Thanks to my unique brain, my life has radically improved. "

Guimond is a classic serial entrepreneur. She says she has used her afflictions to help her continue not only managing music festivals, but also the bakery and several other businesses in recent years.

"I used to consider my mental illness as a deficit, but now I see that it's my gift," she says. "I want to embrace my strength, do not regret them. "

Connor Campbell is a co-op student with Huddle from Harbor View High School.

Banner image: chocolate keto sponge (monk fruit, almond flour, egg, cream of tartar and ghee), filled with a banana filling, garnished with a chocolate butter cream and a drop of chocolate ganache without sugar. Image: Thunder Hill Facebook page.

Thunder Hill plans to open gluten-free specialty bakery in Saint John | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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