This start-up company is Canada's fastest growing non-dairy dessert brand | DISCOUNT CODE !

During the summer of 2018, Yellofruit ™ finalized its non-dairy frozen banana dessert flavors, focusing on mango, strawberry and chocolate. Barely a year later, the product was sold in more than 600 stores in Canada. A family business owned by married couples Andrew Kinnear and Claire Lysnes, Yellofruit is made in Ontario, Canada. In addition, with 28 different retailers launching the product in one year, including Canada's Loblaws and Metro grocers, Yellofruit is the fastest-growing non-dairy dessert brand north of the border.

Why this fast growth? In a product category that typically focuses on one of three selling characteristics, Yellofruit is a bit of an anomaly. Frozen desserts are generally either delicious and indulgent, or low in calories, or non-dairy / vegan. Yellofruit is suitable for all three categories but does not fit in all categories. "We strived to create something delicious, easier to prepare and a choice of healthier desserts. And of course, we wanted to do something different from what was already on the market, "said Kinnear.

First, although made from bananas, Yellofruit is creamy like a traditional ice cream. Kinnear took a course in ice cream technology to make sure her vegan treatment withstood the indulgent ice in the freezer shelf. And while the three flavors are similar to low-calorie ice creams, Yellofruit's sugar content is not adapted to the keto. But the sugar content has a purpose. With pea protein and coconut oil, organic cane sugar plays a key role in getting this creamy and icy texture. "Without divulging too many secrets," says Kinnear, "you need to create an emulsion of fat, protein, and sugar to form air bubbles that make the dessert creamy."

Finally, while Yellofruit is vegan and certified vegetable, it is one of only two frozen banana desserts in Canada – and the only one to use non-fruit ingredients – and has an incomparable texture in the mouth. category of non-dairy products.

Yellofruit's young and fun brand also stands out in the freezer section. Bright colors appeal to parents and children, while the Certified Vegan and Peanut Free symbols attract people with dietary restrictions (for allergic or philosophical reasons). Kinnear and Lysnes both have years of marketing experience and Kinnear had a clear vision of Yellofruit's branding strategy and its cheeky but family tone. And families appreciate the fact that each fragrance is named after one of Kinnear's and Lynes' children. There's Monty's Favorite Strawberry ™, Holly's Favorite Mango ™ and Eddy's Favorite Chocolate ™.

As an extension of the brand's fun and offbeat personality, in the summer of 2019, a giant Yellofruit brand banana car traveled across Ontario for photo shoots, samples and a fantastic exhibit. "During my 15 years of marketing experience, the banana car has been the most successful brand activation I have ever participated in," says Kinnear. Key performance indicators included social media tags, including a video of a local Instagram feed from Toronto with 1.3 million followers having received nearly 400,000 views, a customer engagement and sales in person.

How did Yellofruit grow so fast? In addition to smart marketing and the superior product, Kinnear and Lysnes have just worked hard. Yellofruit is still a small family business with only two full-time employees and a small team of freelancers and distance sales representatives. Kinnear himself goes to the grocery store headquarters to attend sales meetings and plans to do the same for the expansion of the brand in the US in the summer of 2020.

This start-up company is Canada's fastest growing non-dairy dessert brand | DISCOUNT CODE !
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