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At any one time, one or more competing plans attract the attention of people all over the country in search of the quick fix, the exact combination of good and bad foods to help them lose weight, get healthy again and to live better. And as they have done since time immemorial, marketers in the food manufacturing sector will respond to this quest by offering food products labeled with the trend of the day. But before you take this gluten-free vegan brownie without a paleo, take a step back from the snacks.

It's easy to buy in the hype, but it's not because a food carries what the Mad Libs label is in vogue that's good for one's health. That's not to say it's the worst thing in the world: although some plans have no buy-back value, many of the trends that sweep the Internet have at least something we can eliminate.

But in the cacophony, how do you know what?

Marisa Moore, a registered dietitian and dietician, describes in detail the advantages and disadvantages of many of today's most popular eating methods.

1. Paleo-ish

Paleo "really began as a return to human roots, where the diet forces you to focus primarily on Paleolithic foods," says Moore. "So you can have eggs, fish, seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, but not things that came later, like refined foods, grains, legumes, dairy products and refined sugar. '

What is the disadvantage?

A big disadvantage of Paleo and his friends (for our purpose, we will group the keto and Whole 30 here even if yes, yes, it's not the same thing) is their restrictive nature, says Moore. They can be difficult to follow in the long term. But "my biggest problem is (it excludes) products like beans that have well-established health benefits, such as fiber."

Plus, "you really have to evaluate the label as a whole and see what's in it," she says. "For most Paleo foods, it will be a clean label, but look at sodium, is it incredibly high? (And) there are many paleo desserts. I do not think Paleolithic people made coconut brownies. It is not because it is a paleo cupcake that he is in good health. "

What is there for that?

"On the other hand, it encourages you to eat fruits and vegetables, as well as fish, which is great," says Moore.

2. juice cleanse

These liquid diets can range from freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables to "lemon water with cayenne pepper and no nutrition," says Moore.

What is the disadvantage?

"On pure juice, you probably lack fiber and protein," says Moore. "What worries me is that you stay too long and that you have nutritional deficiencies. Even (if you're there) a few days … for me, it's more important that you do the other 360 days. Beyond that, "people are frustrated because of hunger," she says. "It's just not sustainable."

What is there for that?

"The advantage is that you're going to get vitamin C," Moore says.

I can think of easier ways to get Vitamin C than a liquid diet that causes horror, and you?

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3. vegetarian / vegan

Vegetarians avoid meat, while vegans avoid all products of animal origin, including dairy products and eggs.

What is the disadvantage?

"The most important thing if you choose to go on a particular vegan diet is to know the nutrients you are concerned about," says Moore. "It's not so difficult to get protein as long as you're eating nuts, seeds and beans in sufficient quantities, but you have to pay attention to vitamin B12, calcium and zinc." And for vegans and vegetarians, she adds, I would like to look for a supplement of omega-3 fatty acid (usually present in marine life).

Another problem, she says, particularly among college-level women who want to be vegan, is "because they may not know what to choose, it's easier to get to the frozen food department and grab it. everything that is vegan without paying attention to what it contains. Sometimes it is very rich in saturated fats and sodium. You must absolutely look beyond the front of the package because (a vegan label) does not mean that it is healthy. (This does not mean that it's even about an herbal natural food.)

What is there for that?

"There is a lot of evidence to support herbal diets," says Moore, mostly in vegetarian research. The benefits include a lower body mass index and often low blood pressure, she says. The biggest benefit for vegetarian diets, she notes, is (unsurprisingly!) To eat more plant-based foods. "I'm only a personal champion for that." So, before grabbing this packaged vegetarian product, "think about adding a chickpea recipe one night, swap meat in a hamburger for beans and try some lentil soup once in a while." then. "And she's looking for ways to find variety," because the best plant-based diets can have variety. "

(In addition, the vegan can be incredibly delicious, even if it's not stellar nutritionally.One of my favorite restaurant dishes is the vegan "Farby" even a version. vegan beef and Arby cheddar for your health.)

4. Gluten-free

"Some people can not have gluten because of their celiac disease or intolerance, so it's essential that they have a gluten-free diet," Moore says. "It does not mean that they need to go to the snacks section to buy gluten-free snacks. It means choosing whole foods that are naturally gluten free. "

What is the disadvantage?

"The main problem is that there's a health hover around a product that says it's gluten-free," says Moore, "(but) a lot of crackers and chips and d & rsquo; Highly processed foods only exchange one refined grain for another. gluten free."

According to her, another problem is that gluten-free foods may not contain a lot of fiber, so "you may feel a bit hungry afterwards".

True story. I'm a little addicted to Costco's gluten-free pizzas (which I get because they're good-tasting, not because I have to eat gluten-free) and that they're not as hearty as a whole. pizza with ordinary flour.

What is there for that?

"The idea of ​​looking at these typical sources of gluten in the diet could be good," Moore says. "Because if you eat fries, pretzels, pizzas, crackers, bread … evaluate these and get rid of half could help you."

(But it's not because you get rid of gluten, she points out, but excess carbohydrates and calories.)

5. low in fat

The principle is that "if you follow a low-fat diet, you will automatically lose weight," says Moore. But "it's not necessarily the reality."

What is the disadvantage?

"Sometimes when you see the words 'low fat', especially when they're stuck around a snack, they're high in sugar and even calories and, unfortunately, are not very satisfying." says Moore. "This whole idea of" you have to stay away from fat "is rather outdated. There is ample evidence that healthy fats, such as nuts and seeds, and avocados, contribute to heart health.

Yogurt makers, please note that we do not want your fat-free sugar bombs for breakfast.

What is there for that?

If anything makes you reevaluate, said Moore. "Eating a lot of high-fat meats is probably not what you want to do on a regular basis."

So where does this leave us? With tips that do not sell well on a label. "In general, what works is a lifestyle change that you can adapt to," Moore said. "You do not have to worry about cheat days and ordering special ingredients."

As long as I can have Farby's chance, I could live with that.

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The pros and cons of America's favorite diet plans | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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