The disease-diet link that doctors still do not know | EXCLUSIVE OFFER !

The disease-diet link that doctors still do not know

Research has proven the impact of the diet on our health. Yet our current medical system continues to base its recommendations on outdated scientific data. I am here to tell you that what you eat (and how) is a vital part of your health and can go on to influence the expression of your genes.

However, eating healthy involves more than simply counting calories and reducing sugars. This involves understanding your unique dietary needs and giving you information about how our food affects our biology.

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That's why my job as an Integrative Functional Medicine Physician is to start with the intestine and what we put in our body.

We are part of the laws that govern nature. What we become and how we heal depends on what we eat and digest. I emphasize that it is both physical food and mental thoughts.

Functional medicine (and now conventional medicine) is learning more and more about the impact of our gut on not only our brain but also the health of our whole body (see below). The second brain written by neuroimmunologist Michael Gershon). More than 70% of our immune cells are made in our gut and over 90% of our serotonin is also made in our gut.

In addition, Bruce Lipton, a stem cell biologist and author ofThe Biology of Beliefs, "said that nutrition was the first means of culture for physical health. (It's from where things grow – it's your biological soil).

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Without proper nutrition, the brain and mind can not align in good health. If we choose to ignore the very foundations of our body function, how can we expect to live a healthy life full of vitality and joy?

Thus, the first physical step towards optimal health is to heal our gut and optimize its role in maintaining our health, and you can do this by starting with organic and clean food.

What does it mean?

Whether you are vegan, paleo or keto, etc., you must understand that organic products are vital.

All the work of our immune system is to recognize what is foreign and to put in place an immune response that protects us from what is perceived as a no-self and therefore poses a threat to the body. Our immune system will consider that the chemicals in non-organic foods, as well as those contained in processed foods, are foreign. This creates an inflammation. Inflammation is the breeding ground for disease, intestinal leaks and impairments of brain function such as anxiety, insomnia and ADD.

Dean Ornish, MD, illustrated the impact of a healthy diet on gene expression. In a study that he conducted on prostate cancer, he discovered that over 500 genes had changed expression in just 90 days, with nutritional changes and meditation.

The disease-diet link that doctors still do not know | EXCLUSIVE OFFER !
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