The dirty keto is it healthy? A dietitian examines the pros and cons of a dirty keto diet and a keto diet | EXCLUSIVE OFFER !

Most diets have made headlines in recent years: the diet high in fats and carbohydrates that followers claim to be the ultimate solution to lose weight without taking it back in the long run.

And if the keto was not convincing enough, there is even a "dirty" keto variety to make tracking even easier. So, first of all, how do you eat keto and more specifically dirty keto? And is it a better option?

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Keto diet; low in carbohydrates and fat, including oily fish, cheese, avocado, coconut oil
Going on a keto diet with high carbohydrates and fat is more difficult than you think. (IStock)

The dirty difference

Although keto is particularly popular at the moment, it is not a new diet. Ketogenic diets have been used clinically for many years, but it is its relatively fast weight loss potential that has attracted the attention of the dietary industry.

Indeed, it is true that keto diets work, if you can follow them.

In reality, keto is not so easy to achieve. For starters, you must follow not only a low carb diet, but also a high fat diet. The number of high fat foods is limited to a small handful, which means you tend to eat a lot of avocado, oil, nuts and cheese if you try to eat. 39, get and stay in ketosis.

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People often think that they consume keto while they eat a diet low in carbohydrates and protein, simply replacing carbohydrates with extra meat, eggs, fish and chicken. For ketosis to be induced, proteins must also be kept below 20% of total calories.

Now the dirty keto is a little different from the purist approach to diet and nutrition that the keto usually takes. Where keto usually promotes unprocessed foods (with the exception of coconut oil), dirty keto is presented as a simpler approach.

Here, enthusiasts are able to choose quick and easy fat-rich keto options that may not be exceptionally "healthy", but still meet the "keto" criteria.

Foods such as a fast-food burger, less bread, low carb noodles with creamy sauces, curries and processed snacks such as keto chocolate bars, dried and fried meat snacks and Coconut-based bars and cakes can be included in the keto plan.

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It is argued that the dirty keto is much easier to follow than the traditional keto, requires less food preparation, allowing dieters to choose options on the fly and to be able to attend regularly. friends while eating at the restaurant.

Toast burger patties with cheese
On a dirty keto diet, you might be able to enjoy a fast food hamburger without the rolls. But is it really healthy? (IStock)

The dirty keto is it really healthy?

For some dieters who have spent many years avoiding fatty foods, the dirty keto offers some food freedom by incorporating previously taboo foods that appeal to those who like to quickly eat fatty foods while losing weight – in theory.

In reality, the dirty keto is not a food model as perfect for weight loss or health. The traditional keto already significantly reduces, or even eliminates, a number of natural foods rich in fiber, including cereals, fruits, legumes and a number of vegetables. This means that those who can stay in compliance with the keto may have trouble getting enough fiber and vitamins in their diet, which can impact the health of the gut and potentially on immune function.

When the keto takes a step further and that it becomes dirty, the consumption of nutrients is likely to suffer. Not only is the vitamin, mineral and fiber content of processed food varieties lower than that of less processed options, but a higher intake of saturated fats, salt and salt. additives is not good for health, short or long term.

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The other problem less treated with dirty keto is that it is unlikely that you will keep a ketosis while eating processed foods high in calories and processed. Calories and protein are likely to get you out of the ketosis, unless you are a large group, which means that your dirty keto diet will contribute more to weight gain than to fat loss.

All plans will work if they are followed, but not all are healthy. Keto diets can be an effective dietary solution for some people who are able to achieve the specific macronutrient ratios needed to induce ketosis. Dirty keto is not the same thing. Dirty Ceto invites a lot of processed foods into the diet and is much less likely to induce ketosis. The takeaway message – if you want to eat keto as an effective way to lose weight, it's best to keep it clean.

The dirty keto is it healthy? A dietitian examines the pros and cons of a dirty keto diet and a keto diet | EXCLUSIVE OFFER !
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