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You want to lose weight quickly, permanently without hunger, or fatigue and where it resists, then adopt the CHRONO KETO SLIMMING, diet developed by the nutritionist doctor, Claude Chauchard.
As a general rule, I advocate the simple food adjustment according to the rules of the chrono nutritionbut I found that some people were overweight while eating little.
So there are cases where this regime can be interesting.
Having no weight to lose, I just tried on two meals this diet and weighed myself in the morning, I had lost 500 g.

Before talking about it, you have to understand why you're getting fatter.
Well, over the years, our metabolism is changing and so is our glycemic threshold, which is the capacity of carbohydrates that can be absorbed each day without gaining weight. It is normally about 400 g.
When we consume carbohydrates or carbohydrates (sugar, honey, rice, pasta, starchy foods, legumes, fruits, alcohol), we secrete insulin which is a lipogenetic hormone, a storage hormone and that makes you fat. As long as our mitochondria (cells that allow us to provide energy) use these carbohydrates to make energy, everything is fine, but there comes a time when the system goes awry and is no longer able to get those carbohydrates back in. the cell.
So these carbs go into the circulatory stream and the liver and muscles will store them in the form of glycogen, so use them in a few days, if needed. But when the liver stores too much carbohydrate and comes to saturation, he goes change this glycogen into fat, free fatty acids will come together to form adipocytes qThey will go to adipoctyte garages (belly, buttocks, arms …). Insulin will have a lock effect, to prevent this fat from coming out of the adipose tissue and we enter the infernal spiral, with a weight gain more and more important.

How to lose weight?
The first provision is going to be to stop carbohydrates altogether, to collapse the ration of 90%, or 35 to 40 g per day, from plants. We replace these carbohydrates with good fat (avocado, fatty fish, meats, cheeses, quality oils …) which will reduce appetite and if there is more insulin we will finally be able to release fats and use them. After a few days, the liver will make ketone bodies to make the necessary sugar (it is a metabolic activity, well known to our ancestors). The fat will be able to get out of our cells and we will begin to lose weight where it is needed.

The author also offers 3 times a week intermittent fasting, ie two meals a day. For example, we have lunch in the morning and at noon and we skip the evening meal.Thus, we put the body at rest, which has the double advantage of repair damaged cells and promote destocking. You can drink water, herbal teas or tea and even a vegetable juice.
The author advises using Keto tape to check after one week the ketone bodies in the urine, which accelerate weight loss.

This scheme allows first lose fat related to insulin resistance, then the toxic fat that also traps many toxins. Thermal fat gets lost in sports, but you rarely lose more than 3 pounds, which is why some people say they do not lose weight with the sport.

Personally, I think that this diet is a good way to lose weight but also to get rid of the appetite for sugar, which is a real drug and a real poison: it allows you to learn to eat differently by bringing more good fat to the body which is an excellent source of energy and let us not forget that our cells are fond of fat and bathe in the fat. It will of course once the desired weight reached, reintroduce carbohydrates (rice, lentils, potatoes, a fruit a day …) little by little and see what is its threshold of tolerance so as not to regain weight.

Sophie Franciosi
Evolutive Naturopath

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The chrono keto slimming – Naturopathy Evolutive | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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