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best Costeto keto items to buy

Trying to find the best options for Costco is frankly a bit difficult because there is a lot of them.

Planning and preparing meals is essential for anyone who is experimenting with the keto diet. And, for those who like to buy and prepare in bulk, Costco is the right place. Not only does the member warehouse offer a host of keto-friendly choices, but it also offers exclusive products that can make the keto experience even more tasty.

"We offer a wide range of excellent products, including organic products," said Muriel Cooper, a member of Costco's communications team.

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We conducted our research to understand the best stock options offered by the hypermarket, as well as essential commodities. Let's just say we do not think you'll be disappointed by the amount of snacks, condiments and cheeseboard options you can get with a stroke of your Costco card. (Tip: If you do not have a subscription, you can still purchase many non-perishable Costco items via Google Express or Instacart!)

Cooked dishes

Costco shot the pig


Although you should pay attention to the salt content of cooked dishes, there are so many benefits to keep on hand when you are kneeling in the keto. On the one hand, they make the options of the week easy. On the other hand, they can be a savior when you have no leftovers (or extra money) for lunch.

Costco stores several keto-certified ready meals in the chilled / frozen section, including:

  • Seasoned beef and Barbacoa sauce from real foods
  • Pork Real Foods in a green chili sauce
  • Races of shredded beef
  • Grilled chicken dumplings by Don Lee
  • Kirkland Signature Pulled pork ABF
  • Angus beef patties prepared with Kirkland's signature
  • Roast chicken Kirkland Signature (declared by many to be the best roast chicken on the market and has a fan page on Facebook)

Combine one of these ingredients with rice and cauliflower to get a quick meal easy to prepare with sauces, vegetables and various side dishes.

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Meat and fish

The crumbled bacon from Costco


In addition to basic meat and fish products that you can collect on fresh and frozen shelves (raw bacon, steak, salmon, etc.), here are some special Costco products that are also keto-friendly and will surely justify your registration:

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Cheese treats (and other dairy products)

best alternative wedding cakes (cheesecakes)


One of the pure joys of the Keto lifestyle is the fact that cheese is not only allowed, it is encouraged. Here are some of the cheeses that are easy to incorporate into your daily consumption of food, at a friend's canteen or dinner:

  • BelGioioso Snack Mozzarella
  • Mini Babybel Semisoft cheese
  • Cut cheese tray for cello
  • Ricotta Darigold
  • Cheese sticks
  • Cheese Heads for Refrigerator Colby Jack Cheese Sticks and Cheddar Cheese
  • Philadelphia Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • Sonoma Jack Cheese Snack
  • Tillamoos Teddamook, medium size, cheddar

And literally, every other huge piece of cheese or artisanal cheese you'll find in Costco's glorious cold cut section is a fair game, including the 50-pound Pecorino wheel, if you can finish it. In addition, you can stock up on butter and half-and-half-or thick cream for coffee (among other things).


Costco Collagen Peptides


The pantry keto requires special items such as collagen peptides and foolproof coffee ingredients (including MCT oil), and Costco can also help you. While you're there, make the supply by:

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Alternatives to cereals

Kirkland Costco Almond Flour


The use of white flour and wheat flour is a definite "no" when following the Keto way of life. However, alternatives to cereals such as almond flour and coconut flour are allowed. Costco transports them in bulk so you'll never be afraid of finding yourself without ingredients to make big bombs or pasta with a flat head (or a pizza crust with a flat head). Do not miss the big bags of:


Costco The Cross


You will not eat keto-sweetened soda, but Costco offers you many other options to stay hydrated, such as:


Costco Parmesan Cheese Smoothies


If you are a snack, Costco covers you. From hazelnuts to Moon Cheese, the store offers a wide variety of snacks to make sure you never have to worry about smoking. Here are some keto-compliant snacks that you will probably find in your local Costco:

Condiments, oils and other cooking points

Adopting a keto lifestyle can be discouraging to think of exchanging ingredients or having to leave them out, that's all. However, with the amount of products currently on the market, it is easier than ever to prepare most of your favorite foods using eco-friendly ingredients. Here are some staples that should always be ready and you can find on Costco:

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The bottom line

It goes without saying that the availability of specific products varies from country to country, but it's a safe bet that you can easily fill a Keto Cart on Costco, wherever you are; and make sure you are ready for success is half the battle.

What are your favorite Costco items? Let us know in the comments!

The best purchases of Keto Costco | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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