The best brands of health ice cream to buy | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

best brands of healthy ice cream to buy

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When it's so hot, have you ever wanted to eat ice cream all day? Well, here's a secret that could make you lose your mind: your grocery store offers a number of ice creams with amazingly healthy nutritional labels that let you enjoy yourself as often as you like. Some pints have brought their calorie count down to a paltry sum, stuffed with protein, dropped excess sugar and even hidden vegetables in their smooth smoothies. Some are even keto-friendly. In addition, these health-conscious ice creams actually taste as good as their conventional counterparts. Yes really.

It's too good to be true? Collect these five healthy ice creams from your grocery store and try them yourself. You can thank us later.

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You'll never guess that Enlightened ice creams only contain 70 to 100 calories per serving and less than half the sugar of traditional options. The brand offers dozens of inventive flavor options, all with a distinctive melted Marshmallow texture to satisfy any palate. Enlightened's "Movie Night" pint captures the essence of buttered popcorn in a lightly salted base, swirled with sweet caramel and sprinkled with chunks of chocolate. Chocolate lovers have fun with spoonfuls of fudge brownie flavor, an ultra-decadent blend of milk chocolate ice cream with fluffy brownie pieces and fluffy chocolate chips. With rainbows in a cake batter, Enlightened birthday cake pints will bring back your taste buds into childhood. Since August 2019, they also offer 11 new keto ice cream flavors (such as chocolate frosted donuts, red velvet and pecan butter), with each pint containing only one gram of carbohydrate per serving.


Peekaboo ice cream has mastered the art of disguise. It hides vegetables of all flavors, packing pints of vitamins and minerals that you never expect to find in a dessert. Cauliflower hides in Peekaboo's rich dark chocolate ice cream. Beets give the brand's candy floss ice cream an amusing pink-tickling color (without any bitter, earthy flavor). Half a cup of Peekaboo's succulent strawberry ice cream gives you 20% of your daily vitamin C needs, thanks to organic carrots. And if you know you need to eat more leafy vegetables, get yourself a refreshing piece of Peekaboo Mint Chocolate, made even more green with the addition of spinach.

Mon / Mo Mochi Ice Cream

Let's face it: Savoring ice cream straight out of the pint can be a dangerous move for people with limited self-control (myself!) My / Mo Mochi ice cream solves the problem with ice cream scoops without RBST with controlled serving, packaged in ultra-soft mochi paste. The satin and rubbery spheres contain about 110 calories each, and only one is enough to satisfy even the strongest. Flavors range from the traditional (like green tea, vanilla bean and cookies and cream) to trendy (think dulce de leche, chocolate sundae and imore). Vegans, be enthusiastic: My / Mo also offers a range of dairy-free options based on cashew cream.

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Chloé's iced fruits

Sometimes on a summer day, you just want to keep things super simple. Nothing fancy or extreme – just fresh and familiar flavors for effortless pleasure. Enter the chocolate iced fruit dipped in Chloe chocolate. Made from fruit, water and cane sugar, ice lollypops are a refreshing change from sumptuous treats. The chocolate shell enhances the notes, bringing just the right amount of richness to balance the sour base of strawberries or bananas. And if you need even more chocolate, Chloe's offers dark chocolate-soaked chocolate sugars with crunchy quinoa crisps. The best part? Each pop has only 120 calories.

So Delicious Mousse

Take a pint of So Delicious frozen mousse and you may wonder if it's missing half the dessert. Do not worry: although extremely light, it is filled with the creamiest and creamiest mousse you can imagine. At just 330 calories or less per pint, you can eat as much as you want. The silky mouthfeel and flavor of each dairy-free bite could leave you feeling full after a few airy spoonfuls. So Delicious offers seven different flavors of its frozen vegan mousse. Choose from peanut butter, chocolate chips or caramel swirl if you are looking for something rich. Alternatively, try one of the fruity flavors, such as mango, cranberry, cherry, strawberry or lemon. Anyway, you can not go wrong.

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The best brands of health ice cream to buy | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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