The 20 best protein bars Keto, according to nutritionists | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

It's time to talk about something: taste the keto diet and how much completed bummer it can be. (Unless you want to carry whole cream shots or hot steaks as snacks, in this case, weird.)

But it's time to dry your tears, keto dieters: There are tons of keto protein bars out there that will keep your rage provoked by the hanger. You just have to be a little more insightful about what's in your preferences bar (more of that later).

First, for protein bars to be compatible with keto, they must be low in carbohydrates and high in fat – the keto basis – for a product or recipe to contain up to 60 to 75% fat, 15 to 20% protein. and 10% or less of carbohydrates, says Lauren O. Connor, P.D., owner of Nutri Savvy Health. "That being said, as long as your low carb bar contains whole quality ingredients and contains a lot of healthy fats, the numbers do not have to be exact."

Although the numbers do not have to be perfect, the closer the bar is to the ratio, the better, because it will help you meet your daily macro needs. (Quick Recall: The keto diet is counting your macros – the number of grams of carbohydrates, fat, and protein you consume on the diet, so keep to the ratio recommended by O & # 39; Connor for choosing protein bars which is best for everyone – this macro counts or, quite simply, the diet.)

Another priority when selecting a keto protein bar? The ingredients of whole foods, says O & # 39; Connor. This means looking for bars that prioritize healthy fats and whole proteins over supplemented powders and vitamins. Avoid preservatives, artificial sweeteners and processed fats.

Look for ingredients such as medium chain triglycerides or MCT oils (a type of healthy fat), extra virgin olive oil, cold – pressed coconut oil, l 'oil. avocado, nuts, heart of hemp and seeds. Pro Tip: If you are sensitive to carbs or keto strict, skip nuts and stick to pure oil.

Good protein choices include wild caught fish, meat, poultry and grass-fed eggs, she says. (Think you can not find a bar with real salmon?). If you're looking for a more economical alternative, whey powders or collagen powders also offer a punch to clean proteins.

Here are some of the best keto protein bars on the market, according to nutritionists. There is a mix of home-made and store-bought options, so you can sometimes use the national FA and call it lazy days.

Energy bars of coconut

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Pumpkin protein with spices and coconut cream combine with crunchy nuts to create a tasty bar of keto protein that will satisfy all your desires. You can prepare it in less than five minutes and it requires no cooking. The recipe even includes variants to customize it according to your macro objectives.

Chocolate bar with peanut butter

Keto Bars

$ 29.95

These are the OG Keto bars. They have been specially designed for people on a keto diet who do not want to mess with snacks that are somehow close to the appropriate ratios. They are packed with the exact amount of fat and protein required by people on a keto diet with three grams or less of net carbs. They come in two flavors: chocolate peanut butter and chocolate coconut.

Protein bars low in carbohydrates

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In order to minimize carbohydrates, many environmentally friendly creations include sugar-alcohol to enhance the taste. Unfortunately, however, these sweeteners can cause bloating and intestinal disorders, especially if you have a sensitive tumor, says Beth Warren, RDN, author of The secrets of a kosher girl and founder of Beth Warren Nutrition. So, your best bet to avoid unnecessary situations in the bathroom? DIY – as with these rubbery bites, which make use of the monk fruit extract, a natural sweetener and one that respects the environment. And thanks to a blend of ingredients including unsweetened coconut flakes, almonds, pecans and sunflower seeds, these high-fat energy bars are filled with fun textures and flavors.

Per serving: 310 calories, 28 grams of fat, 9 grams of carbohydrates, 7 grams of protein

Keto Crave Energy Bar

Zenwise Health

$ 39.96

With 16 grams of fat, 5 grams of net carbs and 9 grams of protein, these bars are keto-friendly for a T, according to O & # 39; Connor. In addition, they include MCTs, which according to some research help boost energy or calories burned and improve mental focus. And according to a study of 2017, MCT has the power to be more satiating than coconut or vegetable oil, limiting appetite and helping you eat less – for the pros, especially if you want to lose some weight.

Protein bars with peanut butter without cooking

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These peanut butter chocolate bars are legendary in the keto community thanks to their decadent texture and flavor. If you simply want to reduce your carbohydrate consumption, follow the recipe as written. If you practice keto strict, the recipe offers several modifications, including the use of a liquid monk fruit as a sweetener and the purchase of a sugar free keto chocolate. The best part? These have only five ingredients and no cooking is required.

Per serving: 139 calories, 10 grams of fat, 6 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of fiber, 9 grams of protein

Keto bars with chocolate and homemade coconut

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Coconut and chocolate are a perfect match in this recipe. Real whole coconut meat, butter and whole cream give this bar its creamy texture. Then it is dipped in baker's chocolate and sweetened with erythritol and stevia to keep carbohydrates under three grams.

Per serving: 278 calories, 23 grams of fat, 9.8 grams of carbohydrates, 6.7 grams of fiber, 7.5 grams of protein.

Keto For carb lovers

Editors of Delish & Women's Health

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You want serious results on the keto diet, but you can not imagine a world without bread ?! Our new cookbook, containing more than 100 recipes, is for you!

Pegan® Protein Bar Chocolate Lava

Julian Bakery

$ 29.99

For your information: vegans and vegetarians can also follow the keto diet. Pegan protein bars are the right balance between macros – one to two grams of net carbs – and all proteins come from plant sources. They come in regular and "thin" varieties, and offer five flavors including lava chocolate, sweet sunflower, cinnamon vanilla vinaigrette, cinnamon raisin, and ginger.

Collagen protein bar


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In the world of proteins, collagen has consolidated its place as a new popular child. But as Cady Heron taught in Mean Girls, the news is not always what it seems. The question remains: Are Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars compatible with keto? Yes, yes, they are.

The powder, made from the skin, muscles, bones and connective tissue of animals (usually cows or chickens), is rich in protein and virtually tasteless. So you can drag it into any recipe and consume it in these keto-approved bars. These collagen bars come in seven sweet flavors: coffee au lait, vanilla shortbread, mint chocolate, lemon biscuits and cookie dough, which minimize the amount of carbohydrate needed for you to keep playing. keto like a pro.

Low carbohydrate lemon ketos

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If you are a strict keto fan, it is likely that you are really starting to run out of fruit. Indulge in the sweet lemon taste without the high carbohydrate sugar with this recipe from I Breathe, I'm Hungry. Lemon provides vitamin C and almond flour provides fiber and vitamin E, all essential nutrients for people on a keto diet, O Connor explains. In addition, these keto protein bars contain 19 grams of fat, thanks to egg yolks and butter.

Per serving: 193 calories, 19 grams of fat, 2 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of protein

Seasoned beef, wild blueberry barbecue, fruit and quinoa

Krave Bar

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Honestly, at first I was taken aback by the local meat bars, but a mouthful shows why Krave bars are so expensive. They combine natural beef, turkey or charqui, dried fruits and quinoa for a sweet, salty and spicy snack. These have a little more carbs (nine to 12 grams per bar) but they come from healthy fruits and quinoa, which is a benefit, says O & # 39; Connor. Wild blueberry beef, chipotle cherry beef, turkey with thyme and cranberries, and jalapeño mango pork are among the flavors.

Keto Seven-Layer Bars

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Do you remember those decadent seven-layer magic cookie bars that your mother made when you were a kid? Relive this joy without guilt with this recipe. Every aspect of this classic has been reworked to make it compatible with keto, from crust to almond flour, to caramel sauce, and chocolate-coconut topping. They take a little time to put together, but it's worth it.

Chicken, Sesame & BBQ Bar

Epic Provisions

Epic is known for its low-carb and keto-free snacks, prepared from the highest quality ingredients and whole foods. They do not compromise on taste or nutrition because they make hormone-free pasta bars, healthy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and spices. They contain less than 2 grams of carbohydrate in most bars and come in 11 exotic flavors, including a sesame chicken barbecue, smoked salmon maple and wild boar bacon.

Paleo sugar-free protein bars with chocolate chips

Protein bars of chocolate pumpkin protein down chip

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All it takes to make these eats in the fall Five minutes. I repeat: five minutes. Although virtually sugar-free, thanks to basic ingredients such as keto-adapted Stevia, these pumpkin bars have such a sweet taste that it's easy to forget that they're not actually candy. They also contain nearly 5 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein, which keeps you satisfied and says no to all those Halloween treats that are not keto.

Per serving: 89.1 calories, 2.7 grams of fat, 10.6 grams of carbohydrate (5.7 grams of net carbohydrate), 7.1 grams of protein

Protein bar with cocoa and chocolate

Atlas Protein Bar

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Atlas bars appear as "the cleanest protein bar on the planet" thanks to the use of grass-fed whey protein and the absence of GMOs, gluten and preservatives . These bars are low in sugar and high in fiber to keep things moving in the bathroom (hey, no shame, it's a common problem with keto!). They come in three flavors, chocolate cocoa, vanilla almond and peanut butter.

Matcha Keto Low Protein Balls

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Ok, so they're less a bar and more, but these high-fat treats are still "fit for the keto-friendly bill," says O & # 39; Connor. Plus, they contain collagen protein and energizing matcha caffeine, making it an ideal snack to get into the mouth before or after training.

Per serving: 116 calories, 9 grams of fat, 3 grams of carbohydrate (2 grams of net carbohydrate), 5 grams of protein

Energy bars

Better than coffee

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Who does not like (needed?) A quick energy boost in the morning? You not only get 100mg of natural caffeine in each bar, but you also get a dose of healthy protein and fats. Currently, the bars contain less than 10 grams of net carbs, but the company has promised a 100% keto-compatible bar. Flavors include French roast, chocolate mint, coconut chocolate and chocolate cranberry.

Keto Bar

Rich in fat (14 grams!) And low in net carbs (3 grams!), These SlimFast bad boys – also available in triple chocolate – are definitely endorsed by Keto. And thanks to ingredients such as MCT, sunflower butter and almond butter, the bars contain a variety of healthy fats, says O & # 39; Connor. Head's Up: Compared to other bites in this category, SlimFast bars have a complicated ingredient list with less real and whole foods. A good example? "The added isomalto-oligosaccharides, which have a high glycemic index, can quickly drop and lower blood sugar," says Warren.

Stoka Bars

More than 70% of the calories from these bars come from fat (keto win!), Namely almonds, which contain "the benefits of magnesium to support your mood and cravings," says O & # 39; Connor. Also in the mix? A lot of fiber (6 grams to be exact) and erythritol of sugar alcohol, which keeps the glycemic index and net carbs down, by O & # 39; Connor. And with less than 10 ingredients each, Stoka bars contain no added sugars or artificial flavors.

The 20 best protein bars Keto, according to nutritionists | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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