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In this edition of MRM News Bites, we present Aramark, Newk's Cares, the Grisini® hotel group, the Budd Dairy Food Hall, the Choice Market, Ordermark, Compeat, Lens suggestic, Sabra, Just Salad, SousZen, Belle Chevre and BBVA Chef Experience.

Sweep hunger on campus

Aramark, a partner of more than 400 US colleges and universities in the food and facilities sector, takes the lead in addressing food insecurity in the world of higher education by committing over several years to support Swipe Out Hunger, a national non-profit organization that partners with colleges and universities. propose effective financial and logistical programs against hunger.


Aramark Partners with Swipe Out Hunger as the Founding Funder of its Research and Development (R & D) Lab, which seeks to introduce and promote innovative, high-impact solutions to combat hunger campuses. Aramark's support to the research and development lab enables Swipe Out Hunger to create change across campus systems. This will include leading campus-based projects, leveraging data and research, and developing advocacy strategies to catalyze public funding for programs that address critical learning needs. superior.

"Swipe Out Hunger has been expanding its meal donation program with meals since 2010 and we now want to support campuses that complement and go beyond meals per meal," said Rachel Sumekh, CEO and founder of Swipe Out Hunger. "Seventy-two percent of students can eat more regularly after receiving coupons, so Aramark's support allows us to go beyond this idea and provide resources and practices for building a campus." where all students feel fed to succeed. "

"We are excited to announce our partnership with Swipe Out Hunger," said Jeff Gilliam, president of Aramark's Higher Education. "We have worked with our university and college partners to address this growing problem and we welcome the collaboration and expertise of Swipe Out Hunger to develop meaningful plans that better meet the needs of students on campus."

In addition to its partnership with Swipe Out Hunger, Aramark supports the Philadelphia-based Hope Center for College, Community and Justice to promote innovative practices, evidence-based decision-making and effective communications. The Hope Center conducted the largest and largest research study on food insecurity on university campuses. Their research showed that one in three students is facing food insecurity nationwide and paved the way for students, university administrators, non-profit partners and other stakeholders to engage in a constructive dialogue on the issue.

Newk's Cares fight against ovarian cancer

Newk's Cares, the ovarian cancer awareness movement founded by the casual restaurant Newk's Eatery, is celebrating its sixth year of existence and honors co-founder Lori Newcomb for her efforts to fundraising exceeding $ 1.4 million. Newk's effort is to make a difference in research on the disease, with the goal of improving the rate of early detection and symptom awareness. In addition to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA), the world's largest organization dedicated to advancing ovarian cancer research while supporting women and their families, Newk's collected over $ 400,000 this year.

Chris Newcomb, CEO of Newk & Eatery and co-founder of Newk & s Cares, and Madison Newcomb, Co-President of Newk & s Cares, present a check to Audra Moran, President of OCRA, in Jackson Missouri (PRNewsfoto / Newk's Eatery)

"I want to express my gratitude to the communities of Newk, which have enabled us to take this milestone in fundraising," said Chris Newcomb, CEO of Newk & Eatery and co-founder of Newk & # 39; s; s Cares. "Raising a million dollars was a dream for my wife, Lori, and we are so proud to continue her legacy with a decisive year of donations for ovarian cancer research."

During the month of September, and in more than 120 locations in the United States, Newk's Eatery offered its clients the opportunity to donate to ovarian cancer research at OCRA , both in-store and through online orders.

At the Jackson National Market, in the state of Newk, Missouri, the annual Ovarian Cycle® Jackson spin-test event brought together a sold-out crowd to end cancer in New York, Missouri. ovary at Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in September. In August, Newk's Cares and St. Dominic Hospital hosted a luncheon conference featuring experts who shared statistics and symptoms, as well as essential research work to raise public awareness about Ovarian cancer. Newk restaurants also offer a Thai chicken fight against cancer until March 2020, which contains antioxidants that can help reduce the risk of cancer, as well as a salad of shrimp and shrimp. 39, inspired by Lori Newcomb.

In order to provide year-round education on the disease, Newk's always turned teal heart, the color of ovarian cancer awareness, and donated ten cents of each bottle Newk's Cares water sold to OCRA. The story of Lori Newcomb is also present in every restaurant to promote the success rate of early diagnosis.

Newk's Eatery recently celebrated its fifteenth anniversary of the opening of its first store in Oxford, Missouri, and announced a new store prototype with a renewed mission, "Project Strive" . The new design will further implement the teal color in each restaurant with a new mosaic wall.

"Our fight is far from over, but we are as determined as ever to continue to live Lori's mission for this cause," said Chris Newcomb. "We will continue to prioritize education and encourage women to act when they listen to their bodies in order to improve the success rate of early diagnosis, and we hope to be able to surpass other goals in the coming years. "

American Dream Food Vendors

The New York based Grisini® Hospitality Group (GHG) hospitality and entertainment group, which incorporates the Grisini Coffee Shop, Food Hall and Market concepts, added Levent Veziroglu, founder and former CEO of the d.ream restaurant management group, as a member of the board of directors and managing partner. Food Network Judge and Michelin-starred chef Marc Murphy will also participate in the project and lead the culinary experiences. The group will open its first stores, two cafes and a European-style food court, which will be the first of its kind to open in the highly anticipated US mega mall Dream Meadowlands.

Best known for his previous restaurants based in Manhattan, Landmarc and Ditch Plains, and considered one of the judges of some of the top rated Food Network programs, "CHOPPED" and "CHOPPED JUNIOR," Marc Murphy's & # 39; 39; is launched very early in the restaurant industry. Inaugural position at age 22 as a line cook at the Terrance Brennan Fixed Price in New York. Eager to return to Europe, where he was born and spent most of his childhood, Murphy left the United States to cook in several of the continent's gourmet restaurants, familiarizing him with various European cuisine and cooking techniques. This experience will be illustrated by the 24 original concepts that chef Marc Murphy has created for Grisini Grisini, including a pizza counter, a bakery, a creperie, a pasta station and a bar.

Levent Veziroglu, founder and former CEO of d.ream, also joins the Grisini group, the management group of renowned international restaurants such as Nusr-And Steakhouse, also known as Saltbae, Zuma and Roka. After graduate studies in economics at the American University of Washington, Veziroglu held various positions in public and international institutions, including as a member of the IMF's board of directors, before joining Dogus Holding in 2008. At during his tenure at Dogus Holding d. Veziroglu orchestrated the operations of more than 170 restaurants in 12 countries, including La Petite Maison and Nahita, in Boston. Veziroglu will assume the role of member of the Board of Directors and Managing Partner in charge of GHG. The company plans to extend its concepts to Manhattan immediately after the operations of the American Dream Meadowlands.

"Marc Murphy is one of the most famous and innovative chefs in the country. We do not doubt that Chef Marc Murphy's Grisini will be an incredible experience, "said Levent Veziroglu. "We are thrilled to offer our guests an unparalleled culinary experience and shopping experience at Grisini Food Hall and Grisini Cafes at the American Dream Meadowlands, and we look forward to opening our doors."

Chef Marc Murphy's Grisini is expected to open in 2020 for lunch and dinner. In addition to the dining room, Grisini will also include a craft cafe and a market offering retail products and packaged and prepared foods for take-out meals.

Head Partners for Budd Dairy Food Hall

Budd Dairy Food Hall announced the five Ultimate Lead Partners – Boni: Philippine Street Food, cousins ​​of the Maine Lobster, Pokebap, Stauf's Coffee Roasters and Tacos Rudos. Budding concepts will join other previously announced chief partners, Alphabetical Comfort Kitchen, Borgata, Darista and Modern Southern Table, early next year, at the opening of the industry's much anticipated launch pad. food.

Budd Dairy Food Hall is the first food incubator run by a chef in Columbus and is currently under construction in the g Italian Village neighborhood of Columbus. The dining and entertainment venues will give the city's most promising chefs the opportunity to grow as entrepreneurs and serve their community in a unique meeting space.

"These partner chefs will bring an incredible variety of dishes to Budd Dairy Food Hall," said Steve Weis, Vice President of Development at Cameron Mitchell Restaurant. "This effort is an exciting marriage between two of Columbus' strengths: food and entrepreneurship."

Bonus: Filipino street food


This collaborative team will bring authentic, contemporary Filipino street food to Budd Dairy Food Hall with three main offerings: rice bowls topped with delicious sautéed meats and vegetables, fried spring rolls filled with traditional Filipino flavors and sweet toasted kebabs and tart. Inspired by Filipino immigrant stories, Krizzia Yanga wanted to deliver an authentic Philippine dining experience in Columbus. Yanga and her team are proud of their teamwork and are delighted to be part of a tight-knit community of dedicated chefs. The food hall will be Boni's second site: Filipino Street Food in Columbus.

Krizzia Yanga
Maine Lobster Cousins


Maine Cousins ​​Lobster offers guests the most authentic Maine seafood experience and proudly serves high quality, wild caught and sustainably harvested lobster in Maine. After watching the brand's owners on the popular Shark Tank show, Kathryn Nuss opened the Columbus food truck in 2018 and quickly attracted readers across the city. She is ready to move to her first brick-and-mortar store at Budd Dairy Food Hall to continue sharing the delicious Maine lobster.

Kathryn Nuss


Pokebap will offer fresh, quick and easy poke bowls that can be adapted to suit all tastes and tastes. Seas Kim, owner of Pokebap, has always loved traveling to different places and immersing himself in local culture and food. His culinary experiences in Hawaii, as well as his Korean-American origins, have inspired him to bring the Hawaiian base product into Ohio. Kim looks forward to her second location in the Budd Dairy Food Hall.

Seas Kim
Stauf roasters


Also consider Budd Dairy Food Hall and Stauf's Coffee Roasters. Stauf's president, Mark Swanson, already has a variety of locations around Columbus, serving coffee specialties, pastries and tea. Columbus' first micro-roaster, Stauf's is committed to providing every customer with the best cup of coffee. Swanson and his team are excited about the unique opportunity to work with a diverse group of restaurateurs at Budd Dairy Food Hall.

Tacos rudos


Tacos Rudos completes the alignment of the Budd Dairy Food Hall. Team leader Ana Cruz understands the authenticity of Mexican street food and is excited to present her favorite flavors to Columbus through Tacos Rudos' first location. In addition to excellent customer service and always delicious dishes, Cruz integrates in his company the passion of his family for Lucha Libra (Mexican fight).

Ana Cruz

The dining room range includes nine chef-led restaurant concepts and an ever-changing pop-up space. The Budd Dairy Food Hall will combine the rates under one roof with community seating, a premium beverage program, live music and entertainment. This unique gathering place will also include a rooftop terrace, event space and more.

The concept is a partnership between Cameron Mitchell Restaurants and local developer Kevin Lykens. CMR will manage the overall concept and provide all services related to Budd Dairy's culinary, beverage and entertainment programs. For more information, visit www.BuddDairyFoodHall.com.

The market of choice has arrived

The Denver Denier Choice Market is now open and offers the Mariposa neighborhood and surrounding areas something that no one else does: convenience, efficiency and access to locally sourced food. Located in the Denver Housing Authority's new headquarters at 1015 Osage St., Choice is a convenience store that strives to make excellent food accessible to everyone by combining fast, friendly service with fresh, high quality local food. and basic necessities.

Market of choice

"The communities we serve are our top priority. That's why we could not be happier partnering with the Denver Housing Authority and the Youth Employment Academy for this market of choice, "said Mike Fogarty, Founder and CEO of Choice Market. "This location will provide staple foods, fresh meals, and affordable housing and health care options that meet the needs of the Mariposa community."

A full service, fully scratch kitchen truly sets Choice apart. Choice's trained and experienced chefs work on seasonal menus and offer "take-away" elevated dishes. Customers can count on Choice to offer fresh, local and environmentally friendly products. Choice uses ingredients that are better for you, better for the community and also taste better. True to Colorado, Choice works with local farmers to get the majority of its ingredients and products, including organic products and antibiotic- and nitrate-free protein.

The new Ordermark house

Ordermark has expanded its headquarters in Southern California and has moved into a 30,000 square foot facility located at the Campus at 12045 Waterfront Drive in Playa Vista. Ordermark has the capacity to triple in size in the new headquarters of Playa Vista.


Prior to moving to Silicon Beach and the new Playa Vista headquarters recently, Ordermark had been operating an 8,000 square foot office in Culver City since October 2018. Previously, Ordermark was founded in 2017 and since February 2018 has opened its first offices in Santa Monica.

As previously announced, Ordermark recently completed an $ 18 million Series B financing round led by Foundry Group, based in Boulder, as well as all of its Series A investors, including TenOneTen Ventures, Vertical Venture Partners, Mucker Capital, Act One Ventures and Nosara Capital. .

"We are increasing Ordermark's ability to respond to the explosive demand for online orders and our technological restoration services," said Alex Canter, Chief Executive Officer of Ordermark. "The magnificent new Ordermark headquarters in Playa Vista is a bold bet on the market of our city, L.A., the talent here and the strategic proximity offered to Ordermark's many partners in the Bay Area".


About Ordermark: Ordermark (ordermark.com) is one of the leading providers of technology restoration services in the mobile technology sector and one of the most dynamic. Ordermark helps restaurants increase efficiency and increase profits by consolidating mobile orders from all major online ordering service providers into a single dashboard and printer.

Born in the kitchen of the famous Canter's Deli in Los Angeles by a fourth-generation restaurateur, Ordermark was built, tested and perfected from a restaurant owner's point of view. Ordermark's thousands of customers include small, uniquely-located restaurants and many of the world's most renowned restaurant chains, including Buffalo Wild Wings, Cold Stone Creamery, Little Caesars, Papa John's, Sonic, Which Wich and Yogurtland. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles and has offices in Denver.

Compeat Partners with Paylocity

Compeat is associated with Paylocity. Compeat customers will have the opportunity to make strategic decisions, grow a modern workplace and improve employee engagement on the Paylocity platform. Like Compeat, Paylocity understands the compliance requirements that restaurants face and has created a tailored solution to meet those needs. Operators and managers can confidently engage employees with secure, mobile, 24/7 access to payroll and HR information from any device, at any time.

"We are excited to be working with Paylocity," said Kristi Turner, Compeat Marketing Manager. "We spent a lot of time looking at the market and were very impressed with Paylocity's modern platform. Compeat aims to simplify the lives of restaurant employees and the Paylocity mobile app for on-demand access to payroll checks, clocks and human resources information supports these efforts. "

"Paylocity's easy-to-use payroll management and payroll software is ideal for hospitality companies looking to provide modern tools for their employees," said Chris Westfall, vice president of Paylocity. Channels and Alliances. "Our platform supports quality work experiences for employees, which helps employers attract, grow and retain their talent."

AR menu suggestions

Suggestic Inc has added an augmented reality feature to its precision restoration application on the iOS app store. The Suggestic Lens feature harnesses the power of RA to select real-time healthiest meals from a restaurant's menu. This feature, available in the iOS Suggestic app, allows the user to point his phone at the menu of a restaurant and to view the meals that best suit his diet by Classes.

Suggestic Lens leverages Apple's CoreML 2 machine learning technology and Apple's ARKit 3 to overlay and display content at the top of the restaurant's menu. By combining next-generation Apple technologies with Suggestic's exclusive in-depth learning algorithms, the Suggestic lens displays the nutritional scores of each meal, along with the healthiest options, at the top of the menu. Users simply need to point the lens on the menu, and the Suggestic lens will carefully pick the best meals that meet everyone's eating needs.

The Suggestic lens comes with filters for Paleo, Vegan, Keto and even a balanced diet. Users can further customize this filter with more customizations. The lens will also display nutritional information for each meal on the menu, including a complete list of ingredients. In addition, Suggestic Lens is supported in more than 500,000 restaurants in the United States, and the list is growing every day.

"Suggestic has already changed the way we choose our food, especially in restaurants, no matter the purpose, if you try to eat healthy, you know that eating out is very difficult," said Shai Rosen, Executive Director and Co – Founder of Suggestic. "With Suggestic Lens, our Augmented Reality feature, we take it to the next level by creating a" magic "and fun experience for our users."

Tribes of health

Just Salad joins Grubhub to launch a new virtual restaurant, Health Tribes ™. The exclusively digital concept offers a variety of diet-specific recipes that are now available exclusively on Grubhub and orderjustsalad.com.

Salads and bowls Just Salad "Health Tribes"

As part of Just Salad's "Healthy for Everyone" mission, Health Tribes customers can find recipes verified by nutritionists based on their dietary preferences. Just Salad has developed the Health Tribes virtual restaurant to provide well-prepared recipes for people on Keto, Vegan, Gluten-Free and Paleo diets.

"Just Salad has always been dedicated to making healthy food accessible to everyone, and the Health Tribes brand is a continuation of this mission," said Stephen Swartz, vice president of marketing at Just Salad. "As our customers' dietary needs and preferences evolve, we are taking this initiative with Grubhub to evolve with them."

"Whether it's taking a quick bite or ordering lunch at the office, Just Salad has recognized the changing tastes of consumers and we're excited to be working with them on this new concept – we want to give our customers the power to find what they want – and need – their own lifestyle, and the new Health Tribes menu makes this possible, "said Raleigh McClayton, vice president and general manager, Business / Business Development at Grubhub. "By leveraging our data and knowledge across the entire platform, we have been able to collaborate with Just Salad to strategically inform new concepts and menus. it is the first phase of innovation around virtual restaurant concepts. "

Swirling peas

The Sabra Whirled Peas will be an ephemeral experience of creating a versatile Mediterranean dish inspired by world culture and cuisine. Five chefs, each celebrated for sharing his heritage through food, will collaborate with chef, cookbook author and restaurateur Einat Admony to present a collection of original dishes featuring the herbal favorite. , reinterpreted. Presented by Sabra®, Whirled Peas & # 39; will be open to the public from October 11 to November 24, with reservations available through the Resy and Resy.com app.

Gnocchi with rice cake

"We are very excited to open the doors of Sabra's first visit to New York.Humus is a simple, delicious, herbal food … a bowl of chickpeas swirled with tahini (ground sesame seeds) , aromatic herbs and rich oils, "said Jason Levine, CMO Saber. "The hummus is of Mediterranean origin, but we believe that food has a transcendent ability to connect, which is the idea behind this ephemeral experience.We work in partnership with a group of brilliant chefs, from Varied culinary and cultural experiences, reinterpreting hummus, and the unexpected versatility and friendliness of this nourishing and tasty food – from hummus to tacos to tahini and Thai Pho, delicious things can happen when we connect in the kitchen.We think you will want to try it at home. "

A recent study by OnePoll in collaboration with Sabra looked at how Americans view culture and food, revealing that Americans believe that food is a real unifying factor. Of the respondents, 84% indicated that food was a welcoming and affordable way to share cultures with others and 88% indicated that food and recipes were preferred ways to experience food. new cultures.

To create this unique experience, Sabra supports and transforms Kish-Kash, a West Village restaurant owned by Chef Admony, whose new book "Shuk" was released last month.

Swirling Pea Chefs:

  • Einat Admony – Chef (NYC) of Kish-Kash, Taim and Balaboosta and author of Shuk: From the market to the table, the heart of Israeli home cooking.
  • Wes Avila – (LA) James Beard The best chef, author of cookbooks and owner of Guerilla Tacos, Avila was awarded the Bib Gourmand by the Michelin Guide of California in 2019.
  • Esther Choi – (NYC) Hailed as a new up-and-coming chef by Food Republic and named Zagat's Culinary Rockstar for Under 30 in New York, Esther owns Mŏkbar and Mrs. Yoo in New York.
  • Kwame Onwuachi – (DC) James Beard Award-winning chef at Kith / Kin and author of Notes from a young black chef, the former Top Chef's nominee has been named one of the best new chefs of Food & Wines and was honored by 30 under 30 by both Zagat and Forbes.
  • Jet Tila – (LA) Chef, author of cookbooks (101 epic dishes) and television personality, Chef Tila is the official culinary ambassador of Thai cuisine. He appeared on Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain, Haché, Cutthroat Kitchen, The Today Show, Beat Bobby Flay and stars in a new Food Network digital series, Ready Jet Cook!
  • Deborah VanTrece- (Georgia), owner of Twisted Soul Cookhouse and Pours and renowned caterer for the Centennial Olympics, has been seen on Food Network and has been named one of Zagat's most badass chefs.

"I've always stored hummus in the fridge and I'm excited to be collaborating with Sabra for this project," Chief Wes Avila said. "When we share a meal, or even better, cooking with others, we can make our way through preconceived culinary notions to bring something incredible to the table." The hummus is in the center from the cuisine of an entire region, but it is rich enough to lend itself to creativity a little like salsa and guacamole, making it a perfect food for infusing with unexpected textures and flavors. "

"There is no food that looks like hummus," Chief Admony said. "As a dip, of course, it's delicious, but if you stop there, you really miss it." I'm so proud to collaborate with Sabra and this special group of chefs each of whom, like me, understands the power of sharing of ours My parents are from Iran and Yemen, I grew up in Israel, my husband is French and my children are born in America.I know full well that the opening of the palaces leads to the opening of the spirits et des bras. C'est ce que nous avons au menu de Whirled Peas et je suis ravi de faire partie de cette équipe et d'accueillir ces incroyables chefs dans la cuisine pour cuisiner avec moi. "

Cuisine numérique SousZen

Les exploitants de restaurants et de services alimentaires peuvent désormais simplifier la gestion d’une cuisine avec SousZen, la plate-forme numérique qui aide à la prise de décision dans l’ensemble de l’opération en associant la préparation des aliments, la gestion des stocks et les tendances pour créer des informations exploitables. Les données sur la cuisine jamais rassemblées à l'arrière de la maison (BOH) permettront de prévoir de nouveaux ingrédients et tendances des arômes pour les chaînes de restaurants entières et les opérateurs de chariots individuels le long d'une plate-forme d'aliments connectés.


SousZen comble ce déficit technologique avec une plate-forme entièrement intégrée numérisant tous les aspects de la préparation des aliments afin d'aider les restaurateurs à garantir la qualité, à réduire les coûts et à prendre des décisions commerciales éclairées. SousZen est dirigé par le technologue et restaurateur Stephen King et conseillé par le chef Mark Miller.

"L'accent a été mis sur le comptage des haricots, et non sur leur fabrication!" a déclaré Stephen King, PDG de SousZen. "Personne ne se concentre sur Back of House, qui est le système nerveux central de la restauration et le cœur de l'expérience culinaire. Nous le sommes."

En plus de la cuisine elle-même, une foule d'informations extrêmement utiles circulent dans la cuisine.

"Mais ces données sont largement inexploitées et sont négligées au profit des systèmes Front-of-House sur les points de service, les commandes, la livraison, les réservations, etc.", a déclaré King. "Tout cela est important, mais BOH a misé sur l'innovation. En numérisant et en connectant les cuisines d'un réseau, nous créerons des idées qui identifieront de nouveaux arômes et ingrédients pour créer des aliments incroyables, plus sains, plus sûrs, locaux, cohérents et meilleurs pour la santé." la planète."

"La clé sera la croissance du réseau de restaurants et d'établissements de restauration qui se joignent", a déclaré David Kraft, responsable mondial des services d'innovation à Xinova. "Nous saurons ce que les gens mangent et quelles modifications ont été apportées. Nous aurons ainsi accès à un stock incroyable de données qui resteront anonymes, mais d'une valeur inestimable d'une région à l'autre, offrant ainsi de nouvelles informations puissantes permettant de mondialiser et d'anticiper les tendances locales. Les restaurants auront un accès local à des options plus savoureuses sur des menus dynamiques qui suivent les tendances alimentaires changeantes. Les restaurants rationalisent leurs opérations de cuisine et réduisent les coûts de main-d’œuvre pour améliorer leurs résultats. La plate-forme est une marée montante qui soulève toutes les cuisines. "

Le réseau SousZen SaaS permet aux opérateurs abonnés, aux clients et aux autres chefs d'accéder aux recettes et aux rapports générés à partir des données du réseau, notamment les profils démographiques, psychographiques et d'achat. Ces rapports mettent également en évidence les préférences saisonnières et les tendances émergentes, offrant ainsi aux détaillants davantage d’outils pour planifier la croissance et le développement de leurs menus et de leurs activités. Le système SousZen facilite les voies de croissance des entreprises en réduisant les coûts de démarrage et les besoins en personnel, tout en atténuant les risques pour la sécurité et la qualité des aliments et en augmentant les chances d'introduction réussie de menus ciblés localement. En analysant les données issues de programmes pilotes dans des marchés de pointe spécifiques, les détaillants peuvent déterminer les choix les plus probables de nouveaux éléments de menu. La conception de SousZen améliore la sécurité des aliments et des travailleurs tout en minimisant le gaspillage de nourriture. Selon l'Organisation mondiale de la santé, chaque année, plus de 600 millions de personnes tombent malades et 420 000 meurent de plus de 200 maladies d'origine alimentaire causées par des aliments insalubres. Les procédés de cuisson numérisés dans les restaurants et les voiturettes de rue peuvent garantir que les aliments sont toujours préparés de manière sûre et les tables de cuisson à induction de SousZen offrent un environnement de travail non dangereux et plus hygiénique. La commande automatique auprès de fournisseurs locaux garantit que les ingrédients sont plus frais, biologiques et locaux, tandis que la gestion de la chaîne d'approvisionnement est plus efficace grâce à des données fiables sur ce qui est sur l'étagère, réduisant ainsi les gaspillages liés aux commandes.

Fromage à la crème en portion individuelle

Belle Chevre a ajouté un pratique, 1,5 oz. emballage individuel pour sa liste de produits à base de fromage à la crème pour les exploitants des services alimentaires. Deux des parfums de fromage à la crème préférés de la marque chez les détaillants, Original et Fig, seront disponibles dans ce format plus petit pour une expédition à partir du 15 octobre.


1,5 oz de Belle Chevre Les portions de gobelets maximiseront la commodité et élimineront les déchets des boulangeries qui fournissent au fromage à la crème leurs bagels tout juste sortis du four, tandis que les hôtels dotés de barres de petit-déjeuner se feront un plaisir de se distinguer en offrant à leurs clients une alternative branchée et saine au fromage à la crème ordinaire et au beurre.

The fresh tang of Belle Chevre’s Original cream cheese and the brand’s Fig flavor made with real fig puree, combined with the products’ ultra-creamy texture, make them perfect for spreading on bagels, toast, muffins, or even on pancakes.

"With the tremendous popularity of cream cheese for bagels and other classic breakfast items, it made sense to offer our ‘better cream cheese’ in a portion size for those vendors seeking a healthier and tastier alternative for their customers," says Tasia Malakasis, Belle Chevre CEO and Chief Cheese.

Belle Chevre’s full line of all-natural cream cheeses for foodservice professionals also includes 4-lb. and 8-lb. tubs of its Original product. As with all Belle Chevre cream cheeses, these products have 2.5 times more protein, less fat, less cholesterol, and are easier to digest than regular cheese.

BBVA Student Chef

Javier Trejos has been named the BBVA Chef Experience student contest winner, part of the bank's Lexus All-Star Chef Classic involvement. With the win, Philadelphia-based Trejos will jet to Girona, Spain, where he will enjoy an all-expenses-paid, once-in-a-lifetime trip and meal from one of the world's best restaurants, El Celler de Can Roca. Trejos also attended the BBVA Spanish Masters Dinner at the Lexus All-Star Chef Classic in Los Angeles on Oct. 3.

Trejos, a food hobbyist, won the award by submitting an original photo of a self-made paella and describing a life moment involving the dish, as per the contest's criteria.

"BBVA's brand promise of creating opportunities extends beyond banking, including the culinary arts," said BBVA USA California CEO Everett Orrick. "When we sponsor a major event, we always make an effort to put forth a community component to that sponsorship. I want to congratulate Javier on his win and his beautiful ability to describe how his life has been impacted by the food that brings his family together."

Trejos, the owner of Eagles Industrial Services, an industrial insulation, paint and scaffolding business, is an avid food lover. In his winning submission, he described how making paella with his family is an inclusive experience in which the whole family can participate.

"Paella is our favorite dish to make together," Trejos stated. "There's always a step that someone can be included in no matter their age."

BBVA and AEG teamed up to develop the Chef Experience contest, a component of the bank's Spanish Masters Dinner sponsorship, to promote a world-class event partnership that extended beyond the bank's footprint. All contestants were judged by representatives from AEG, BBVA and the famous Roca brothers from El Celler de Can Roca.

The Roca brothers have been BBVA brand ambassadors for the past six years, and during that time have traveled across the globe with the bank to bring clients the atmosphere and innovation that has made their restaurant a culinary gold standard. El Celler de Can Roca, usually booked months in advance, was named the world's best restaurant in 2015, and has been in the top 3 for six of the past seven years by Restaurant magazine.

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