Sushi Maniak: new restaurant of creative sushi in Saint-Roch | Public place | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

Public place

After operating a ready-to-go counter in Saint-Sauveur for a year and a half, the head and entrepreneur Maryse Belley moved closer to downtown on Saint-Joseph East.

Its new address, opened slowly in early November, now offers the opportunity to eat locally. It is his spouse, the jovial bearded Alexandre Bruneau, who now provides the service in a good mood. "We are about to finish installing the karaoke area, which will be open at all times," says Maryse to illustrate the atmosphere she wants to see prevail in the institution.

On the menu, the sushi-chef continues to offer the vast selection of sushi she has developed over the years: some classics, many unique creations. "I like to have fun with the flavors! My favorite sushi always is my #anantitude, which includes pineapple, of course, grilled salmon and avocado. It has a smoky and spicy taste. "From the second weekend of November, the full menu with appetizers and desserts will also be in effect: miso soup, squid salad, edamames, gyoza and Japanese cheesecake will come in particular complete the sushi experience.

Flexibility and eco-responsibility

Recognized for its great ability to adapt to the demands of its customers, Maryse proposes to substitute rice for cauliflower rice, which will satisfy the followers of the keto diet, nori for the rice or soy leaf. "I love making sushi for those who say they do not like it because they do not really like raw fish. I do it with beef, chicken, pork, veggies, even. "

For Maryse, her "Sushi Maniak 2.0" is also an opportunity to continue promoting her zero waste values. "For the decor, I walked and searched everywhere prioritizing recycled materials and the second hand. At the counter, I also offer customers to bring their own dishes. "

Here is an offer that will certainly complete the portrait sushi Saint-Roch!

Sushi Maniak: new restaurant of creative sushi in Saint-Roch | Public place | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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