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It was midday recently a sunny Sunday – a good time, I thought, to go out for brunch. And then, I headed for Jute coastal bar and kitchen (Westdrift Hotel, 1400 Parkview Avenue, Manhattan Beach; 310-939-1447;, which seemed to be an affable choice.

I gave my car to the valet, entered the cavernous entrance hall and, on the other side, to the windows overlooking the golf course, sat down – and realized that I was almost alone at the restaurant. At noon on Sunday. That did not put me at ease. The waiter apparently indifferent either. The lunch menu (breakfast was over at 11 am) – $ 16 shrimp tacos, $ 13 guacamole, $ 22 kale and mushroom ravioli.

But most of the time, it was the oversized room, largely unoccupied by humans, the non-service … the fact that after a few minutes at my table, I felt like a salesman of itinerant widgets, who did not know exactly where he was. went then. But who knew that the airport was nearby.

And so, I got my valet car and I crossed the street to get to The Point for Sunday brunch.

What turned out to be a brilliant idea. Because The Point was alive with buyers and diners and South Bay enthusiasts having a great Sunday. And on top of that, parking was free.

The choices for brunch (or for any meal) are numerous and very cheerful at Point. Sure, you can have really good burgers, world-class burgers in fact, both Lil 'Simmzy's (The Point, 850 S. Sepulveda Boulevard, El Segundo, 424-277-0283, or Hopdoddy Burger Bar (The Point, 830 S. Sepulveda Blvd., El Segundo; 310-414-2337; – Should burgers be your idea of ​​a treat for Sunday brunch? (And honestly, it sounds good.)

There are salads and bowls galore at Mendocino Farms (The Point, 840 S. Sepulveda Boulevard, El Segundo, 424-218-4400, and Tocaya Organica (The Point, 850 S. Sepulveda Boulevard, El Segundo, 424-352-0876; – fashionable blends, made with all the ingredients of the moment, with many blends. It's a world apart from iceberg lettuce with a tomato salad that we all grew up with. These are modernist salads, served in a modernist setting. Fodder for those who have a keen sense of food requirements.

Or, you can use what I think are The Point's main actors: seated restaurants, wine lists and serious cocktail bars, and seating with well-trained staff.

A brunch menu is available at Northern Italy (The Point, 840 S. Sepulveda Boulevard, El Segundo, 310-469-7695; which offers an extremely eclectic mix of American, Italian and many draft brunch. There is a chopped rib that has made my mouth very happy, perfumed with lots of sweet onions and roasted peppers, cooked long, served with very Italian toast. And the Nonna Casserole should keep you busy all day, with its Italian sausage, ciabatta bread and two fried eggs. Oh … yum!

Or, you can move into more casual brunch parties, with old tomatoes and burrata, white truffle bread and garlic, black mussels with salumi. A pizza topped with bacon and egg? Why not? Or simply spaghetti and meatballs in the old. It's brunch. Become crazy!

Nearby, True Food Kitchen (The Point, 860 S. Pacific Coast Road, El Segundo; 310-469-7725; organizes a brunch with the calories of the dishes, as well as letters stating vegan, vegetarian or gluten "Nice." (Even brunch cocktails count calories!)

The Sunrise Bowl (640 calories!) Includes organic eggs in the sun, ancient cereals, sweet potato, grilled portobello mushrooms, avocado, hemp seeds and a pesto of pumpkin and pumpkin seeds . It is a real dish of cooking. But then it's the same for Edamame ravioli, cauliflower polenta, old grain bowl and quinoa teriyaki. Real food … and tasty too.

And here's my long-time favorite – Superba Food + Bread (The Point, 830 S. Sepulveda Boulevard, El Segundo; 310-906-4598;, which I loved while on the Rose Avenue in Venice, love on the Lincoln Boulevard and a great affection for the point. The brunch menu is very simple, marked half "breakfast" and half "lunch", with little overlap.

That's where the trends go for their "Purgatory Eggs Purgatory" (made from tomatoes, kale and burrata). For their "Keto plate" of beef brisket, Beeler bacon, turkey sausage, roasted halloumi cheese and a sunburst on egg. For their black cabbage salad and fried chicken sandwich. And for a ham or cheese quiche. So retro and so good. It's available in one of The Point's best settings, with doors that open wide in good weather. Which is, of course, almost all the time.

Merrill Shindler is an independent food critic based in Los Angeles. Send him an email at

Sunday brunch offers plenty of options at El Segundo Point – Daily Breeze | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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