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Good luck with your risotto for some reason. I can not prepare rice cauliflower if my life depends on it, but I can make an excellent must lol. It might work better if I used the food processor instead of my vitamix.

Sorry, I can not really help myself drink, even before I've been keto, I've never drunk. But I know what you say about the social aspect, even if I do not drink and my colleagues always ask me if I want to go. If you drink, you want to drink more alcohol than wine / beer / mixed drinks because they have no carbohydrates. I know my mother used to make her black Russians do light coca instead of regular. If you like diet sodas, mixing it with strong liquor might be a good option for you. In addition, many restaurants now have this soda machine where you can create your own flavors and that can give you more choice in terms of flavor than just coke light. Here is a good link on alcohol and keto that could be a good course of action for you.[/QUOTE]

The risotto has turned out excellent :smile: As for drinks, I think I meant drink. I do not really like alcohol and I do not want to drink diet sodas, so what do you do? I do not even order the water from a bottle because I find that it is such a mess. We have a good water here. Do you drink sodas? I like Cola Zero, so it's an option, but I'm not sure it's so good for me as it triggers my sugar addiction.

Stay calm and Keto on …. | Page 22 | DISCOUNT CODE !
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