Shannon Beador on the diet that helped her lose weight for good | DISCOUNT CODE !

Shannon Beador feels great these days – and, we might add, so beautiful too. The real housewives of Orange County Mom worked hard to regain her best form all the time and eventually lost 40 kilos after the yo-yo diets gave results, but they never got stuck. Finally, she says, "That's it."

So, what did it take to get back to what Shannon called her "combat weight?" The Orange County woman reveals her tips in the video above. And here's the good news: she insists that "if I can lose 40 pounds, anyone can do it".

Spoiler alert: Shannon does not really like to train. (Yes, we can understand.) And while the wife of Orange County was putting some fairness to losing weight, she told us in the video, "I'll tell you how to get rid of it (overweight ), " she said. OK, we are all ears! Ready for that?

"Diet, diet, diet, diet, diet," Shannon said.

She continued, "I broke two ribs and I could not exercise for a few weeks, and it was there that I lost most of my weight." After turning to the side so the cameras could grasp her slender figure, Shannon thought that this diet trick doubted to repeat: "That's what you eat." That's what you put in your body, "she said. Now, that does not mean a flow of celery juice 24/7.

"You can eat good food that will satisfy you," she said. "You can eat all day if you want! You just have to pick the right things to put in your body … I've always heard that it's a 80% diet and a 20% exercise. %, and yes, do I have a want to tone up? Absolutely. But I think it's like a 90 percent diet or more. "

Her own weight loss process also inspired Shannon's Real for Real Cuisine line. "I've adopted the principles of weight loss that I've followed in my range of food products, namely that you can have a protein, a vegetable, and even a little bit of starch and a tasty and tasty meal.You can season your food.You can have a sauce on your food.You just need to know what ingredients are contained therein. "

So here is the bottom line, people: "If you eat healthy, you will lose weight."

And that absolutely worked for Shannon.

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Shannon Beador on the diet that helped her lose weight for good | DISCOUNT CODE !
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