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1840 S Val Vista Dr
Mesa, AZ 85204

(480) 813-5400

It's the absolute culinary experience that I've ever had. The variety of food was amazing. The salads were fresh and crispy. And the meats did not stop to arrive.

In addition to the tasty and plentiful food, the staff were very helpful and courteous and provided impeccable service.

I can not wait to go back, but next time, I will keep it for dinner as it was a bit expensive for lunch.

I've been here many times since opening, and the value keeps going down as the price goes up. It was the last time I went there and I live at a mile and a half. I will go to Fogo and be happy to pay more for better value.

You do not bring the pan of quiejo to the table anymore, it's at the salad bar and it's empty most of the time. No delicious bread. No bananas served at the table. No chimichurri. They miss good things at the salad bar and never regenerate.

I made a reservation for a friend 's birthday and checked that they had a note that it was about his birthday. There were others with birthdays too. They never came to say or sing happy birthday to my friend.

The soils were greasy and represented a risk of a major fall. Employees simply spread the grease on the floor with a dry mop. They barely have picaña and fraginia in circulation. This place came down and I finished.

A disappointing experience at a high price.

After finishing a semester of graduate school, my husband wanted to take me to party.

Upon arrival, we quickly sat at a makeshift table that was clearly not supposed to be there, judging by the location. It was in the middle of a main alley, which separates the patio from the seats inside. A small table for 2. Lots of pedestrian traffic.

It's very good. On the entrances ..

The buffet was just mediocre, ruined – nothing special to note.

We started getting meat or should I say chicken and pineapple because that's all that really happened

We have seen beef come twice maybe? (Honestly, I only remember once, my husband swears it was twice) And they cut the finest slice. It was delicious and left us wanting more, we left dissatisfied.
We asked our server several times for more choices of beef and I do not eat pork. "It's on the way …" she will say. He never came

The best part of the meal? Grilled pineapple. I
Must have 10 slices of it. Probably because it was the most offered.

We were shocked by our bill because we did not even order cocktails.
I have the impression that we did not get everything we paid for.

Will probably not come back and recommend it to others.
Slow service, we were not given a selection of meats, and overpriced for the quality meal we received.

Been at this place many times, the food is good but super salty, which is probably what makes it tasty. I love Brazilian steaks and we were delighted when this place opened. From the beginning, the service is missing. We gave this place several opportunities, but the last drop was our last visit about a week ago. It was a Sunday night, there was 20 minutes of waiting, nothing serious, but the restaurant was rather empty when we arrived and when we were sitting. We sat in what appeared to be a back room, it took about 25 minutes for our waitress to come and help us with the drinks and the menu. She submitted a special offer and said the desert was included for $ 100. After sitting long enough, we finally had our drinks and our green and red pinball for the meat. Our waitress never came back to our table after taking our order, not even once.
After about an hour of waiting to receive our check, we reported another waitress who was rude and acted as if we had gone out and asked for our check and dessert.
She came back very confused about our check and then another waiter came in and showed us the dessert platter, we were 4, 3 of us ordered a dessert. The first desert came out after about 20 minutes, then about 5 minutes later, the second came out, then after another 15 minutes, we were really impatient, the third dessert was not out yet and 30 minutes since his order . We reported another support server, it is REALLY defensive, rude and condescending. He brought us our check and we were charged for dessert, so my husband questioned him, as the waitress # 1 who disappeared said, the desserts were included. He said no, they were not there and we ordered them. we then told him that it was at least 30 minutes that we had ordered and that we still had not gotten the third. The waiter continued to argue with my husband until he got angry and told him to take him off. I do not pay what he hung on and he escaped. The next thing we know the manager arrives, he is already on the defensive, we explained that we were there since 4:45 pm and that it was 18:50 and we explained what had happened. He said that we misunderstood and that we would be charged for the desserts. said well anything but we did not have any of them so asked for it to be removed. He came back about 10 minutes later and he had removed all the desserts and we left.
I have never seen an appalling service in a restaurant. We will not come back. And the waiter who had the coup de grace with us, seemed to be taking care of 5-6 gigantic tables and the whole section of smaller tables, he was running to try to do his job and he really did not seem to not being so irritated by us but that he had not received any help and that the management had put seats in his section, asked various waitresses to take orders and drinks, then leave him the service and he was already at close range. It was a terrible experience and I feel bad for the employees.

Meat! Meat! Meat! Steak, chicken, pork! They have everything. Service of fat and good drinks. They have everything you can eat, a self-service bar for all their sides (salads, salad dressings, toppings, mashed potatoes, green vegetables, sauce, lots of choices)! I had the frozen limeade. $ 5.99, free refills. I took my niece for six years and for the children's menu it only cost $ 7.99. She loved that! She controlled the block and went from red to green to let them know when we wanted them to bring meat to our table. If you leave the weekend after five, I suggest you make a reservation.

We like to come here for special occasions. Today, we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary here. The food is always excellent here. You have the choice of a large selection of salad bar. Similarly, they have choices of fresh meat grilled in the roasting pan. It's absolutely delicious! I recommend making a reservation if you are trying to go for dinner. You leave here satisfied and full.

Back and this place is always great. The staff works hard to bring you the meats you want. Always have a good time here!

For the first time here with a group of 4 people. I have eaten in Brazilian steakhouses and this matches the others with regards to service, meats and salad bar selections. And even better, the price is lower. The other couple had not left before and had thoroughly enjoyed all of this, including the experience of carving at the table. Nick, our waiter, was great. They also have special events every month, so look for them too. I read that in the month of August, they had a 2 for 59.00, Monday through Thursday, which is an amazing offer. Tip: Do not forget to mention promo and make reservations in advance. And pamper yourself … to fully enjoy the experience.

I was really excited to try this place. When I visited for the first and only time recently, I was disappointed. I went there with the option Full Rodizio, which includes meat at will and outings at the salad bar. The first plate that I reached on the stack of plates at the salad bar was dirty. I put it aside and went to take another one to find that it was dirty. After the fourth plate that I caught, I finally found a plate without old foods stuck to it. I should have gone right then and there. If they can not do the dishes properly and the staff acts as if nothing had happened, it must be presumed that they will probably not do a lot of other things.

I decided to give them a chance and give them the benefit of the doubt. As the gauchos came to the table with different meats, I was not impressed by any of the options. The meats were dry, hard and not very tasty. The best part was the grilled pineapple, which I can prepare very easily at home.

I went for a birthday dinner and we had a pescatarian, a vegetarian and of course a meat lover at the table and everyone left happy!

I was very excited to try this restaurant, the reviews were good, so I made a reservation for tonight. We arrived about 15 minutes earlier, we arrived and we were directed to the bar to wait. We ordered drinks to wait and we did it. 30 minutes later, 15 minutes after our reservation, we had to remind them that we were there and once we did, we sat down. The bartender wanted to close this tab and she added that she had added the dessert of her fundraiser to our bill, so tell them we had already paid for the dessert.

Once seated, we were served and it went well in this part of the food service. The food was good and we enjoyed our meal. The sirloin was well done and delicious. The pineapple was a treat.

The waiters made the transition and we had to get lost again because we spent about 15 minutes without any service. We ordered a dessert and the one we had apparently ordered from the bar. It seemed a while, but maybe at that time I was responsive to expectations.

Maybe I'm too difficult, but something just feels on the service.

Had a good time here. The Nick server was fantastic. Food is a bomb! Be prepared to spend money! Definitely a fun date to continue. I love lamb. Their food is cooked to perfection. I hope to return soon.

I will start by saying that it was my first experience in a Brazilian steak and that I had really enjoyed myself. We will be back!

My friend (from Brazil) invited my husband and I to join them for lunch. She suggested we go for lunch rather than dinner because it would be a lot of food. She booked for 1pm, we arrived at that time and sat down soon after. Our server arrived and explained how the color block tool worked. Think Bubba Gump, green meant to bring us food, red to take away plates and on his side we were ready or ready for dessert. I think that's how it happened. Laugh out loud! They have a salad bar that has everything from salads to rice and beans. When we sat down, we turned our wooden tool to green and they brought us a very good variety of meats like overlongs, chicken, chicken hearts, various pickled steaks and pineapple. After we finished my husband and my friend decided to order a dessert (which is extra). The blank of my girlfriend was delicious !! The crème brûlée was just ok.

I think we only paid $ 26 / person plus the drinks we had and the dessert. It's really worth it! I can not wait to go back!

What a delicious place! I had heard of some Brazilian steakhouses and decided to try this one. I went with a group and everyone left Stuffed! Tons of choice of meat to choose from, in addition to a very large salad bar. There were people coming to the table constantly offering this or that – very fun! I would say that the choices on the salad bar were unusual – this is not your typical American buffet, but even as a tough little eater, I found a lot to like! Excellent Keto option if you do it too.
Not somewhere where I could afford to eat often, but fun for a special occasion!

My husband wanted to come here for his birthday yesterday so I reserved a table of 7. Let me tell you … I am impressed by the friendliness and charisma of * every employee there * … from our server, Sherman, to people who cut meat, to people who pick up our plates. Honestly, even if the food was nil, I would just go back for the experience and the way I was treated. But this is certainly not the case with the food !!! Oh my goodness .. It was delicious! To be honest, I'm not even a big meat eater and I loved all the meats on offer. Everything was so delicious and unique. If you just want seasoned meat regularly, it's there. But if you want a meat with different taste (parmesan, garlic, etc.), it is there too! The salad bar featured pasta, salad, fine cheese, fruit, hummus and more. It was a nice break from the carnivorous buffet offered at the table. We will definitely come back!

Excellent staff, excellent management. Thank you Emily.

Menu of world-class juice drinks, squeezed at the bar. The libation Ice Pick is a marvel!

Churrascaria world class. Meats perfectly cooked on an open flame. All you can eat. It's the best.

If you have been to Texas from Brazil, do not stay here. You will be disappointed

Rodizio imitates Texas from Brazil, but his food is of poor quality and the best things that Brazil lacks here.

Yuck. Messy buffet. Decent meat. Horrible service. I was really embarrassed to have brought my mother here.

Our waiters acted as if it was the last place they wanted to be. They looked like they had not showered or brushed their hair for days. fleeing the table.

I own a restaurant and would fire my staff for such a horrible presentation and service.

We will definitely not come back!

The food is really average for the price. I am not impressed. The salad bar is not very good. Not many selections. I think Texas De Brazil is a lot better.

I know I know another five stars. But this place was really cool and the salad bar was super diverse with a ton of choices out of the box. They bring different meat skewers to your table so you can try and try again if you really like it. The spicy chick was amazing as was the bacon ham. Below if my dessert, still so many choices! Do not miss to take you soon with your favorite person.

Rodizio Grill – Mesa – Restaurant Reviews – 360 Photos – 468 Reviews – Grill – 1840 S Val Vista Dr, Mesa, AZ – Restaurant Reviews – Phone Number – Menu | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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