Pruvit Keto-OS MLM – Hazardous Product – Making People Sick and Even Getting to Emergencies, Reviews 771494 | DISCOUNT CODE !

Pruvit Keto-OS MLM – Dangerous Product – Make People Sick and Even Go to Emergencies, Review 771494 | Complaints Committee

Reviews updated:

Be careful, pruvit makes a lot of people sick; diarrhea, headaches, nervous system damage and sending people to the emergency room! Said that this product removes sodium from your body, it is told to add salt but another added that it added more calcium to the new product to balance sodium. However, this first batch was almost a killing for some! And have no idea what they did "add calcium" to it. makes the difference with this product which has an unpleasant taste for the most part and which does more harm than good! They put this in place without any proper testing (obviously, they've "added calcium" to deal with the many complaints from people falling ill) and I said that the FDA, ftc, ag has them closed and let them go back to the drawing board and do the good test and maybe not do this mlm

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