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This Perfect keto cheese pie is soft and flaky, and flexible enough to make nice pie crust patterns. This recipe is for a double pie crust, but can be cut in half to make a simple bottom crust.

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Easy cream cheese pie crust recipe

Are you tired of dealing with low carbohydrate pie crusts that break easily, taste bland or require extremely expensive ingredients? Then this easy keto pie crust recipe is for you. It uses a combination of cream cheese, eggs, almond flour and some other ingredients to create the softest, sweetest and most supple crust of all time.

The advantage of this low carb pie crust is that it can be used to prepare salty or sweet desserts. There are so many types of pie filling that you can add to this gluten-free pie crust.

If you want to make a keto apple pie, a strawberry rhubarb pie without sugar, sugarless pumpkin pie, low carbohydrate chicken pie or a low carbohydrate pie, this keto pie crust recipe is for you.

This keto paste is ready in minutes, but requires a little cooling time to ensure the best results. This recipe for cream cheese pie is actually a double pie recipe so you will have a lower and upper layer.

my Almond flour pie This recipe is only for pie crust, so I really wanted to create a crust that is easy to work with and does not break easily.

It's easy to work with this cream cheese pie crust recipe, it chills very well and you can even freeze it with a filling or without another after cooking.

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Other recipes to make with this keto paste recipe

This recipe is originally for a low carbohydrate pie crust, but that does not stop you from doing something else. It can be used to prepare fruit cakes, empanadas, calzones, mini-pies or even cookies (once sweet).

How to make the perfect Keto pie crust

To get the perfect ko pie crust, you will need some common ingredients in the pantry. You will need blanched almond flour, baking powder, xanthan gum, coconut flour, salt, eggs and cream cheese.

In a large food processor, you will add all the dry ingredients and get along well by pressing the pulse button several times. You want xanthan gum to blend perfectly with the rest of the ingredients.

Once the ingredients are mixed, add the fresh eggs and cream cheese to the food processor. It is important to separate the cream cheese into small pieces so that it is easier to mix. If you add it in bulk, the cream cheese does not mix well with the flour.

Turn on the food processor and mix for 10 to 20 seconds. Do not mix too much. You just want the eggs and the cream cheese are absorbed by the flour and form a ball of dough.

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At first you will notice that the the dough is separated into a thousand small piecesbut a few seconds later, these pieces form a huge ball. That's when you know how to turn off the food processor.

Remove the dough from the food processor, add it to a plastic bag or ziploc, remove the air and seal it. Place it in the fridge to relax minimum one hour. It's incredibly important. You must absolutely cool the dough before rolling, otherwise it will not roll, it will be very sticky, friable and greasy.

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Once the dough has cooled for at least an hour, you must unroll it. Do not forget that this recipe gives a double pie crust. You will have to separate the dough in half before unrolling it. While you take out one half, cover the other half and put it back in the fridge to keep it cool.

The chilled dough should look like this.

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Place the dough on a large piece of parchment paper. With your hands forms a round ball even flat. Cover it with a second piece of parchment paper.

Start spreading the dough with a rolling pin on all sides until you get a circle big enough for a 9 "/ 23 cm pie pan.

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Once the rolled ko paste is big enough for your pie plate, peel off the top layer of parchment paper.

Gently place the dough on the pie plate, press it down so that it adheres to the bottom and outer walls of the plate. Carefully remove the parchment paper.

Finally, cut the extra pieces of pie dough hanging from the plate.

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How to make pie crust

The upper layer of this low carbohydrate pie crust uses the same technique as the lower crust. With the exception of the upper crust, you can choose to create the design of your choice.

You can take cookie cutters and cut out leaves, hearts, etc. You can also make a lattice pie crust as I did for my strawberry and rhubarb pie.

To make a lattice pie crust, cut strips of 1 "/ 2 cm wide into the dough you rolled. Do not forget to work quickly as this cream cheese pie crust works a lot better when it's cooled! If the crust heats up, the oil begins to drip and the dough sticks to everything, so you will not be able to create pie dough patterns.

Roll each lane into small wheels that you can then transfer to the pie you are preparing. Add horizontally and vertically. Unwind the wheels one by one by placing each band over or under until you get a lattice pie crust.

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The last step is to add a simple egg wash over the entire crust to get the nice crispy golden top.

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Do not mix too much!

You do not want to mix the dough too much because it will be much harder to work with. Simply mix the ingredients in your food processor until they are all combined. You do not need to treat it more than that.

Cool the dough

you will duty Cool the dough for at least an hour before spreading it. If you have time to cool it longer, I highly recommend it because it will be easier to work with.

Work fast!

This low carb pie crust works best when it's cold. It is very important that you work quickly once out of the refrigerator. If you work too slowly, the dough will become too greasy and start to stick everywhere and break.

My dough is too sticky to handle! What can I do?

If your dough starts to get sticky, it's because it's too hot. That's why you have to work quickly! When it's hot, it becomes fatter. To repair it, simply put it in a ball and put it back in the refrigerator for cooling for at least an hour.

My dough is breaking! What can I do?

If the dough is too fat, it is because it is too hot and it comes off easily. To repair it, put it in a ball and put it back in the fridge to cool it for at least an hour.

It's really important that you work quickly when you cut your best pie designs!

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Should I use a food processor?

Yes. It would be quite difficult to mix cream cheese with almond flour without one.

Can I freeze this pie crust?

Yes you can. However, I do not recommend freezing it if you make a moist dessert such as a fruit pie. Dry pies as low carbohydrate meat pies Cheese cake pies tend to freeze because they do not make the pie crust too wet.

Is xanthan gum absolutely necessary?

No it is not. You can leave it if you want, but the pastry will be harder to handle, stick to everything and break easily. If you are thinking of making pretty pie designs or lattice pie crust, you will definitely need it.

Is cream cheese necessary?

Absolutely. Without him, this cream cheese pie crust would not work at all. Believe me. You must add it for this recipe to work perfectly.

Can I use butter instead of cream cheese?

No, butter and cream cheese are not the same thing. You will end up with a totally different recipe that is likely to break. The cream cheese in this recipe helps to stay stuck.

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Latest tips and recap

So that your cream cheese pie crust is absolutely perfect, follow the following tips and substitution possibilities!

  • Make sure you cool the dough for at least one hour before deployment.
  • Make sure you work fast because the dough will be harder to handle because it will warm up.
  • Do not forget the cream cheese, nor the egg, as they are the two essential ingredients.
  • Do not hesitate to add the spices you want in the dough to get a salty pie.
  • Instead of almond flour, you can use any other type of nut flour.
  • Instead of xanthan gum, you can use guar gum.

Perfect keto pie with cream cheese

A double crust of soft and flaky pie with which it is extremely easy to work.

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  • This recipe is for a double pie crust. If you only want to make one pie crust, cut the recipe in half.

  • In the food processor, add all the dry ingredients. Make some noises with the pulse button until all the ingredients are well mixed.

  • Add the eggs and cream cheese to the food processor and press the up button. Let it mix until a smooth ball is formed. This should take 10-30 seconds. The cream cheese should be completely mixed and there should be no more pieces.

  • Take the dough out of the food processor and place it in a plastic bag or Ziploc. Remove the air and close the bag. Put it in the fridge and let cool for a while. minimum from one o'clock.

  • Once cooled, separate the dough in half. Cover the 2nd bowl and return to the refrigerator.

    A cooled keto pie crust ready for deployment. "Srcset =" 150w, /wp-content/uploads/2019/06/cream-cheese-pie-crust-1-mpk-325x325.jpg 325w, 2019/06 / cream- cheese-pie-crust-1-mpk-250x250.jpg 250w, 1-mpk-125x125.jpg 125w, 500w "data-lazy-sizes =" (maximum width: 150px) 100vw, 150px "src ="
  • Form a ball with your hands and place it on parchment paper. Cover the top of the bale with a second piece of parchment paper.

  • Start spreading the dough with a rolling pin until you get a circle big enough for a 9 "/ 23 cm pie pan.

  • Peel the top parchment paper and you will have a nice big circle. Carefully lift the dough with the lower parchment paper still attached and turn it over the pie pan.
  • With your hands, stick the dough correctly on the plate and carefully remove the paper.

    Steps to How to Prepare a Gluten-Free Pie Crust "srcset =" 150w , 325w, content / uploads / 2019/06 / cream-cheese-pie-crust-process-3-250x250.jpg 250w, -crust-process-3-125x125.jpg 125w, 500w "data -lazy-sizes = "(maximum width: 150px) 100vw, 150px" src = " - 3-150x150.jpg
  • With the help of a knife, cut the excess dough that goes on the plate.

For a single crust.

  • If you are preparing a single crust pie, you must now add the crust filling and cook for 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the filling.If you add a no-bake filling, pre-cook the crust for 20 minutes at 180 ° C / 350 ° F, then add your filling.

For a double crust.

  • Repeat the same steps as the lower steps, but feel free to cut dough, create patterns with cookie cutters or form a lattice pie crust. Just remember to work fast. If you want to make drawings, the dough does not work very well when it's hot, so you have to work fast. Si votre pâte devient trop collante, préparez à nouveau une boule, enveloppez-la dans du plastique et laissez-la au réfrigérateur une fois de plus.

  • Ajouter le remplissage à la croûte inférieure.

  • Ajoutez la croûte supérieure (à l'aide du papier sulfurisé) et pelez le papier sulfurisé.

    Étapes montrant comment préparer une croûte de tarte aux céto-latices. "Srcset =" 150w, 325w, -content / uploads / 2019/06 / cream-cheese-pie-crust-process-4-250x250.jpg 250w, pie-crust-process-4-125x125.jpg 125w, 500w " data-lazy-tailles = "(largeur maximale: 150px) 100vw, 150px" src = " -4-150x150.jpg


  • Assurez-vous de refroidir la pâte pendant au moins une heure avant le déploiement.
  • Assurez-vous de travailler vite car la pâte sera plus difficile à manipuler car elle se réchauffera.
  • N'oubliez pas le fromage à la crème, ni l'œuf, qui sont tous les deux des ingrédients essentiels.
  • N'hésitez pas à ajouter les épices que vous voulez dans la pâte pour obtenir une tarte salée.
  • Au lieu de farine d’amande, vous pouvez utiliser n’importe quel autre type de farine de noix.
  • Au lieu de la gomme de xanthane, vous pouvez utiliser la gomme de guar.
  • Vous pouvez congeler la tarte finie, mais je ne recommanderais pas de la congeler si vous réalisez une tarte humide comme une tarte aux fruits, car la croûte du fond sera très détrempée par le remplissage humide et la gelée du congélateur.
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Nutritional contributions

Tarte au kéto parfaite au fromage à la crème

Quantity per serving (1 slice)

Calories 254 Calories de graisse 198

% Daily Value *

Fat 22.01g34%

Graisse Saturée 3.57g22%

Graisse polyinsaturée 0.23g

Graisse Monoinsaturée 1.19g

Cholesterol 47 mg16%

Sodium 389 mg17%

Potassium 22 mg1%

Carbohydrates 8,88g3%

Fibre 4.6g19%

Sucre 1.42g2%

Protéine 9,58g19%

CARBES NET 4,28g9%

* Daily values ​​in percent are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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