Omega Power Creamer With KC Foam Wins Supermarket Sweep Through Distribution Agreement With Walmart | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

WGreg Blome, who arrived unexpectedly, said the supermarket had been swept by a supermarket: a distribution agreement with Walmart for 224 stores.

Omega Power Creamer

Omega Power Creamer

"(Walmart) contacted us and they were interested in shipping our products – or at least showing them – and we were already selling on … they also saw our success selling on Amazon", said Blome, co-founder of Omega Power Creamer, said about the start-up's experience with Walmart's Open Call program – a two-day event that allows Walmart product buyers to meet entrepreneurs at home. Bentonville, Arkansas, hoping to buy more American-made products.

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A first shipment of potent, creamy vanilla-cocoa cream and Omega collagen peptides was sent to stores earlier this month, Blome said. More locations should be put online in the coming weeks.

"We went without much expectations and we were not expecting a yes at that time … but they said yes initially and we finalized (the transaction) with the buyer and the manager category two weeks later, "he added.

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A new era for Walmart, the company is pursuing healthier beverages, which has first drawn them to Omega, explained Blome.

"This is a new category in which we will be called" nutritional drinks, "he said. "They are trying to go in the direction of offering healthier options and more trendy options that follow the keto diet and the paleo diet and offer healthier options to the consumer."

More than a distribution agreement, Walmart's support will allow the Kansas City corporation – which has been relocated from St. Louis – to tap new growth opportunities, Blome said.

"We will try to take advantage of this to get more into domestic retail in the coming months," he said, citing the future of the startup.

Blome's advice to founders looking to develop their own retail opportunities: Ensure the creation of quality products.

"If you are looking for growth in retail sales, there is a strong demand for healthier and more nutritious beverages and foods," he said. "It's a good place, it's always useful to have more places and to see your product better … (the better it is, the easier it gets)."

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Omega Power Creamer With KC Foam Wins Supermarket Sweep Through Distribution Agreement With Walmart | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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