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OMAD (one meal a day) and Keto: what is best for you?

OMAD Keto is a diet that combines keto diet and intermittent fasting at a ratio of 23: 1. This means that you would have a keto meal at the time you prefer and quickly for the rest of the day. You should aim for all your macros and daily calories for the day in this single meal.

OMAD vs Keto

OMAD: one meal a day

There are three types of OMAD schemes:

  1. Caloric restriction and fasting: It's at that point that someone decides to limit their total calories for the day to a certain limit, consume all those calories during a meal and do it quickly for the rest of the day.
  2. Non-caloric restriction and fasting: It's at that point that someone decides to consume as many calories as he wants in one meal and quickly for the rest of the day.
  3. Non-caloric, eat what you want OMAD: This guy is when someone chooses to eat what he wants (hamburgers, fries, etc.), as many calories as he wants in a meal and fast for the rest of the day.


As stated at the beginning, OMAD Keto follows the same principle of having a meal and fasting the rest of the day. However, you will only have keto dietary foods.

OMAD Keto follows the general principle of the ketogenic diet, which consists in consuming meals rich in fats, proteins and carbohydrates (1).

A significant difference between OMAD and OMAD Keto is that the latter means that you are already in ketosis. Thus, it is easier for the body to use fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates.

One of the main reasons that the keto diet is effective is because the high fat content of this diet helps to induce ketosis, but also allows you to feel fuller longer than under a general OMAD diet.

Check out our Keto Plan for Beginners and download the PDF.

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OMAD and Keto: Can you do both together?

OMAD is an advanced version of intermittent fasting and therefore works well with the ketogenic diet.

For those who do not know what intermittent fasting is, it's when you create a time model where you can fast and when you can eat (2). For example, 16: 8 is a popular intermittent fasting protocol in the Keto community, in which you fast for 16 hours and have 8 hours to eat all your calories for the day.

OMAD Keto is the current advanced version of IF where you fast for 23 hours and eat for 1 hour.

If you decide to go there, you should always do your best to make sure you respect your daily macros during this meal.

How to start an OMAD Keto diet

Step 1: decide if this is the one that suits you.

It's easier to get inspired to follow a diet when reading testimonials or YouTube videos.

However, OMAD Keto is not a universal approach.

For example, if your state of health requires you to take medication in the morning and in the evening and you have to eat before taking the medication, then OMAD may not be right for you.

Similarly, if you have never experienced fasting, it may be difficult for you to continue on a diet that will require you to eat one large meal on an empty stomach for 23 hours.

Our best advice is to consult your doctor before making such important changes to your diet.

Second, we recommend starting with other fasting keto diets, such as 16: 8 or 20: 4.

You can start with OMAD once you are used to intermittent fasting under a keto diet.

glass-drink-with-electrolytes-in front of different-bottles-with-powders and pills

Step 2: Do not forget your electrolytes.

If you have been on the keto diet for a while, you know that it is diuretic and you may lose a lot of electrolytes in your urine, which can cause symptoms of keto flu such as fatigue, vomiting, dizziness, etc.

You can avoid keto flu by following these steps:

  • Sip sea salt or salt water from the Himalayas throughout the day.
  • Eat pickles and add a generous amount of salt to your salads.
  • Take magnesium as a supplement.
  • The avocado meets a significant proportion of your daily needs for fat and potassium.

Step 3: Start slowly.

As noted in Step 1, if you are a novice of intermittent fasting, we recommend that you start slowly with the 16: 8 fasting protocol once or twice a week.

This would give your body enough time to adapt to the fasting routine and thus reduce the risk of unwanted effects that you could experience if you suddenly jump on the OMAD Keto diet.

Starting slowly will also allow you to see how much your body will tolerate if and when you move to OMAD.

Step 4: Prepare your meal.

As with any diet, you need to make sure you have your weekly provisions and keto feeds well stocked in advance.

Among the basic products you want to buy in advance are olive oil, your choice of meat, eggs, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, butter, almond flour, coconut flour, cream cheese , avocados, spinach and walnuts.

Meat can usually be kept in the freezer for several months.

Plan your meal for the next day. Think about the meat, vegetables and dairy products you will need to meet your daily macros so you can plan your meal accordingly.

You do not have to do a variety of dishes if you do not want to. Simply make a big meal of a dish instead. For example, you can prepare a big ko taco with an extra salad on the side.

Since OMAD has a long window of fasting, you will probably be hungry when you want to eat. Therefore, prepare your meal early in the morning and refrigerate it if you have to work from morning until late at night.

You can also prepare your meal at least two hours before the time of eating.

Step 5: Consume little cheese and cream.

Keep your cheese and cream at a moderate level, as they can satiate you quickly and make you want not to eat the rest of your meal.

Step 6: Make a meal plan.

A weekly meal plan is one of the best ways to stay organized in all plans. Create a simple weekly meal plan for each week so you do not waste time thinking about what you will eat next.

Having a meal plan would also help make sure all your macros are in every meal.

Step 7: Eat slowly

Eating slowly may be the last thing you think about when you are fasting all day, but do your best.

Slowly chewing your food will give the saliva enzymes more time to penetrate the food particles and speed up digestion (3).

Step 8: Stay hydrated.

Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid the consequences of dehydration such as fatigue and headaches.

Step 9: OMAD and exercise

The morning hours (6 to 11am) are considered the best of the keto community if you want to exercise with the OMAD Keto diet.

Benefits of OMAD Keto_infographic

Advantages of OMAD Keto

Here are some of the main benefits of an OMAD Keto diet:


There is no fixed schedule for eating during an OMAD diet. Keeping in mind the 23: 1 ratio, you can decide on the time at which you wish to take your meal for the day.

This is a huge benefit for busy people who have trouble staying attached to the Keto diet. You can go home and take your meal from day to night while enjoying the benefits of OMAD Keto.

This is also a considerable advantage for frequent travelers who often have difficulty eating keto meals while traveling. You do not have to worry about three or even two meals, take your big meal in the morning or evening for the day and you're ready to go.

Less work

Since you will eat all your meals of the day, you will save time by preparing three different meals for each day. This means that you can do a lot of what you want to eat to reach your calories for the day.

Plus, you do not have to invest time in preparing three meals a day for each week.


OMAD Keto will allow you to eat all your 50 grams or less of carbs a day at one time, so that you have a meal that makes you completely full.

Weight loss buffet

Since you try to have all your daily macros for the day in one meal, you are less likely to shake excessively and consume more calories than you should have.

OMAD is quite similar to eating in a buffet restaurant, you know that you can eat as much as you want and you do it, however, you will end up feeling full at one point and you just can not eat anymore.

Benefits of fasting

OMAD Keto gives the body more time to take advantage of the health benefits of fasting.

Disadvantages of OMAD Keto

Not suitable for everyone

As mentioned earlier, OMAD is not for everyone. Some people may have health problems that require them to eat three times a day and may also be unsuitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Likewise, this might not be the best option for those who have never tried to intermittently fast before. Before starting the One Meal A Day diet, it is best to get used to other minor types of intermittent fasting.

You will need to consult your doctor before if you fall into these categories.

Risk of eating poorly

Some people may feel full more quickly during an OMAD Keto diet and therefore can not meet the recommended daily calories. It does not matter if you miss a few days of calories, but eating for long periods with fewer calories a day can lead to excessive weight loss.

To take away

  • OMAD (one meal a day) can work perfectly with Keto. As stated before, it gives you the flexibility and freedom to take all your meals of the day in one go.
  • You do not have to worry about preparing three meals or preparing each of them if you are a busy individual. You can go home after work and have a big Keto meal for dinner or at any time that suits you. That said, you still have to do your best to meet your daily macros in this meal.
  • However, it is best to discuss OMAD Keto with your doctor if you have significant health problems, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are a beginner of fasting, we strongly recommend that you start with other types of intermittent fasting before trying to OMAD.
  • On OMAD Keto, it's good to exercise. In fact, it is considered a way to stimulate weight loss in many members of the keto community. The best time to exercise in this diet is in the morning between 6am and 11am.

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