"My 40 kg weight loss journey started as a horror story" | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

Nidhy Raghuvaran

Nidhy Raghuvaran before (left) and after
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Nidhy Raghuvaran, an Indian expatriate based in the United Arab Emirates, admits that once he started eating, nothing stopped him. Keralite's love for fast food has been dismal. He was not able to digest his meals properly, he was not able to sleep. Finally, he recalls, in 2017, he had started earning pounds even though he was watching what was happening on his plate: his body had begun to act against him.

A visit to the doctor brought him pills and alarming news – he had a stage of fatty liver 1 and a high cholesterol level. "I tried drugs for a few months, but no results were obtained," he says. His worried pregnant wife went to Kerala for her delivery and Nidhy decided to use this time to get in shape.

First, there was the search: there was a lot of research on Google and some YouTube. These have been used to browse the web for motivational purposes, for a diet of exercises, for diet plans. "I've studied so many areas – Keto diet, aquatic diets, pineapple diets, fruit diets, protein only diet, but I do not know … And I joined a gym, where coaches are available, but they will not give you directions. . So, I was watching these things (YouTube) and I was trying it. "

"It was almost like a horror story – I was shivering as if nothing had happened. My friends and colleagues were asking me why you limit your diet, you will fall. My face became black and I (could not) stay up. But a few weeks later, I realized that my body was adjusted. It was a dream (come true) for me. (At) this moment was too difficult. Too much concentration of the body and mind is needed. I had used to do yoga (YouTube) to have focus, "says Raghuvaran in his early days.

Nevertheless, trial and error proved to be valuable teachers. he abandoned the sugar and reduced his salt intake. He only ate steamed white meat with vegetables and sometimes nuts. And small portions to start; "I ate eight times a day," he told Gulf News during an interview. "I know exactly what my problem is: I was eating too much (earlier). I had no cola or fruit juice for a year and a half, "he says.

Water is the key

Raghuvaran swears by the power of water. He drank about 6 liters a day. He started walking – eventually finding his stamina to walk about 8,000 steps a day – and at the gym he started running. Today, he spends three hours in the gym, doing 1 hour of cardio and 2 hours of bodybuilding each day.

Today, a year and a half later, Raghuvaran weighs 40 kg. And the man with the newly found confidence also had the eye on a pack of 6. "For the 6 pack, my body fat index should be 9, it is now almost 15% He said.

"I'm so different," he says. "My mother can not recognize me. That's how I changed.

"My 40 kg weight loss journey started as a horror story" | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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