Move on the white claw, Washington has its own selector | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

Move on White Claws, No Laws and #HotGirlSummer … there is a tough new picker in town and it turns out it's local!

You talk to an unconditional fan of White Claw, so when my friend Peaches (her name is July, Peaches, but we call her Peaches because, are you making fun of me?) I introduced San Juan Seltzer, I was a little worried. Here's where she convinced me to make the change.

To begin with, these small cans contained only 85 calories and zero carbohydrates compared to 100 calories and two grams of White Claw carbohydrates. For linebackers, San Juan Seltzers are LOCAL! Getting a buzzer keto while supporting local businesses is enough to explode your heart. Last and most important – they taste BOMB. The Fuji Apple is where she stands, agree?

In addition, San Juan Seltzer has just opened a meeting room for all your keto babies. Last Friday, the San Juan Seltzery opened at SoDo Urbanworks and has a light and airy atmosphere that seats 40 at the bar. The projection room has TVs for watching the game, a children's play area, a heated patio for 20 people, as well as a fire pit and some Adirondack chairs for relax, making the outdoor space welcoming and pleasant all year round.

They will also have a menu for adults and children, filled with delicious surf and turf items. They will of course serve their seltzer, cocktails, wines and a few beers. It's going to be a kick in the pants, the kids!

San Juan Seltzery is open daily from 11:00 to 21:00. with happy hour from 3 pm to 6 pm