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Low carbohydrate meal plans sent directly into your email every week!

It's back to school at home and that means we're busier than ever with all the activities and going back and forth with my two youngest children. Having a plan is the best way to stay on top of my game and stay on my way to eating keto!

Here's what's on the menu this week!

Skewers of grilled turkey meatballs always win at home!

Bacon Burger mac-n-cheese is another recipe that my kids will not complain about eating!

Crock Pot Ribs is another easy meal for busy weekday nights!

And never forget the dessert!

Doing a Keto Cheesecake for the weekend and having leftovers during the week, it's divine!

If you like such recipes for you and your family, you might be interested in my membership in meal planning. Low carb weekly meal program in your car sent to your inbox every Friday with a shopping list The best part of my meal planning function is that if you are not interested in one meal, you can exchange it for something else! You can even change the size of the portions and the shopping list will adjust! It's a pretty amazing software and I hope you enjoy it. You can have a sustainable lifestyle with low carb / keto levels when you are well prepared and meal planning is key! LEARN MORE TODAY!

Since January 1st, I have added a meal planning subscription that provides you with a weekly menu plan with a detailed shopping list. Once you have received the meal plan in your email, all you have left is to print the shopping list. You get the new week's menu every Friday and the week starts on Sunday, allowing you to shop on Friday or Saturday to get ready for the week ahead.

Unlike other meal plans that you could try, this formula is editable! This means that if you are not passionate about a particular meal, you can exchange it for another meal. The most interesting is that the shopping list adjusts accordingly! Plus, if you do not have a big family like me, you can adjust portions of all meals and the shopping list adjusts again. It's a pretty amazing software!

Did you know that I wrote a cookbook? Yes! More than 125 low-carb, keto and sugar-free recipes that the whole family will love! It is available now for pre-order! When you pre-order this recipe book, you are guaranteed the lowest price that Amazon offers.

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Menu Menu Menu Keto Low Carb, Week 36 | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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