Lose weight visibly Well-being | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

Lose weight is not a punishment but a cure!

The Chrono Keto Slimming method is an innovative approach to weight loss, which allows you to slim down quickly and permanently "where it resists", without feeling hungry or tired. This method is for both women and men. You will finally understand in this book why one grows up and how to lose weight, through little known scientific notions (such as the threshold of tolerance to sugars, insulin resistance and ketogenesis). This slimming method explained in detail is based on four simple principles to follow:
• Three times a week, observe a fasting period of 16 hours and consume two meals over the remaining period of 8 hours = CHRONO Slimming.
• Reduce its consumption of sugars, replacing them with good fats, by adopting a so-called ketogenic diet = KETO Slimming.
• Control the secretion of the hormone that stores fat: insulin.
• Check the result of slimming (with the Keto test).

Your body is transformed into a machine to burn and eliminate all your excess pounds! The book also includes a book of salty and sweet recipes, tasty menus and a list of foods to focus on that will help you set up this program that will radically change your eating habits to lose weight definitely.

OUR OPINION : A complete book and very interesting. It helps to better understand what you can eat and therefore better vary the diet. I enjoyed the recipes easy to make and quick to prepare., With the number of calories indicated for each recipe. The red list of foods to never consume is quite short. The proposed flexibilities are quite easy to achieve. In short, at the top! N. S.

Wellness Guide

From Dr. Claude Chauchard preface by Jean-Claude Bourret
Edited by Guy Trédaniel editions – 266 pages – 20 €
Website : www.editions-tredaniel.com

Lose weight visibly Well-being | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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