Laurence Boccolini scammed, she warns, she will sue the officials. | DISCOUNT CODE !

She will prosecute the perpetrators! Will Laurence Boccolini start international legal proceedings?

The host of Big Bounce Battle is tired of a company offering so-called miracle diets uses its image to advertise online.

Last summer, Laurence Boccolini posted on Instagram a photo that stunned her subscribers: visibly very thin, she received a shower of compliments. But it quickly annoyed: the host never wanted to highlight his impressive weight loss. "I do not proselytize," she told Télé-Loisirs. My story is my story. How? Or ? Why ? I do not want to talk about it now, that's all. I'll talk about it later. I do not want to write a book. I do not want to advertise how I lost weight. On the other hand, she ended up explaining why to Télé Star. Suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, a severe inflammatory disease that affects the joints, Laurence Boccolini has thinned for health reasons.

Laurence Boccolini

Why Laurence Boccolini lost weight

The facilitator explained to the magazine that this was "a bit mandatory": "Unfortunately, the fat cell is not friends with the cell that causes arthritis. Surprisingly, it excites inflammation. So we strongly advise losing weight. So that's what she did, without trying to deliver any message: "I had to lose weight for my illness because I have a 5-year-old girl," she told TV. -Hobbies. With the weight I was doing, the doses of cortisone I was taking, it was no longer bearable, I had to lose weight. My daughter at 5, she runs and I must follow. It's simple. So it was with a lot of anger that she discovered that companies were using her image to sell products supposed to help lose weight.


Laurence Boccolini denounces a scam on the net

In recent months, a slimming trend has invaded social networks: the "Keto diet", or ketogenic diet. The principle ? Ingest significantly more fat and drastically reduce sugars. If the effects and consequences of this method divide, photos of bacon avocados and other meat dishes embedded in butter abound on Instagram. Many companies have surfed this wave by offering Internet users "keto diet kits" and other enigmatic products supposed to accompany them in their weight loss. And some of them do not hesitate to use without their consent the image of celebrities. Laurence Boccolini is one of the victims. Under a picture of her thinned, a company ensures that it has lost "29 pounds in just two months" through the "Keto Fit Premium".

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Laurence Boccolini scammed, she warns, she will sue the officials. | DISCOUNT CODE !
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