Launch of a health-based fast food chain in a Co-op store | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

Vegans, vegetarians and keto enthusiasts alike can look forward to this: there is a new fast food option in Winnipeg that is suitable for all types of diets.

The Red River Co-op unveiled the minced leaf last Saturday at its Grant Park Mall. The take-out restaurant offers a range of bowls, sandwiches, quesadillas, soups and salads inspired by chefs. People can design their own salad or choose from a menu.

It is Winnipeg's first facility for the chain, which has more than 100 stores in operation or under construction in Canada. There is currently an American site in the Tacoma area of ​​Washington. There is a store in Brandon and locations in Ontario and Saskatchewan. The majority of the chain's outlets are located in Alberta and BC

Innovative Food Brands owns the business.

Velika Heathcote manages the new Grant Park restaurant. She and other staff members went to a mall to hand out takeaway menus and spread the word.

"Everyone is really happy that a healthy option is available," said Heathcote.

"All the food is fresh, there is no charcuterie or anything like that."

Chopped Leaf's founder, Blair Stevens, has created all the bandages for the restaurant, making it a staple for the company, said Heathcote.

People who buy food at the restaurant can earn reward points with a loyalty card. One dollar spent at the restaurant is a point earned, and 150 points bring in $ 10 worth of purchases.

The company is focused on sustainability, said Heathcote. People can buy water bottles with minced leaves, and when they bring their bottle, they will receive free "water chopped". The chopped water is impregnated with different ingredients every other day. Without the bottle, a cup of chopped water sells for $ 2.

Heathcote went to Chopped Leaf in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, to learn more about the franchise.

Employees of the Red River Co-op were aware of the restaurant a year before the place started to produce food. Murray Dehn, Vice President of Human Resources for Red River Co-operative, traveled across the city to his office.

"I'm really happy that Chopped Leaf is open," Dehn said in front of his bowl of quinoa with chicken, adding that he would do whatever he could to eat his lunch every two weeks.

The restaurant is a finishing touch to the extensive transformation of the Red River Co-op store. The company owns seven other food stores, located in three locations in Winnipeg, in addition to its many gasoline stations.

Launch of a health-based fast food chain in a Co-op store | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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