Kourtney Kardashian shares a snack at bedtime Keto Diet | DISCOUNT CODE !

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What is the Keto diet? Experts weigh … and celebrities sound

While she follows the Keto diet for the second time, Kourtney Kardashian uses her Poosh website to inform her followers of how she sticks to the low-carb diet. After revealing the recipe for her cheesecake and her respectful Keto pizza, the The amazing Kardashian family The sister leaked the afternoon snack she dug these days.

We warn you: this is not your cup of popcorn in the microwave, chased with chamomile tea. But if you are ready to invest in the ingredients, it seems that the gain is pretty good.

In a recent article by Poosh, the mother of three wrote: "At night, I eat a ball of collagen protein as an after-dinner treat.This keto tour, I drastically reduced the amount of maple syrup in the recipe .I always have such a good taste.I will have one that contains Pink Milk Milk Milk, which looks like a dessert and that helps me sleep well. "

If you do not speak Kardashian fluently, Pink Moon Milk is a Poosh product that Kourtney has prepared in collaboration with Vital Proteins. At $ 49 per tub, the batte mix is ​​impregnated with melatonin and magnesium and tastes of strawberry.

The collagen ball described by Kourt also contains coconut butter, melted ghee, coconut shreds, maple syrup, pink sea salt and cinnamon. Looks like sweet dreams are done.

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Kourtney Kardashian shares a snack at bedtime Keto Diet | DISCOUNT CODE !
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