Kourtney Kardashian goes under the open jacket without a shirt during his family vacation | DISCOUNT CODE !

Kourtney Kardashian continues to show her bikini body during her vacation with her three children – Mason, Penelope and Reign – in Italy.

according to The daily mailKourtney Kardashian was photographed by the paparazzi on Monday as she headed to Sardinia with her daughter and at the same time donned a skimpy ensemble.

In the photos, the The amazing Kardashian family the star is wearing a pair of black baggy trousers. She also wears a light blue bikini top, which displays her ample cleavage, flat stomach and tummy abs. She adds a black blazer over it, which remains open to display her curves.

Kourt has his long black hair separated in two and wearing a ponytail. His slender, straight strands hang down his back. She also wears a minimalist makeup that includes dark eyebrows, a pink blush on the cheeks, a shimmering glow and a shiny, bare lip.

Kardashian's look is enhanced by a small black purse, white strappy heels, diamond earrings and a pair of fashionable sunglasses.

The little Penelope puts on jeans denim ample and clear. and a white t-shirt that she slips into the pants. She adds a short black jacket and carries a small red handbag in her hand. She wears her blond and sandy hair separated in the middle and wearing straight strands that graze the top of her shoulders.

As previously indicated by L & # 39; inquisitor Kourtney Kardashian's tonic bikini body is the result of healthy eating and hard work at the gym.

To stay in shape, Kourt makes sure to follow the keto diet, which she recently boasted on her lifestyle website.

"My body has never been so good as when I did the keto diet two and a half years ago, when I was doing it for two months. From my experience, I found the best method to train my body to reduce sugar cravings, burn fat and lose weight by sticking to a keto diet, "Kourtney revealed in a statement. an article from Poosh back in June.

"Keto" is an abbreviation for "ketosis", a metabolic condition that occurs when your body goes from burning carbohydrates to burning fat. I treated myself recently and I really want to get back on track, so I committed to using keto for next month, "added the reality star.

Fans can learn more about Kourtney Kardashian's life by following her on Instagram.

Kourtney Kardashian goes under the open jacket without a shirt during his family vacation | DISCOUNT CODE !
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