Keto's typically keto-heavy diet becomes vegetarian – CBS New York | EXCLUSIVE OFFER !

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – To date, you are probably at the heart of the ketogenic or keto diet.

This is a very restrictive diet of low carb and high fat foods that has some similarities to the Atkin diet.

But what if you do not eat meat? Now, a plant-based keto is gaining ground.

That's right, the keto becomes vegetarian.

In general, when we think of the extremely popular diet, we think that it is heavy in protein and animal fats, which makes it attractive to meat consumers.

Licensed dietician Nicolette Pace says the strict combination of "low carb, fat and protein" will force the body into a state of ketosis, which means that it burns fat instead of carbohydrates to get of energy. The end result: you can lose more weight faster.

"Enter the ketotarian diet, which is now a modified version of the ketogenic diet," said Pace. "Avocados, olive oils, nuts and olives … are your fat choices at Ketotarian."

On the menu, besides meat, there are starchy vegetables, cereals, fruits rich in sugar, beans and lentils.

"You better tofu, you prefer amaranth and you better quinoa," said Pace. "It's hard to follow a regular diet in the first place. Now, let's put more boxes around us. "

Pace says that while you will see results, the ketotarian diet is not for sensitive souls.

"Look at your motives, like why? Are you trying to lose weight, do you have a lot of weight to lose? "If it's because you feel like you're going to be healthy … I have to say it's hard enough to plan a normal diet."

The main challenge of an entirely vegetarian keto diet is to consume enough protein. Therefore, experts say that you could consider incorporating fish.

Keto's typically keto-heavy diet becomes vegetarian – CBS New York | EXCLUSIVE OFFER !
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