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ketogenic diet explained in a scientific and practical way

You've probably heard about the ketogenic diet who's coming back to the front of the food scene lately. Widely used at the beginning of the last century to appease certain disorders of the neurological system, it is nowadays associated with weight loss in fitness circles and especially in the fight against cancer. But is it really effective in these respects and is there more to know about this diet? So, in the current article, we will try to find the answers to these very pertinent questions by looking at them under the magnifying glass. So let's analyze its operating principles, the foods allowed by following it, as well as the potential health hazards it can cause!

What is just a ketogenic diet?

the ketogenic diet explained- menu for and against

The ketogenic diet is one of the low carbohydrate diets that are at the same time relatively high in fat. In other words, it is an alternative nutritional program low-carb-high-fat spectrum, known among dieticians by the English abbreviation LCHF. Its main purpose is to bring the body into a state of nutritional ketosis, not to be confused with pathogenic ketosis in patients with diabetes.

good fat ketogenic diet - what to eat and what to avoid

In more understandable lay terms, the goal of the ketogenic diet is to make the body burn only lipids as an indispensable fuel for the performance of its daily tasks. To achieve this, it is simply removed carbohydrates he would otherwise have used to ensure the energy necessary to operate properly. In fact, it's a lot simpler than you thought after reading "Nutritional Ketosis", right?

nutritional ketogenesis and beneficial ketogenic diet

In the sentences to follow, we will discuss them more for the more curious readers who are interested in scientific details. The ketogenesis that we aim to trigger is the metabolic process of degradation of fatty acids into ketone bodies. These metabolites are now able to keep the brain functioning and supply all the muscles with energy.

authorized foods in a successful ketogenic diet

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Considering the information given in the above paragraphs, we have almost exhausted the basics of this very interesting diet. But since we have mentioned the selection of appropriate foods, these are other questions that inevitably come to mind … What to eat during a ketogenic diet and what are the ingredients to absolutely exclude from its menu stimulating ketogenesis?

exclude carbohydrates from its menu for a successful ketogenic diet

In short, as with any low carbohydrate diet, all starchy foods are removed from the menu. That is, essentially forgetting bread, pasta and sweets as a whole, but also putting aside cereals (including rice, maize and the resulting products) and being careful not to commit dietary error with starchy vegetables (such as potatoes).

legumes to eat seldom in a successful ketogenic diet

The others to exclude are legumes such as peas, beans, chickpeas and lentils. The reason is that although they are high in protein, they also contain a significant amount of carbohydrates. The majority of the fruits are also to be avoided with care (one will specify the few exceptions in the paragraphs below). If you have ever had any diet in the past, you probably know that they are very rich in carbohydrates and therefore not recommended when watching a low carb.

What foods are allowed during a ketogenic diet?

ketogenic diet - meat and animal products to eat

Then, we must focus on fatty meat, fish, seafood, eggs and whole dairy products. In short, the majority of animal products are welcome at the table in the context of a successful ketogenic diet. Unlike other weight loss diets, you do not have to rely on lean, skim, etc. In reality, it is quite the contrary!

carbohydrate lipids and proteins in ketogenic diet

As you can already guess, the stars that are essential to the successful ketogenic diet are all fat. They must indeed compose approximately 70-85% of your daily nutrient intake to cause a state of nutritional ketosis. Keep in mind that this percentage may differ depending on the specific type of Keto diet (athletic, therapeutic, cyclic, among others).

ketogenic diet foods to consume and ingredients to avoid

So, without worrying about your size, favor oils, animal fats and butters. The most popular are olive oil, rapeseed and coconut, ghi and good old cow's milk butter whose use was almost criminalized lately by the ever more numerous followers of vegan life.

ketogenic diet - what to eat and what to avoid

Because of their composition and nutritional value, super-creamy avocados can also fit into this category. The same goes for some extra-fat cheeses (containing> 60% fat in the dry matter) and many raw nuts that are normally very high in fat. The other good news? You must not give up mayonnaise or cream!

Other ingredients to include in its menu for ketogenesis

which vegetables to eat during a successful ketogenic diet

Other ingredients that are fully permitted in the ketogenic diet include so-called vegetables growing above the ground. Leafy vegetables and varieties of cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, peppers and asparagus are just a few. All aromatic herbs and spices are welcome which will make your dishes much more varied and very delicious. In the end, the goal is not to get tired of the diet immediately, is it?

ketogenic diet - foods to eat with their carbohydrate index

You can also eat zucchini, celery, snapdrops, eggplants and tomatoes, the latter in moderation. As you probably already know, they are in fact fruits that are very rich in sugars which places them far from the ideal during a well conducted ketogenic diet. Finally, carrots, by the way growing underground, are the subject of much discussion among ketogenic diet enthusiasts. With 10 g of carbohydrates per 100 g, half of which are sugars, they are really thorny …

what are the vegetables to eat in a successful ketogenic diet

The two photos above are very useful in terms of better understanding what is allowed and what is not. Each food has been assigned an index reflecting its carbohydrate content and thus its compliance with the ketogenic diet. However, be careful: these figures have nothing to do with the glycemic index of food and serve only the purpose of this particular diet. As you can see, the carrot index is relatively high and closer to that of legumes (shown above) than recommended vegetables.

Latest points, tips and the fight against cancer

foods in ketogenic diet to consume in moderation

Finally, you can also afford a handful of red / black berries but only once or twice a week. Forget soft drinks, fruit juices and alcohol and put on a pedestal the water. Bear in mind that tea and coffee are also OK, but they must be sugar-free or honey-free. From time to time or on a special occasion, allow yourself to celebrate (your own success) with a glass of wine.

What people consider to be Keto vs. What is actually ketogenic

the ketogenic diet followed in a healthy way

Of course, all the food you put on your plate / glass should be processed and processed as much as possible. It is primarily a question of respect for one's health and one's self as a whole to choose fresh salmon fillet instead of hot dog sausages, fresh seasonal vegetables and not frozen meats. If in doubt, avoid the ambiguous ingredient and opt for the food of which you know the composition. Instead of concluding, we will briefly explain how the ketogenic diet works against the fight against cancer …

some foods allowed in a successful ketogenic diet

According to some scientific research, cancer cells essentially work by eating sugars / carbohydrates. Our ketogenic diet being extremely poor, it is supposed to starve them. Of course, the subject is much more complex and great efforts are still to be made in order to better understand and therefore fight more effectively the disease of the century. In any case, adopting a healthy food program could not hurt! So, please also check out our photo recipe ideas that are super greedy and 100% compliant with the beneficial ketogenic diet.

Ideas for recipes in photos – quick plates 100% consistent with the ketogenic diet

recipe ketogenic diet with turkey fillet and avocados

Omelette with mushrooms and red peppers prepared with a good dose of butter

ketogenic diet recipe - omelette with mushrooms

Super Gourmet Idea: Prosciutto crudo asparagus, baked olive oil and parmesan cheese

recipe ketogenic diet - prosciutto crudo and asparagus

Mayonnaise tuna with boiled egg halves, baby spinach and cherry tomatoes

ketogenic diet recipe - tuna mayonnaise salad

Almost the same idea more lawyer, but this time the mayonnaise is served separately

recipe ketogenic diet with tuna and eggs

Baked halloumi cheese topped with avocados, cucumbers, crème fraîche and some pistachios

recipe ketogenic diet with cooked haloumi cheese

Ketogenic diet – operating principle, food permits and tips | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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