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Hindi Alphabets

Hindi is a widely spoken language. It is an Indo-Aryan language. It is the main language spoken in Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand. In fact, Hindi is so important that it is also spoken in central and northern India in association with other languages ​​such as Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali. or marathi. Other Indian regions, such as Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan, also use Hindi and a significant number of speakers are found in Mauritius, South Africa, Guyana, Fiji, Suriname, Nepal, Trinidad and Tobago. Fijians speak Hindi because they are of Indian origin and some Fijians also speak Hindi.

hindi consonants

The Hindi alphabets are in the Devanagari script. It is an official language of the Indian government, the other language being English. In fact, English and Hindi are used in communications between the state and the central government, in the judicial system, in parliament and for other official purposes.

Hindi letters

Hindi is closely related to Urdu, the Pakistani language, written in Arabic characters. In addition to the difference between writing systems, the main difference lies in the fact that the Hindi vocabulary comes more from Sanskrit, while the Urdu vocabulary comes from Persian.

Hindi was used for the first time in 4th century after JC writing as the script Brahmi. But after the 11th century AD, Hindi letters written in Devanagari alphabet.

hindi letters

In English, there are consonants and vowels and this also applies to Hindi. There are consonants and vowels in Hindi. In Hindi, the vowels enter at the beginning and the consonants move to another group.

The vowels in Hindi are called "swar" in Hindi and they are:

Hindi alphabets have two modifiers and ten vowels. In the picture above, the symbols are indicated under the alphabets and these are the symbols "Matra". These Matra symbols are used as vowels and the consonants are written together.

Hindi Consonants

The consonants in Hindi called 'Vyanjan'. The Hindi vyanjan is 36 years old and includes the Hindi letters in English:

– ka – Kha – Ga घ – Gha – nga
च – cha – Chha ज – ja झ – jha ञ – nja
ट – Ta – Tha – Da ढ – Dha – N / A
त – ta – Tha – da ध – dha – n / A
प – pa फ – Pha – ba – bha – my
Ya – ya – ra – the व – wa – sha
ष – chha – her ह – ha – ksh त्र – tra
– gya

the Hindi alphabets with imagesHindi alphabets with images

Standard Hindi alphabets have 35 consonants and 11 vowels. However, the traditional Hindi alphabet composed of 13 vowels and 33 consonants. The letters अं (am) and (ah) are considered as vowels in traditional Hindi and as consonants in standard Hindi. It comprises two letters ड़ (rr) and ढ़ (rh) taken as consonants in the official standard Hindi alphabets.

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