Keto or Low Carb challenge of 30-60-90 days | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

Keto Challenge

Keto or Low Carb challenge of 30-60-90 days

We have just completed our first 30 day challenge and I have received many requests to immediately return to another. Instead of the same challenge we had before, we have a 30-60-90 day challenge, which means you choose to sign up for 30, 60 or 90 days, depending on your goals and what suits your life. I do not know why, but challenges motivate me and I tend to work harder. Before our first 30-day challenge, I had become a little too lazy and I knew that if I stooped and that I was more intentional, I would be much happier about my appearance and how I felt . You can do this challenge if you follow a ketogenic or low carbohydrate lifestyle. I firmly believe that each person determines what suits him best. This is not a group of how-to. You are your best advocate for health and that starts with research to gain a basic understanding of the keto or low carb lifestyle. The goal of the 30-60-90 Challenge is to provide a framework of support and encouragement, but all the work is your responsibility.

Many people tend to struggle with keto or low carbohydrate diets. We will focus on four key areas. My goal is to keep this challenge as simple and straightforward as possible. Our goal will be to reach our goal of net carb consumption (no matter what you are setting your goal), drink water, exercise regularly. at least 10 minutes a day (which hopefully will encourage us to do more), and take supplements of our choice.

You are the boss of you

You are the boss of you therefore, you choose if you want to follow if it's keto or low carb. You choose your exercise program and what supplements you prefer. I'll share what I'm doing, but it's up to you to decide what fits into your life. The key to this challenge is to stay consistent with your choices for 30 to 60 to 90 days and then measure your results along the way. I divided it into three segments of 30 days so that everyone could be a measure of success and that people could join us in the middle without feeling left behind – they only wanted to follow 30 or 60 days. I found that 30 days was a fabulous way to establish new habits, but the 60 and 90 days mark remarkable results. We do not seek perfection during the challenge. Our goal is targeted changes.

Here are the four segments we will focus on:

Net carbohydrates

First of all, it is important to choose your goal in net carbs (or the total number of carbohydrates if you prefer). This amount will vary depending on whether you are following the keto or a low carbohydrate rate. You can follow your macros with an application or choose not to follow your macros like me. One of my goals is the freedom to eat and follow an application where I recorded everything I eat would push me to focus too much on food. I know that tracking works for a lot of people and that's great! Do what's best for you! I will follow the rhythm of the net carbs in my head while I add healthy fats to the foods so that my fat is higher than that of my proteins.


My goal is to drink half of my weight in water. Before our first 30 day Challenge, it was a huge fight for me and I never drank enough water. Now, I'm thirsty for water and I'm enjoying it, which is a huge change. I did not like it at first, but I kept pushing to reach my goal every day and over time, I started to like it. It may be the first time in my life that my body is completely hydrated.


I have four children. Two of my children are three years old and under. I do school at home my children. I work at home. We are very involved in the church. I hardly have time to shower. I could go on and on with many other reasons why regular exercise has not been easy. However, the truth is that I have ten minutes a day. I know this because during our last challenge, I missed only one day of exercise (not counting my rest day per week). Even though my initial goal was 10 minutes a day, it was rare that I only worked for 10 minutes. Most of the time, it was two to three times more or more. But the challenge ended and I became lazy. So I'm ready to take up the challenge and start exercising again. You choose the exercise you will do.


Since our first challenge, I have added MCT Powder and Collagen (I use Perfect Keto brand and they have given us an exclusive promotional code for 20% discount on all products.) Click here to see the price reduce and enter KASEYTRENUM at the time of payment.) I would suggest that you do some research because there are additional recommendations that are helpful for this lifestyle. My next goal is to buy the DNA 23 and me genetic test and ask a doctor to interpret my results and suggest the best supplements for my genetic makeup. I do not remember taking all my supplements everyday, especially when some need to have an empty stomach, while others suggest taking them with a meal.

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How can I start?

  • Go here and join the Easy Keto / Low Carb Recipes Facebook page if you have not already done so.
  • See you here and join our brand new Keto / Low Carb Challenge Group Facebook page where we can share our successes and failures. It will be a nice group in which we will support and respect each other. None of us is the Keto police. My goal is to make this community a great community that can support each other on this journey. I manually approve each person who joins so it can take a day for everyone to be approved.
  • Print your printable 30-day Keto / Low Carb Challenge Checklist. Fill it according to your objectives, place it in a visible place where you will see it every day and get ready to start! Do not forget your starting weight and your measurements on the last page. Measurements are so important when you do not see the desired results on the scale. If you choose to continue for 60 days, you start again with a new checklist after the first 30 days and the same for 90 days. We can compare in increments of 30 days.
  • I've created an extremely simple Printable Keto Grocery List to make shopping easier, which you will not want to miss. I also have specific grocery lists for Amazon, Walmart, Sam's Club and Costco. My friend Lauren has created shopping lists for ALDI and Target.
  • Follow me on Pinterest and Instagram. I will add exercise ideas, recipes and other helpful tips to both. I also publish previews of new recipes on Instagram.
  • Share with friends and family who also practice Keto / Low Carb, because a challenge is always more fun with people of your choice to inspire and encourage you.
  • Get ready to feel amazing and see incredible results! We can do it together!

Keto or Low Carb challenge of 30-60-90 days | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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