Keto in a pill? Jim Mellon launches with buck an anti-aging joint venture dedicated to the induction of ketosis – Endpoints News | EXCLUSIVE OFFER !

Jim Mellon

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Jim Mellon's crew in Juvenescence has found his latest business idea in a popular diet that is spreading in biotech circles.

Eric Verdin

Once again, in association with the Buck Aging Research Institute, Juvenescence launched BHB Therapeutics to explore preventative medications that can protect against age-related diseases by inducing a ketosis state, where body burns fat instead of carbohydrates, production of anti-inflammatory ketone bodies.

In particular, the biotech start-up will focus on ketone body beta-hydroxybutyrate or, you guess, BHB. Eric Verdin, President and CEO of Buck, whose research inspired another Juvenescence spinout, discovered that BHB helps the body cope with stress.

John Newman

A ketogenic diet – which has been reported for its effects on weight loss, hunger suppression and concentration – and the resulting long-term exposure to ketone bodies can also prolong the life of the systems models, have found Verdin and his collaborator John Newman.

The duo generated "reliable scientific evidence" in mice that showed that ketosis could be cardio-protective, said President and CEO Greg Bailey. News on the end points. Obviously, they have a long way to go.

"The reason we believe that cardioprotection can translate to humans is that if you give them sugar or ketones, the hearts of many people prefer ketones, while the brain is the opposite," he said. he declares. "If we give them the choice between sugar and ketones, the brain will take sugar. Unfortunately, when they reach the age of 50 (more or less two years), they become insulin resistant. Sugar can then reach very high levels in various organs, resulting in different pathologies. "

The company plans to launch "aggressive security studies" in the near term, added Bailey. If the compounds are deemed safe, he plans to take alternative routes instead of the usual regulatory path – which he says can lead to faster human testing.

Greg Bailey

Only a few days ago, Juvenescence unveiled the first $ 46 million of a promised US $ 100 million increase, designed to fund longevity projects with the common goal of extending the lifespan of human lives. 150 years old. So far, stem cell technology and organ regeneration have been leveraged through joint ventures with groups of AIs – Insilico and Netramark – and majority holdings in AgeX and LyGenesis.

The goal, then declared Mellon, founder and president, was to have 18 projects underway by the end of the year.

Bailey announced that two or three of them would be announced in the coming weeks, noting that three or four letters of intent should also be sent out shortly.

With additional reports from Natalie Grover.

Keto in a pill? Jim Mellon launches with buck an anti-aging joint venture dedicated to the induction of ketosis – Endpoints News | EXCLUSIVE OFFER !
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