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  • Director of the research program

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    Cristina is a biologist, MSc in marine biology specializing in reef ecology. For the past 10 years, he has been part of the Keto Foundation's research team, particularly in the field of coral reef monitoring and social work with coastal communities.

    Cristina Sánchez Godínez

  • (Founding partner and research biologist)
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    A marine and freshwater biologist, he is a graduate of the National University and a founding member of the Keto Foundation. José has been involved in scientific research projects and expeditions of whales and dolphins in the Caribbean and Pacific Coast of Costa Rica for the benefit of national institutions and international organizations since 2002.

    José David Palacios Alfaro

  • (Partner and consultant of the Keto Foundation)
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    Over the past nine years at the Keto Foundation, Luis has led various conflict resolution processes related to Marino Ballena National Park and developed socio-environmental diagnoses for studies of important sites for conservation in the South Pacific and Barra del Colorado.

    Luis Monge Arrieta

  • (Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Keto Foundation)
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    Catalina is a biologist and professional in the fields of business and tourism. Since Keto and for more than ten years, he has formulated and managed projects in the areas of sustainability, research and conservation of coastal marine ecosystems. He has developed his work in close connection with community development, the protection of emblematic species and responsible marine tourism.

    Catalina Molina Bustamante

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