Keto Diet helps boost immunity against influenza, reveals study | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

There is an addition to the Keto benefits list. The popular diet can protect a person against the flu, revealed a study. According to research, the abandonment of carbohydrates for a significant amount of fat strengthens some immune cells in mice, which protects them against influenza, because a higher survival rate has been observed in rodents infected with the virus of influenza compared to normal diets high in carbohydrates. .

The high-fat, low-carb diet triggered the release of immune system cells that produce mucus in the lung's cell membranes and trapped the influenza virus before it worsened, suggested research. The controversial diet that forces the body to burn fat for energy, which contributes to weight loss, has also been associated with improved heart health and glycemic control in diabetic patients .

Akiko Iwasaki of the Yale School of Medicine, who had previously discovered that the ketone diet reduced inflammation in mice with gout, tried to determine if the diet was treating influenza-like inflammation in the same way which seriously damages the lungs, the inflammation being common to gout and influenza.

The team fed mice infected with influenza A virus A either a ketone diet or a standard diet a week before infection, to note that the seven mice fed the standard diet are died after four days of infection, compared to only five out of ten mice on the keto diet. , who have not even lost as much weight, obvious sign of influenza infection in animals.

The morbidity and mortality associated with influenza A (IAV) infection is a major concern in the world of health care, requiring the identification of new treatments that can reduce the severity of infections.

The team discovered that the keto diet increased the number of a specific type of T-cells – key players in the body's immune response and present in the lungs – which attenuated the sensitivity of cells lining the lungs to infection and increased the production of mucus.

Mr Iwasaki explained that the extra amount of mucus was important for the protection of the mice when trapping the influenza virus to prevent its spread.

"We already knew that there was a link between diet and immunity," said John Tregoning, of Imperial College London, who did not participate in the work published in the journal Science Immunology .

Consumption of foods rich in vitamin C, for example, strengthens our immune system, and switching to a keto diet can trigger the same effect to fight the infection, Tregoning said. Respiratory infections caused by the influenza A virus (IAV) cause more than 20,000 deaths each year in the United States and represent an economic burden of more than $ 87 billion annually.

Keto Diet helps boost immunity against influenza, reveals study | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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