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weight loss – energy – focus – stay in shape (support)
helps energize and maintain your energy level
scientific management of carbohydrates !!!

Keto Coffee is a revolutionary fat burner that stimulates the production of ketones during the process of ketosis, which is the action of our body to use its fats to turn them into energy, a huge energy for our body. TCM organic coconut oil and Omega 3 (among the healthiest fats)
-Increases the health of memory and concentration

-Perfect as a pre-exercise to adopt a low carbohydrate diet
-Perfect snack to reduce appetite (make cravings disappear), give energy and stimulate concentration at work
-Ideal to reduce arthritis pain or joints
-Grain of green coffee: stimulates weight loss and energy without pulsation
-Contains caffeine to provide energy
-Contains collagen to promote healthy skin, tendons and bone tissue and reduces the symptoms of arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia
* Also made with herb-fed butter, herbal Himalayan salt and collagen to help nourish the body and boost energy and health

The coffee Keto:
-Maintains satiety from 4h to 6h.
-It supports and improves concentration and mental focus.
-It energizes the body and the mind.
-It helps to lose or maintain your weight (depending on your diet).

Helps tone and rejuvenate skin, joints and tissue.
for a cold coffee:
mix one sachet with 1 ounce (30ml) of hot water and 7 ounces (200ml) of cold water and ice cream
Respect a delay of 2 hours of consumption of Keto Coffee and any source of carbohydrates (sugar). So, no sugar or sweetener in your coffee, no bread or muffin to accompany ect … To allow optimal thinning effect
* Tip for a creamy coffee without sprinkles: pour a little cold water, add the coffee bag, mix with the fork and fill the rest with hot water

I'm Jessy Brisebois, a distributor of It works
you can reach me in different ways:
facebook: jessy-itworks
Cell Phone: (579) 420-1723

Keto Coffee (from It Works), fat burner | Toys and games | Granby | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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