Keto Boost Brain and Body, 400 g | EXCLUSIVE OFFER !

Ketones are organic compounds that your body creates by oxidizing fats. You can burn them instead of carbs to get energy. This is the basis of so-called "ketogenic" diets. But these types of diets are high in fat and therefore unhealthy for the long term. This formula provides additional ketones that your body can use as fuel, without the disadvantages of a ketogenic diet.

Benefits of Keto Brain and Body Boost:

  • Promotes mental clarity and muscle performance
    with bioactive ketone β-hydroxybutyrate
  • Promotes the metabolic benefits of ketogenesis
    with mangiferin from mango extract
  • Supports satiety and promotes health, prolonged
    energy with FiberSmart resistant starch
  • Delicious peach-flavored powder mixes easily with water or your favorite beverage

More information about Keto Boost and Body Boost

Fasting and low calorie diets have many health benefits. One of these programs is the "keto" diet, which consists of replacing carbohydrates with lipids as the main source of energy. This activates a metabolic process called ketogenesis, which changes your body's fuel preferences from sugar in the blood (glucose) to fat. But a long-term, high-fat diet is unhealthy for a variety of well-established reasons.

Bioactive ketone Β-hydroxybutyrate

When your body does not consume enough carbohydrates, it turns into fat as a source of energy. It creates ketones from this fat, which it can burn to produce energy, thus promoting physical and mental performance.

In a placebo-controlled study, higher plasma ketone levels were associated with improved cognitive function in the adult compared with placebo.1 And, ketones fuel muscle and cognitive function without increased blood sugar.

But you can get ketone bodies without replacing all your dietary carbohydrates with fat. Bioactive ketone beta-hydroxybutyrate provides an energy substrate that your brain and body can burn effectively, so you do not have to ingest large amounts of fat during a low-calorie diet or a fasting diet.

Mangiferine from mango extract

Mangiferine is a plant compound found in many plants, including mangos. Mangiferine promotes ketogenesis, which promotes increases in plasma ketone levels. In one study, 150 mg of mangiferin daily for 12 weeks resulted in increased serum ketone levels. Levels of lipids in the blood have also been affected.2

FiberSmart starch resistant to digestion

Finally, Keto Brain and Body Boost provides an innovative form of polysaccharide (starch) that is not easily absorbed by humans.3 Instead, it is fermented by intestinal bacteria.4 This provides a slow and steady amount of energy to your body and supports the production of ketone. So, this type of starch promotes satiety without causing a glycemic response.5

Keto Boost Brain and Body, 400 g | EXCLUSIVE OFFER !
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