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The ketogenic diet, more commonly known as "keto", is becoming more and more popular. The concept is to eliminate carbohydrates from its diet and replace them with lipids. The body thus comes to use the fat rather than the sugar to produce energy.

At the restaurant Casa Calzone, the owner Richard Gauvreau is well aware of this new trend and decided to make him a place in his menu of October. "We hear a lot about it and we have to listen to the trends, without falling into the listening, obviously. But we all know someone around us who follows this diet, "said Richard, who ensures that several customers have made the request.

The lunch menu will always count at least one keto dish. "We created a keto pizza: we developed a flour-free, gluten-free crust made of cheese and bacon, on which we add ham, cheese, olives, jalapenos, red peppers and our homemade pesto. It seems to work and it's without carbohydrate. It's also gluten-free, so it will also appeal to another customer, "he says.

The other challenge is tomato sauce. Indeed, it contains sugars … So the restaurant plans to replace it with a cream sauce. And as a garnish: bacon and cheese. "Sure, it's not very light, but it's kind of the principle of the keto diet," says the owner. For him, the operation is not so complicated. Just have a little imagination and learn. "We are a small team so we have some agility …"

Another novelty for October, the arrival of lasagna "full time", to again meet a customer fond of this dish but frustrated to see the map only once a month. Other small additions to the menu include Panzerotti sticks, goat meatballs and, for sweet lovers, a berry crunch.

Keto at Casa Calzone | Public place | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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