Keto Alcohol – 33 low-carb alcoholic beverages to protect you from ketosis | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

Keto alcoholic drinks that are not going out of the ketosis.

It's not worse to have a drink, but you can not drink because you are dieting Keto.

The Keto diet requires changes in dietary lifestyle to achieve ketosis.

But that does not mean that your social life has to stop.

Alcohol in a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet is entirely related to its carbohydrate content. Obviously, they differ by brand and by drink, so be sure to check the label or ask the server for information.

But with a little information on the amount of carbohydrate that each type of drink contains can help you make better decisions at the bar.

And to your surprise, you can actually enjoy a glass of wine, a cocktail or even a beer without much guilt.

There are many low carb Keto alcohol options that you can enjoy with ketogenic dieting.

A word of caution is that alcohol on a Keto diet may or may not work for all. Some have difficulties with this, while others may enjoy it with certain limitations.

This is not a unique approach to keto and alcohol.

This article is intended to provide general guidelines.

I hope you will use it as a quick reference and as a reminder to enjoy your drink when you are on a low carb lifestyle.

Here are 33 low-carb Keto alcoholic drinks that will not give way to ketosis.

Keto Wine

Wine is usually your safest bet during an evening. You know exactly what you are going through, which gives you a higher level of comfort than a blender.

Below is based on a 5 oz glass. Make sure to check the size of the portion of your restaurant.

Some wine

Carbohydrate content (5 oz)

Pinot Noir

3.5 g


3.7 g

Cabernet Sauvignon

3.8 g


3.8 g


3.8 g

Effervescent white

1.5 g

Raw Champagne

2.5 g

Sauvignon Blanc


Pinot Grigio

3.0 g



White Zinfandel

5.0 g


5.7 g



Keto Beer

There are countless types of beer on the market and their carbohydrate content can vary greatly. Here are some of the popular beers with lower carb content than the vast majority. In addition, if you are gluten free, avoid beers because most of them contain wheat.

Beer Carbohydrate content (12 oz)
Bud selection 55 1.9 g
Miler 64 2.4 g
Michelob Ultra 2.6g
Bud selection 3.1g
Miller Lite 3.2g
Busch Light 3.2g
Michelob Ultra Amber 3.7 g
Amstel Light 5.0 g
Coors Light 5.0 g
Corona Light 5.0 g
Light bud 6.6g
Heineken Light 6.8 g

Keto Liquor

All alcohols are not gluten-free, so be aware of your choices. Better yet, refer to each brand for its list of ingredients.

Liquor (unflavoured) Carbohydrate content (1.5 oz)
Vodka 0.0g
Gin 0.0g
Rum 0.0g
Dark rum 0.0g
Tequila 0.0g
Whiskey / Bourbon 0.0 ~ 0.3 g
Spiced Rum 0.5 g
Cognac 0.0 ~ 3.0g

In addition to choosing the right glass or liqueur, here are 3 tips for savoring alcoholic beverages with a keto diet.

1. Drink in moderation. Not only does overconsumption lead to poor decision-making, but they can also add up to your carbohydrate intake. Limit yourself to a fixed amount and say no.

2. Ask questions. Cocktail recipes can vary from one bartender to the other and from one bar to the other. Do not be afraid to ask questions and find out what's in your drinks.

3. Drink a lot of water. Alcohol can dehydrate you and cause discomfort and hangover. Combine it with keto flu, it's not nice. Drink water frequently to stay hydrated.

Message to the house

There are many low-carb alcoholic drinks that you can enjoy with a Keto diet. The trick is to always check the carbohydrate content. The carbohydrate content may vary from one brand to the other. Check the label or request information from the server.

Keto Alcohol – 33 low-carb alcoholic beverages to protect you from ketosis | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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