Jeremiah Peterson lost 104 pounds for his family and that changed his life forever [Video] | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

Jeremiah Peterson is 5 feet 11 inches and currently weighs 198 pounds. In 2017, after realizing that his weight prevented him from becoming his best, he decided to take charge of his health and fitness. This is the story, in Peterson's own words, of his weight loss journey.

I had to bear heaviness all my life. I would put weight on it and take it off. It has always been felt as a battle.

My turning came when I went on a hiking trip with my family. I could not follow my children. There was a moment in the journey where I was on this incredible mountainside, trying to catch my breath, I looked up and saw my family move on without me and that's why I was there. Broke the heart. I knew I had to make a permanent change to stay with my family for as long as possible.

I started by doing what I love, doing the mountain behind my house. I took my dog ​​every morning and every night after work, it was a hike of about 40 minutes each time. I also did weight training five to six days a week during my lunch break.

In terms of nutrition, I thought that keto (reduced protein, moderate protein, low carbohydrate) would give the best results to my body. So that 's what I followed and I still do today. I kept track of my calories each day and how much protein, fat, and carbohydrate I was getting from those calories.

Once I engaged in the new lifestyle, I felt the best of my life. There was no abandonment for me – I knew I had to make a change. I had to become the person I knew to be able to be.

Honestly, I am still very committed to this trip. There is no line of arrival. You must continue to work hard every day. It's not like the weight is coming off and staying off. You must continue to work on it. But you know that there is such an incredible feeling that you do not have to struggle to bend over and put on your shoes. There is such a sensation to live on a daily basis without all this extra baggage. It was an excess of baggage both physically and emotionally for me.

I think the biggest surprise is to realize that you have to keep working every day. It's no different than brushing your teeth, making your bed, paying the bills and looking after a family. It's an everyday thing.

My routine has not changed much. I do a kind of exercise every day. I always love to hike with my dog, so I walk every day with money. I love strength training, so I get up five to six days a week.

For me, family above all. My children are always there and I know they say and do a lot of things that me and my wife do. So it's very motivating for me to see myself working hard every day. I want them to know healthy habits, take what I showed them and live to the best of their ability.

My first inspiration is and will always be my family. But I started physical training online last year and the thousands of people I have met around the world are really amazing. It's so inspiring to read their messages, to see their own transformations and to be able to relate them to the struggles I've experienced and how I overcame them. My clients are so important to me. I consider that many of them love the family. Weight loss is an extremely sensitive and vulnerable thing. There are more awkward and humiliating moments than we realize in the whole process. And it's a process. Nothing happens overnight.

I am an ordinary guy. I work more than 50 hours a week in my antiques store, my kids are all in the sport, I have an online coaching business to lose weight, The Keto Fitness Coach, in which I am dedicated body and soul and I always work hard to stay strong, healthy and fit. It's not easy to manage my time and take care of all my responsibilities. I'm definitely ready to go to bed at the end of my long days! But I would not trade it for nothing. I love my life and what I do everyday.

My advice is to work with a coach. So many people are able to do it, but they do not know where to start and they need responsibility. We all have to start somewhere, little by little, day after day, all of this adds up. The responsibility is powerful. Too often, we do not come forward for ourselves but when we know we have someone who holds us accountable, it changes the game.

You are the writer, the director and the story star that unfolds before you. Own that. You have the power to change, to wake up and feel good, to love where you are and where you are going.

Jeremiah Peterson lost 104 pounds for his family and that changed his life forever [Video] | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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