Jenifer victim of false advertising: she denounces | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

Recently, it is Faustine Bollaert who warned his fans against the brand Lipo CLA. "My friends and I are not surprised to see the Lipo CLA pass to info. At least five of us followed this diet and we all lost a lot of weight", Was it inscribed below a photo montage of the host of It starts today, a shot a little round and another finer. In anger, the main interested woman quickly said the bottom of her thought: "Huge shot of face against these totally false advertisements that multiply on the networks. For all those who interrogate me in private therefore: NO, I do not support or promote any method or miracle diet. Above all, do not trust these thugs. Do not take risks with your health for illusory promises. In addition, I was pregnant in the photo on the left and very proud of my curves. As I have always been."

Laurence Boccolini had the same misfortune, with the brand Keto, as Jenifer. The brand assured that the host had lost no less than 29 kilos in two months. "So, ATTENTION HEIN? @ketofitpremiumdiet or @premiumdietketofitreviews or @keto_personal_diet or anything that starts with that name is a nameless SCAM !!!!! They use the name of people known to attract you on their page: impossible to attack them legally because they are at the end of the world. Report their accounts can be … In any case, do not be fooled !!! (and thanks to my follower who pointed it out to me", Was indignant the mother of Willow (5 years).

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Jenifer victim of false advertising: she denounces | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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