Jenifer: her image used for advertising deception, she pushes a jerk! | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

Jenifer has just seen her image used for deceptive advertising and has decided to "push her face" against this situation

You can wake up one morning in a good mood, have breakfast and stroll down the street. Everything is fine until you see your head placarded on bus shelters or other billboards. But also in other spots on the Internet. That's exactly what Jenifer has just experienced. Indeed, the coach of The Voice Kids has just seen his image used without his knowledge for false advertising.

This is the brand Keto. Brand selling pills to lose weight … The brand has just posted an advertisement for its product, with the slogan: "Take once in the morning on an empty stomach, and you will see the result! " To accompany the photo of their pills, Jenifer was chosen. Except that the artist never agreed to that.

Indeed, Jenifer's fan account on Facebook, JustJenifer, has just alerted all fans of the singer as noted by Télé-Loisirs. Account, alerting: "This ad has been circulating on Facebook for a few days. Of course she is LIE! Jenifer has in no way agreed to use her image. Or to promote this kind of product. 🚨 Pay attention to yourself. A message rested by the artist, herself, on all her social networks …

Jenifer supported by his fans

Since she makes music, Jenifer has a lot of fans. Fortunately, she can count on them to spot bad things about her image. Like the brand's ad Keto. By the way, to believe the comments under the account post JustJenifer, the lie conveyed by the mark would have been quickly reported. Especially since the singer "would not be the type to take these products":

"It's not her kind because she's quite discreet about her person and she's right. I think she does not need to make false advertising to make money. She earns quite honestly otherwise. I already reported to FB two days ago another version of this fraudulent use of Jenifer's photo. It is very detrimental to his image. It's a fake! Jenifer does not fall back on this kind of scam ".

So let's hope that Keto deletes her posts with an image she does not have the right to use in the following days.