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The article we are going to see today "IT WORKS" is an update of an old article that a distributor had made on my blog. Since this person is no longer a distributor of IT Works, I decided to redo an article.

I naturally leave the old article because it always contains good information. I will just add some important information to my eyes and rephrase some chapters ..

However, there is 3 important information about It Works and me!

1 / I am not an IT Works distributor. So I'm not going to overstate the company or even the products. It's just my opinion on it works.

2 / it is possible that you find errors despite my thorough research of society. So we calm down, we breathe, drink a little Greens from it works and you can contact me by leaving a small comment to rectify the shooting. If you do not agree with my testimony, because you love it works you just have to do it.

3 / Do you feel that your list of prospects is running out at high speed? And yet, do you want to make a living in your MLM? Eh yes !

You know well that :

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Now that you have read my 3 points, I invite you to read this article:

What is it works?

It Works is an American company founded in March 2001, it is a network marketing that works mainly in the well-being and form. The flagship product is WRAP! The company has obviously expanded their offer to include dietary supplements to be fit and also to lose weight, but you can find other products like essential oils. IT Works and their distributors shout loudly that "products are made from natural ingredients! "

It's the case. They are based on natural active ingredients and in much more concentrated proportions than what is in the traditional trade. Wrap = 90% natural assets (according to Luis Mijares, its inventor).

It Works France / VDI It Works

It works is active in France since August 24, 2012. And I remember like it was yesterday! There was an incredible buzz. (See more in the article in It Works Scam?).

What is interesting to note is that It Works offers its French members the VDI status. So you can become VDI It Works.

What is good about VDI status despite criticism from other companies that does not offer VDI status is that there is no relationship of subordination between VDI and IT Works. You can exercise your activity in total independence, but be careful to follow the rules of this status. You can not sell in commercial places like for example fairs, shops etc … .. There, it will be necessary to choose the status Auto entrepreneur or to put you in EIRL status or other.

Another important point that Works France was right to put the VDI status:

The VDI (independent home seller) you can receive your remuneration according to your motivation etc … .. But especially without administrative red tape and financial investment of entrepreneurship.

Starter pack for VDI IT WORKS

To join IT Works as VDI (or not), it will pay a start pack of 116 € 40 HT.

In this kit, you can find some products including:

  • 1 individual pocket Ultimate Body Applicator (1 wrap)
  • 1 bag of Sample Defining Gel 8 ml
  • 7 individual Keto Coffee sachets (15.7g each)
  • 7 individual packets of Greens on the go Blend berries flavor
  • 7 individual Keto Energy sachets (2 g each)
  • 7 individual packs of Collagen Works (7.7 g each)
  • And finally some documents

* The kit may change depending on the availability of the products.

Vdi It works also receive online training, a free personalized website for 30 days.

What I can notice is that there are a lot of products. It's ideal if you want to start working.

Personally, I will advise besides to buy one or 2 – 3 other products to test them to show them and to keep this kit essentially for your customers.

To boost your activity do not hesitate to enjoy using the live Facebook and unwrap your package in front of your friends. You can also test the training I left in the old article Noeline at the bottom of this article!

Compensation Plan IT WORKS

For the compensation plan, I will not detail it, but just summarize it. I will invite you to contact Eric (link of his profile at the bottom of the article) who is an excellent leader manager of the company IT WORKS. I've known him since 2008 and IT WORKS has radically changed his life.

Like any good MLM company there are two ways to make money.

Direct Sales:

It Works since a few years also offers the legal status "VDI" which is an excellent status if you want to start in this kind of job.

free mlml training

VDI can win between 25 to 40% on average on the sale of products. This can go up to 70% but under certain specific conditions.

It Works Network Marketing:

It works also proposes to create a real deal by developing a team of distributors.

It works offers commissions like

  • Performance bonuses like the famous Fast start Bonus
  • Residual commissions
  • Generational bonuses
  • Special bonus
  • and finally the CAB bonus for leaders.

It Works Gives Back Foundation:

It Works has set up its own foundation, It Works Gives Back, which has already donated more than $ 620,000 to other charities, including Selah Freedom, which fights against child sex trafficking and others fighting cancer.

It Works products

At it Works we can find 4 categories including a surprising and apart and in each category, you can find several ranges.

  • Beauty category
    • Body range: this is the flagship line where you can find the Ultimate Body Applicator known as the wrap and you can also find the gel and the Fab Wrap to hold the wrap
    • Skin range: it is essentially products for the care of the skin of the nails and also the hair with the famous product: Hair Skin Nails
  • Nutrition category
    • Greens range: this range provides the body with everything it needs in terms of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, to work well during the day.
    • Energy and Endurance: you can find 3 products including the product Shake creamy ideal if you play sports and want to develop your muscles.
  • The LifeStyle category
    • Ketoworks: here you can find several KETO products whose ketocoffe is a fatty coffee that allows you to use fat as a source of energy for the body and maintain a better concentration.
    • Weight Management and More: you have 2 products including the famous one that makes a buzz right now ThermoFight X is a metabolic stimulator and a fat burner. (lose weight and be in shape at the same time) In August 2019 more than 1.4 million boxes sold since its release
    • Essential oils : personally, I love essential oils. While there is not much, but there is the essential and in addition, there is the broadcaster is not too expensive
  • The "surprising" category Apparel (it is apart)
    • Men's, women's and children's clothing: Essentially clothes at the efuge of it works. This is ideal if you are proud of the brand and make sales in meetings or business presentations.
    • Accessories here you can find stickers to stick, gourd or tablecloth.

Clothing and accessories are the basis of indirect prospecting tools. Only a lot of people want to buy them without necessarily being VDI IT WORKS.

That said and in accordance with the Law (Consumer Code) distributors do not receive any commission on the sale of clothing and accessories that are intended for advertising.

As you can see It Works offers products mainly on well-being and fitness. You can find products for Vegans, products without cow's milk.

Become a Client at IT Works

To be a customer at It works you have 2 options in front of you!

  • Become a simple customer: Here you just buy some products to your VDI and as a rule you pay the full rate prices. Unless the VDI offers you a small discount. Here is ideal if you want to buy 2 – 3 products to test and comment on It Works products

The second option:

  • You can access the loyal customer program. And to be a "member client" you have two ways:
    • You pay a one-off fee of € 62 and you buy the products whenever you want, when you want at the reduced rate.
    • You take a monthly automatic subscription on 3 months minimum on one or more products it works and the company makes you gift of the contribution. What is important in the automatic order is the longer you order and the more you will accumulate discounts, and even be able to get almost free products (excluding tax and shipping)

Reviews It works

Now, I'll talk to you about my opinion.

First, I will start to put a negative opinion and then a positive opinion. Of course my opinion is still subjective, but at least I'm not here to sponsor you for It Works.

Some will agree and some not at all. So it will be almost without filter.

Almost ?

Yes, because I have always enjoyed this company even though I am not VDI or distributor It Works.

Start with the Negative Notice It Works?

  • Personally, I find that some products are quite expensive for the customer. The only way to lower prices is to register as a distributor and opt for an automatic subscription or to participate in the loyal customer program and so the customer can get 40% off. I think it's done expressly so that distributors can register customers for this program.
  • I find it a shame that the distributor must pay a deductible of about 40 € every year to remain a distributor. But it's the game my poor Lucette to continue distributing It Works products

Positive opinion IT WORKS

  • I appreciate It Works because it is a network marketing company that works a lot on its attraction marketing as well as its values ​​.. They do a lot of seminars, we can see it through different videos youtube. It is a company that can be trusted because it has existed for 18 years and in 20 years, they will still be there with I hope even more products. In France it will be 7 years old on August 24, 2019!
  • What's interesting in it works is the compensation plan. The compensation plan is, I think is generous for managers at least the big ones with the CAB bonus so they can stay at IT Works.
  • Training in the MLM is something very important. Giving new distributors access to social networking is a very good point for IT WORKS
  • Another good point for It works is the foundation. They created a foundation to help the weaker ones. MLMs that make a lot of money through the work of distributors should do like IT WORKS.

It Works Scam?

In the search engines and also on Youtube, I came across some negative reviews about It Works by criticizing the products, the compensation plan, etc ….

Why ?

You should know that It Works made a big buzz in the years 2012 or 2013 in France.

When I say big buzz, even people who do not know MLM knew It Works.

Several leaders have registered with It Works and some very influential have been able to make the success of It Works France by sponsoring new distributors.

They also contacted some influencers on Youtube beauty bloggers to give their opinions. So, everyone was talking about it!

And all this at the same time it has created a buzz and also a rather large number effect.

When you see a lot of people talking about something, you tend to see and watch what's going on. They had an incredible number effect.

IT WORKS victim of their success!

Some people did not use It Works products including WRAP! As a result, it creates bad communication as well as bad information.

The results of wellness products can not be 100% positive either, there are several parameters to take into account according to your metabolism. And if the person is not objective, it's even worse.

It Works also remains a direct sales and network marketing company. If the person is not made to do this job and it is not coachable it will not work! You understand ? You may have a large audience on Youtube, but you do not train in communication in the MLM business will not work!

Many people have signed up without being trained, without tracking their sponsors and in addition for some with beliefs that it will be more or less easy.

So NO:

It Works is not a scam, or a pyramid scheme.

It is a direct sales company that you can earn money selling retail products with the French legal status "VDI" and you can create a team of distributors and earn income from active referrals of your team. the compensation plan: network marketing.

IT Works Convention

And to finish the article that I hope you will have more here is a video that summarizes the atmosphere and cohesion at the International Convention "One 2018" with over 20 000 distributors from all walks of life. By Eric Hebting

And to finish

Thanks to Eric Hebting for correcting some information and giving more value to this article!

You can contact him on his profile:

Also on its website It Works:

http: //

It works gives the opportunity to business partners,VDI It Works Distributor of products essentially form and well-being.

WARNING, if you click on this banner, you will know the method:

600 prospects for your MLM and sponsor 2 to 7 referrals per month on the Internet

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Thermofight x opinion: A product it works that is worth it or not?

Thanks to Noeline for this article that will definitely help those who are interested in the brand.

I take this opportunity to say my little testimony on the use of the wrap because yes I tested it but I had no effect and reading the article I understand better why! That's why it's very advisable to choose your sponsor for any mlm activity.

A few years ago I wanted to test the wraps and so I contacted a random person on Facebook which was a big mistake on my part. I bought 2 wraps and I tried them.
The vendor told me to tighten the food film and drink 2 L for 45 minutes and make my life. 2 mistakes!

Beast and disciplined I made what they told me. Result? I lost no centimeter and more that scratched me! I massaged and massaged! In short, nothing. For me I lost 50 €!

The moral of this story and be careful not to the company which is of course a legal society but to pay attention to the unscrupulous distributors who would sell father and mother to sell some products. This is the same for all mlm of course!

If you do not want to be ripped off and understand the concept and have good information on products I advise you to contact Noéline who loves to work but especially it has an ethics!

We will talk about an opportunity that a lot of people knows even those who do not know theexistence network marketing. We will talk about this oppportunity. This company has really made a big buzz and continues to talk about it. I have knowledge around me or they do not even know the world of network marketing or just because of my work on the internet they do not even know that Amway exists or Avon but know more or less the flagship product the wrap !

Here is the article by Noéline invited on blog monclic

House hears really of all, that this is a scam, that it does not work, it is pipo that there is the sport to lose weight, beware the wrap is a dangerous product etc..etc.

I invited Noéline Nouchka a vending machine It Works and proud to be and proposes to make and light your lanterns by separating the true from the false on two of the products sold by the company.

Warning ? Ready to go !!

It Works or how to avoid the scam.

You've probably heard of this American company recruiting distributors around the world. It offers cosmetics, slimming products and natural dietary supplements that have not been tested on animals. It Works was founded in 2001 by Mark and Cindy Pentecost. To grow their project in good conditions, they are accompanied by Luis Mijares, former CEO of a large pharmaceutical company whose international recognition as a herbalist and its status as university professor of herbal medicine (use of medicinal plants) make him the ideal candidate for the development of It Works products. Following the success of Wrap in the United States, the first product marketed, in 2003 they launched the range of food supplements and, in the face of the economic crisis of 2009, Mark and Cindy have allowed many families to regain some hope in giving them the chance to earn money without depriving themselves of the family circle. Since 2010, It Works products have been marketed in almost 20 countries including France.

VDI companies and their distributors do not have a particularly good reputation with their products often treated with "powder in the eyes".

I suggest you take stock and illuminate your lanterns by separating the true from the false on two of the products sold by the company It Works.

Wrap has no effect on weight loss

A wrap of it works what is it?

It is a poultice made of seaweed, previously soaked with essential oils mixed with other natural products such as jojoba roots or guarana seeds. There are two types of wrap:

  • the Facial Wrap : for face care, it has a tightening effect, helps reduce wrinkles, dark circles and acne marks.
  • the body wrap : which has the role of (re) toning the skin, eliminate water stored in a targeted area and promote the disappearance of stretch marks and orange peel.

The principle is simple, apply the patch on the area to be treated and let it act for 45min.

To use the wrap body, it is also necessary to wrap the area with a fab wrap or just cellophane to keep it in place.

There are many false rumors circulating such as:

  • that it is necessary to drink 2L of water during the 3/4 hour of installation which is absolutely false.

It is just advisable to drink 1.5L to 2L of water in the day (as advised by the Ministry of Health) for his body to work and react properly to treatment.

  • There is also the famous advice to "tighten to the maximum to penetrate" the assets in the skin, yet another stupidity.

On the contrary, this effect "tourniquet" does not act in the favor of the client or the product, it disrupts blood circulation and the body does not work properly which affects the result negatively. It's a matter of logic, no matter the water pressure if the bottle is closed it will not fill up.

After 45min, remove the wrap and, if there is any product, the area is massaged until penetration. Generally, the effects are already visible but the active ingredients do their little work until 72 hours after installation.

  • A wrap does not make you lose weight,

it firms and retains skins that have undergone heavy changes such as rapid weight loss or after maternity, so it is obvious that people who already have skin firm and tense despite a few extra pounds do not have any results with this type of produces if not a softer and smoother appearance.

IT Works

IT Works

Scam The Hair Skin Nail does not change my hair and / or my nails.

Small zoom on another product It works, the Hair Skin Nail, translate "hair skin nail".

They are tablets composed of natural products but especially of 3 key ingredients:

  • Melanin, a pigment made by the skin that gives it a more or less dark hue. Its main role is to help the skin to protect itself from the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.
  • Keratin, a protein manufactured and synthesized by the body as a structure, the main component of the hair (95%) and prevents attacks of UV rays on hair and nails.
  • Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, is a part of a complex group of vitamins known as B vitamins. The main role of these vitamins is to help the body convert food into usable energy. is extremely vital for our daily functions.

You can download the list of ingredients here (Hair Skin Nail Click here) Thank you Eric for this correction

What is it about?

Nothing is simpler, it is a fortifying and regenerative cure that makes the nails less brittle, the skin brighter and the hair stronger.

It is advisable to take

2 capsules a day over 3 months,

but the results are often visible from the first month of use.

Many complain about the smell of tablets, which is actually the smell of chlorophyll plants, roots and seeds that compose them. I also heard vending machines praising the acceleration of hair growth.

What you need to know is that as with everything, we are all different:

We can spend 1 hour in the sun and become scarlet while others after 5 hours of exposure will seem to come back from the Maldives. In addition it is advisable to do the cure over 3 months according to the cycle of hair growth, so if you do not see any change after a few days of use, do not panic! Leave time to time and nature.

Who's this girl telling us all this? Let me introduce myself … I am VDI It Works distributor

My name is Noéline, I live in the south of France, "the center of the world" as Dali would say, Perpignan. I am mother of a little boy who has just celebrated his first year of life.

I work in restoration, as you say that it is not an easy job to combine with a family life. By dint of waiting for any change, I decided to cause fate and seek a springboard to change lanes, something that would bring me more nuts at the end of the month.

One day I came across an advertisement for recruitment on the internet (Home Work Announcement). After studying the thing, I thought, "Why not? Sell ​​and train from home without sacrificing my family life, enjoy my weekends and work from my smartphone or my laptop that does not dream? ".

It's been 5 months since I was VDI for the brand It works and I must confess that until today, I am unable to tell you about this company in bad! My godmother and my team are always there to advise me, I have been trained as it should be, I am more sure of myself and, most importantly, I can spend my days playing or strolling with my little angel.

I am not selling you a dream, but I share my testimony. There are ill-intentioned sellers or sellers, for whom only greed counts. This is not the vision of It works. Their fundamental principle is mutual aid, because it is easier to evolve when one is accompanied than when one is crushed as in a traditional company where hierarchy takes precedence over skills.

The society of VDI It Works is serious, all the results photos are validated (or not if the conditions of use or the photos do not conform) by the mark. Before making a judgment on an activity or products, my only advice is to inform you because ignorance brings nothing.

Noéline: Keto Coffee ItWorks: Fat is life!


Here is the time of the gift if you start in the direct sale especially with It Works but it works pretty well for other direct sales companies and mlm

Here is the gift (emaillocker id = 1154)

In fact, it's a phone script. Before going headlong, you must channel and act in the right way. The list of names can work but in an intelligent way.

First you need to make a phone call to a few people from your family or friends. First try 2-3 people with whom you get along well! Because you have to be comfortable!

You call :

Hello, it's XX, how are you?

It is important not to attack with your opportunity. We must create an atmosphere, first you take the news of your friend because imagine that it does not go well at this time for him, you'll wipe a no … It makes sense. There you let him talk and you have to be interested in what he says. After all, he's a person you like.

And when the person asks you: " And you how are you ? "it's at that moment, and not before, that you can talk about it …

How to do it?

Here's what you could say:

I'm glad you're talking to me, YY, because I made an important decision for my family and me! Can you help me ?

This question is important because as he likes you, he will try to help you so he will say yes.

You wait for his answer.

Great ! Here I decided to register in a company (do not say MLM, it will ask you what it is …) that allows for additional income. (It is not worth saying: to double my salary or triple, in the head of people, it is not possible.And anyway it is not true: in the MLM we start at 0 € !). And I have to recommend products, CAN I TRAIN WITH YOU?

Most of the time, as it is to train and you do not talk about selling him something or not, your friend will say OK! Do not forget to indicate a day and a time and that you are only the 2 so that you are at ease.

At the end of the phone conversation, after making the appointment, you have to talk to him about something else: rain, good weather, children, etc., so that it is not too professional.

D-day, dress up normally because in principle, you come to train. If all is well during your training, then you can offer him to do a workshop at home with his friends, always to help you, in exchange for a small gift.

As you see, here you do not know anyone. You ask for a little training with your friend and if it goes well, he will buy you a joke, but that's secondary. The most important thing is that you have a workshop planned with friends … (/ emaillocker)

You see, it's easier like that.

WARNING, if you click on this banner, you will know the method:

600 prospects for your MLM and sponsor 2 to 7 referrals per month on the Internet

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To your success 🙂


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