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Can you make a keto diet as a vegan? Well, if you ask my friend, Dr. Will Cole, he will definitely answer "yes," but with a little warning (more on that in a moment).

Keto has a lot of benefits for a lot of peoplebenefits that I wrote elsewhere (including in this magazine). And Dr. Cole is an enthusiastic promoter of keto precisely because of these many proven benefits. But Dr. C noticed some things that bothered him about how some people were approaching the keto.not all, of course, but enough to worry him.

Many were so concerned about macrosthe percentages of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids in their dietthat they were not paying attention to microphonesvitamins, minerals and other indicators of food quality. (Do not forget that it is possible to fall into ketosis with junk food.)

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Many of the foods that Dr. Cole saw consumed by his patients may have been compatible with the keto, but that does not necessarily make a food healthy. (We're talking about pro-inflammatory oils such as corn, canola, soy, safflower and other "vegetable" oils that we've been asked to consume more.)

In the same vein, Dr. Cole noticed that many of his patients were not afraid of the keto because they thought it was only a matter of eat meat and saturated fat. And he noticed similar misconceptions, even among those who committed to keto dietsthe notion that vegetables should be considerably limited, for example. "I've seen countless well-meaning keto consumers worry about consuming vegetables. Unfortunately, they inadvertently miss the phytonutrients and prebiotic foods necessary for the health of the intestinal microbiome.Dr. Cole writes.

Dr. Cole also noted that many keto-eaters consume a good amount of dairy products. Although he does not believe that dairy products (or meat, fish or eggs) are fundamentally bad, he notes that dairy products are one of the most common food allergens. The inflammation caused by dairy allergens or by lactose intolerance affects millions of people and can lead to symptoms ranging from gas and bloating to joint pain and eczema.

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finallySome people do not feel as good when they eat a lot of meat. Right or wrong, for better or for worse, for ethical / moral / spiritual / metabolic / digestive reasons, they feel better with a diet without meat (or relatively without meat).

So Dr. Cole developed a diet that he called Ketotarian. He writes: "Ketotarian combines the best of low carb diets and an herbal diet, while avoiding the common pitfalls that I've seen countless well-meaning people do with these two diets. "

Leave me Say that Dr. Cole is the least vegan doctrinaire I've ever met. It does not work in the "vegan science" – you will not hear it repeat the nonsense of "there is a lot of vitamin B-12 in plant foods!" Fish. And speaking of fish, he is a big fan of the variety caught in nature (barely a typical vegan menu choice).

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Dr. Cole also does not throw out the usual garbage of veganism: animal products and saturated fats. In fact, he does not oppose it "I do not think saturated fats should be demonized, because I do not think it's bad for us, "He told me when I interviewed him for the new edition of my book, Living Low Carb (to come in January 2020). And there is a lot of saturated fat in Ketotarian, including coconut oil and even organic ghee.

While the recipes at Ketotarian are mostly vegetarian or vegan, Mr. Cole loves eggs, wild salmon and even, do not fall off your chair, now, an occasional grass fed hamburger! (Apparently, he's had a lot of freaks on social media, especially from what we will politely call the vegan vegan activist crew.)

So, what's up with this guy?

His own vegan trip offers a clue. Dr. Cole was a strict vegan for years. "I had to understand that I was eating healthy but I did not feel in good health. Something was missing. It is now what some cynics might call a "vegan found" (my words, not his own).

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Dr. Cole found that many vegans are actually "carbatarians", living bread, pasta, green vegetables and vegan desserts, stressing that too often, cereals become the staple of modern diet-based of plants. "And if they are not bread heads, they depend too much on soy for their protein, which is usually genetically modified and still rich in estrogen.," he explains. "I see a lot of vegans and vegetarians with ruined digestion and declining health, clinging to their zealous belief that this is how people should eat and live. "

Yet, according to Dr. Cole, herbal diets can, when properly prepared, provide you with the nutrients you need to thrive. Although Ketotarian is herbal – and would be considered keto-vegan – he also uses what Dr. Cole calls "some essential food medications" to give people a little more variety of healthy fats and provide nutrients almost impossible to get vegan diets unless you complete. Dr. Cole includes in this list of "food medications" eggs (especially egg yolks), grass-fed ghee, and fish and shellfish caught in the wild. Because the diet is not dogmatically vegan, it should probably be called a plant.central diet, that's what it really is.

One of the reasons I personally have a special place in Mr. Cole's book is that it shares with my own program, The metabolic factor, the focus on the passage of one metabolism of the burning of sugar into the metabolism of fat burning. This is one of the main benefits of diet, which Dr. Cole insists throughout the book. Having a fat burning metabolism is known as "keto-adapted" or "fat-adapted" – and it's the holy grail of a healthy metabolism.

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"Becoming fat or keto-friendly not only gives you lasting energy throughout the day for your brain and metabolism, it also reduces cravings, "Dr. Cole writes. "In terms of energy for your body, fat is like a log on a fire: it burns slowly and lasts a long time.. "

Given the increasingly partisan atmosphere in nutrition policy, what Dr. Cole has done here is truly remarkable: he has managed to put together an essentially vegan program that eliminates neither meat nor saturated fats. , nor vegan science, while defending combining the best of the plant world with the proven benefits of the keto.

I say "Bravo". If I ever decided to become a vegan, this is the program I would follow.


Adapted from the forthcoming Living Low Carb book – Revised and updated (Sterling Press, January 2020)

Is Keto-Vegan an oxymoron? | Whole Foods Magazine | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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