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Today, I went to lunch with someone who was very attentive to what she ate … and what she did not eat. She was in the mood for something healthy, but she was eating "keto," which meant she was avoiding carbohydrates in particular. So I suggested heading to Homegrown Kitchen on Main Street, which opened earlier this summer.

First, I must say that Homegrown Kitchen is one of the most attractive places for lunch, because of its aesthetic appearance. It's beautiful, actually. It's modern, but it's not too modern. It's easy to find, there's plenty of seating, plenty of healthy options and even two swings!

While heading to the order desk, we were greeted by a young woman who explained the different options. I started with a Nutella Coffee Smoothie (cOffee, Nutella, Banana, Shaved Coconut, Coconut Milk and Almond Milk) which was absolutely fantastic. It was exactly what the doctor had prescribed, even though it was rather cold today. My friend has built his own salad – similar to what you might find in Chipotle. Instead of a salad, I opted for the "Sesame Avocado" wheat package, filled with chopped romaine, avocado, sesame roasted tofu, bean sprouts and crispy confit, with sesame vinaigrette and honey. Both orders were prepared very quickly. So we took our food on the swings of the porch and started eating … and we even a little swing. Once my smoothie was delivered, we were both in heaven.

My wrap was huge. It was almost overloaded, which suited me well. The only minor complaint I would make about mine was that I wish there was a little more dressing in the cloak. I know I could easily have solved this dilemma, but I was too involved in my conversation to be able to return to the counter. The only complaint I would make about his, was that it was served in a plastic bowl with a plastic lid. Seeing that Homegrown Kitchen is located directly across the medical campus, I'm sure they get a lot of people ordering takeaways. But most of the people I saw arriving were eating at the table. It would be nice to have the option of a real bowl for those who stay and eat. Fortunately, they had recycling stations, so we were able to dispose of everything properly.

To learn more about the restaurant, you can check out the article I wrote on Homegrown Kitchen last May. The restaurant is a great addition to the Bosch building, which had already been threatened with demolition. Now the building looks great and has managed to attract a good tenant. Aside from the good food and swings, I love the fact that the Homegrown kitchen is open on Saturdays! This is good news for local residents and for those who work at the Medical Campus and work on weekends. If this restaurant was in my neighborhood, I would live there more or less. Fortunately, it is not so far.

Home cooking | 916 Main Street | Buffalo NY | 716-235-8211 | M e n u

M – F: 11h – 20h | Sam: from 11h to 18h

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Home cooking hits home town – Buffalo Rising | DISCOUNT CODE !
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